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Security system websites recommended for 2023

A good website doesn’t just direct customers to a product or service. It tells them why they need it in their lives and sells this concept as soon as the visitor lands on the homepage. The best websites offer vibrant images, crisp product descriptions, clear lists of benefits and easily accessible layouts. For your security system website, you’ll also want the following front and center:

  • A short description that grabs the viewer’s attention
  • A number to call for a consultation
  • Professional, high-quality pictures of the security equipment
  • A list of the benefits of installing security equipment

These are the top security system websites for 2023

  1. Cove

    The Cove website immediately greets the viewer with a vibrant, full-color video clip that’s attractive but not distracting, and it promotes the idea of acquiring a premium system you can install yourself. When you scroll down, you’ll see a clear, easy-to-read list of benefits and professional images of the available products.

  2. TBG Security

    TBG Security uses dark colors to create a stealthy mood — perfect to greet someone who’s looking for a home security system. Their information is clearly accessible from the drop-down panels overhead, and there’s a convenient Support button in the bottom right corner. They even offer a free “unhackable” T-shirt just for booking a consultation.

  3. Ackerman Security

    The Ackerman Security website is clean and crisp, with excellent use of white space. The calming layout with a photo of a mother and child gives viewers a sense of safety and security. The website also has two handy buttons that allow you to instantly switch between home security and business security.


    SCSCC TV immediately greets the viewer with a bold, eye-catching image. The company’s phone number and a colorful Request a Quote button are conveniently located in the top right corner, so customers know where to go if they’re interested. Social media buttons are all clearly listed in the top menu bar.

  5. American Alarm

    The American Alarm website starts off with a bold pledge of protection that catches the viewer’s eye immediately. When you scroll down, you see a crisp row of icons accompanied by a brief description of the company’s services.

  6. Security 101

    Security 101 uses a black, white and blue palette to create an air of professionalism, plus pops of red to highlight buttons and icons. The website features clear images accompanied by a description of their various services and uses professional language to show that this is a corporate-oriented security company.

  7. Security Doctors

    Security Doctors features a bright, colorful logo in the top left corner, making their company name more memorable. The front page has an image slideshow that offers scenes of serenity, comfort and relaxation, giving viewers the impression that their services will provide peace of mind.

  8. ADT

    The ADT website features a bold pop-up that invites prospective customers to chat with a professional and ask any questions they might have. The website notes the company’s “#1 in smart home security” honors and features a Get a Free Quote button that’s prominently placed on the homepage.

  9. EMC Security

    EMC Security places the quote button and the phone number just beneath the top menu bar, making them easily accessible for potential customers. The layout uses blocks of content to create a sense of organization and professionalism.

  10. Safe and Sound

    The Safe and Sound homepage features movie-quality clips of their products in use, giving the impression that this is a strong, heavy-duty security system. The drop-down boxes in the menu bar offer easily accessible information about their products and services.

  11. Stanley Security

    Stanley Security uses a black, white and yellow color palette that matches their logo to strengthen their company branding. The clip on the homepage starts with a towering view of the city, implying that this business security provider is strong enough to protect major corporations.

  12. Stealth Security

    Stealth Security has a clean, easy-to-read layout with a white background, crisp icons and blocks of content. The blue text and icons create an excellent contrast to the gray and white background.

  13. Invision Systems

    Invision Systems greets their audience with a slideshow that displays some of their bestselling products, so customers know what to expect from this company that touts its system’s crime-stopping ability. The site also features information on financing options for customers who can’t afford to pay for everything up front.

  14. Security Service Systems

    The Security Service Systems website opens with a large picture of a woman sleeping with a baby, suggesting that their products offer peace of mind for families. When you scroll down, you see clear blocks of content, including a full-color picture of an app that comes with the service.

  15. Bay Alarm

    Bay Alarm creates strong company branding by featuring their logo throughout the page: in the top left-hand corner, in the homepage video and on their employees’ clothing in the photographs. Their layout uses bright primary colors and bold text to keep your attention as you scroll down the page.

  16. Monitored Alarms

    Monitored Alarms invites their visitors to get started right away by entering a ZIP Code for a quote. This immediately engages the viewer and makes them want to learn more about the service. Neat, well-spaced icons and text blocks deliver useful information.

  17. Sunbelt Technology

    The Sunbelt Technology website has the company’s phone number, address and social media buttons at the very top of the page, so customers immediately know how to get in touch with them. They also have a Support button in the bottom right-hand corner for customers looking for immediate assistance.

  18. NorthStar Security

    The NorthStar Security site offers a clean, businesslike layout with a blue and white color palette. When you scroll down, you see a list of major companies that this company has worked with, showing viewers that they offer a truly reliable, professional service.

  19. Linder

    Linder accents its site with forest green buttons and icons that matches their logo for effective company branding. There’s lots of greenery in the photo of a lovely home that tops the homepage, too. This page also features a YouTube video that gives more information about their service.

  20. SimpliSafe

    The SimpliSafe website has a tasteful, artistic design that immediately catches the viewer’s attention. The homepage also features a comparison that shows you what sets SimpliSafe apart from other security companies.

  21. Hoop

    Hoop utilizes bright red titles and accents, text sprinkled with humor and vibrant photographs to appeal to everyday consumers. This website uses clear, concise language to sell their product. By the time you’ve reached the bottom of the page, you know exactly what Hoop is and how to use it.

  22. Classic Entry Systems

    Classic Entry Systems uses a formal logo and tops the homepage with a video of a graceful wrought-iron gate closing to bar access to an estate. This suggests a service for high-end customers. The site also features a huge button that invites you to order access control devices.

  23. Security One

    Security One features a video showing its system in use plus a form that interested individuals can fill out to get in touch with a representative. This site also has a helpful diagram that illustrates the benefits of living in a monitored and automated smart home.

  24. Citywide Alarms

    Citywide Alarms features the Gateway Arch in their logo, an immediate indication that they serve the St. Louis area. The website greets viewers with a slideshow that offers information on their wide array of products, including security systems and smart home products. Social media icons are big and prominently displayed.

  25. SafeWise

    The SafeWise website is soft and clean and makes use of blank space to allow the viewer’s eyes to rest for a moment. The site also features custom illustrations and a “silliest pets” competition for a free pet camera plus cash to make the service appealing to those who want to protect furry family members.

  26. Konnected

    The Konnected homepage has clear blocks of content with appealing images in the background. The viewer is greeted with an image of a house that draws attention with bold yellow and blue. Scrolling down, images and text explain how to turn a wired alarm system into a smart alarm to monitor remotely.

  27. Barcom Security

    Right away, the Barcom Security website offers a pop-up that invites you to fill in your information and request a free quote. This direct approach is a great way to snag casual visitors. Separate sections for home and business security top the homepage.

  28. Omega Pro Systems

    Omega Pro Systems uses a dramatic red and black layout to send the message that this is a strong, heavy-duty security system. The website offers a simple sidebar that allows you to find and view the information they need without a lot of time-consuming scrolling.

  29. St. Louis Security Cameras and Alarms

    Right away, the St. Louis Security Cameras and Alarms site uses large fonts and bright orange and gold accents to draw the eye and send the message that this is a reliable, locally owned company. They offer reviews and use short blurbs to explain the benefits of installing a security system in your home or business.

  30. Valley Alarm

    Valley Alarm shows the names and photos of employees on the homepage, so viewers can see that this is a family-owned company. This page also shows customer reviews and prominently features their A+ Better Business Bureau rating, giving the impression that this is a company you can trust.

  31. Philibert Security

    Philibert Security uses pictures of burglars and a shadowy color scheme to get customers thinking about home break-ins. As a result, they’ll be more likely to invest in the service. The site also offers a concise description with a little history about the company and the services they offer.

  32. DFW Security

    The DFW Security website features the products and services front and center, so customers know exactly what this company has to offer. The site also has clear pricing on their alarm monitoring service. Interested customers can fill out a form directly on the homepage to get in touch with a representative.

  33. Smith Thompson

    The Smith Thompson website immediately greets customers with two bestselling products: home security and home automation, complete with pricing information. When you scroll down, you find an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a 4.7 star rating from Google Reviews. The site also has a handy form for a free quote.

  34. Trojan Systems

    The Trojan Systems homepage features attractive photos that illustrate their list of services, with bulleted lists of benefits and links to the main service pages. The site also has a section for Yelp reviews and invites customers to contribute their own reviews, suggesting that this is a company you can trust.

  35. Security Integration

    The Security Integration website has a clean blue layout and vibrant full-color photos, like one with kids at school, that illustrate the importance of having a security system. The site also features a slideshow of customer reviews as well as links to blog posts that discuss security in more detail.

  36. AEC Alarms

    The dark layout and tranquil blue lighting of the picture atop the AEC Alarms homepage makes you feel like you’re in a secure, enclosed space. Its image of a woman watching a security camera sends the message that this company offers high-end technology that’s suitable for businesses.

  37. Redwood Security Systems

    The Redwood Security Systems website features a charming layout and unique illustrations that set it apart from other security websites. The redwood trees in the logo and the background picture of San Francisco make it immediately clear that this company is local to the Bay Area. The site also uses crisp icons to illustrate products and services.

  38. Sonitrol Security

    Sonitrol Security uses science fiction-inspired illustrations to send the message that their company offers high-tech security systems. They also provide a list of industries they serve, so viewers can see that their products have a wide range of uses. The homepage has a clear Start Here button for a free assessment.

  39. HomeAware

    HomeAware starts off with a picture of a family relaxing at home, suggesting that their products are good for keeping families safe. They use large photographs and simple descriptions to illustrate the benefits of using their services. A wide blue box near the bottom of the page offers a newsletter signup option.

  40. Inside Technologies

    Inside Technologies has the phone number in a striking black button in the top right corner so nobody can miss it. The front page displays blocks of content with a title and a short description of the services that they offer, including surveillance by drones. At the bottom of the page, customers can fill out a quick form to request a consultation.

  41. StarBrite

    StarBrite immediately greets customers with pictures of a family returning home, a security system and a list of benefits. The homepage features extensive information on their services, broken up into clean paragraphs. At the bottom of the page, visitors can read reviews from real customers.

  42. ProtectAmerica

    ProtectAmerica gets right to the point with a photo of an HD doorbell camera and a list of features. There’s a bright blue Get a Free Quote button in the top right corner. The homepage also displays some awards and positive reviews they’ve received from third-party companies like Consumers Advocate.

  43. Security Alarms

    The blue and white layout of Security Alarms is comfortable and inviting, and it doesn’t overload the viewer with too much information. Blocks of orange highlight text they don’t want you to miss. At the bottom of the page, you can request a quote and find the office hours and phone number.

  44. Launch Systems

    Launch Systems immediately greets customers with an online chat form to speak with a representative if they have any questions. The page features large pictures of a luxurious beachfront house, implying that this system adds wealth and value to a home. The front page also displays a clear picture of the Launch Systems app.

  45. Sonitrol

    Sonitrol uses a striking red, black and white layout to show customers that they’re getting down to business. The homepage offers a free assessment to prospective customers right off the bat, then provides more information as you scroll down the page. A unique video lets you listen to a real break-in and apprehension.

  46. Alarm Central

    Alarm Central uses a slideshow to demonstrate that their products can help people from all walks of life, including couples, families and the elderly. The page is neatly organized, with information sorted into tidy blocks with full-color images.

  47. Alarms Unlimited

    The Alarms Unlimited website uses blocks of information to display their services on the homepage. This page also shares some brief information on the company’s history, so customers know that they’re working with a well-established business. A big, can’t-miss form invites you to request a quote.

  48. American Security

    America Security starts off with a link that invites customers to learn more about their team. This helps customers get to know the business and what to expect if they invest in their services. The site also has a pop-up box that invites viewers to sign up for a complimentary guide — the online equivalent of handing out pamphlets.

  49. A.C. Daughtry

    The A.C. Daughtry website features clear options for home security, business security and do-it-yourself projects. The site also displays a full-color picture of the entire team, making them appear friendly, professional and numerous enough to provide for all your needs.

With dazzling photos, standout graphics, state-of-the-art technology and innovative ways of creating a mood or telling a story, these websites make viewers feel that the companies they represent are truly leaders in a highly competitive field.

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