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Best infectious disease doctor websites for 2023

There is no question that the issue of infectious diseases is important and timely. As such, it has become more necessary than ever that these doctors pay serious attention to marketing their businesses. This list reviews the leading websites in the field and demonstrates some great best practices to emulate.

Here is a list of the top infectious disease doctor websites for 2023

  1. Infectious Disease Physicians

    Infectious Disease Physicians smoothly shifts through a rapid-fire list of photos, highlighting the work that they do. Scrolling down reveals a sharp grid that highlights their various services. They also have a brief form that allows you to request a consultation.

  2. Arizona Infectious Disease

    Arizona Infectious Disease draws you in with gorgeous photos of the state’s natural wonders and cityscapes. Scrolling down reveals an array of information, including the various illnesses that they treat, definitions of them, and how their experts can treat them.

  3. Nod Specialists

    Nod Specialists highlights its unique and timely services, including the practice’s mobile lab capabilities, at the top of the homepage. They explain why you might need a specialist and make it easy to book a virtual appointment with one. They also have a nice blog that is updated on a regular basis.

  4. ID Specialists of Fairfield

    ID Specialists of Fairfield has a long homepage, and the navigation bar at the top helps visitors quickly scroll to find information about the office, physicians, extensive list of services, insurance accepted, and how to contact them.

  5. CIDS

    CIDS doesn’t make you scroll to find its list of services—it starts above the fold on the homepage. Clearly, there is no shortage of expertise at this practice, which treats patients of all ages and includes an infusion center, wound care center, and hyperbaric medicine. The website highlights the providers’ professionalism and versatility.

  6. Seattle Infectious Disease Clinic

    Seattle Infectious Disease Clinic has a stark black-and-white color scheme. However, hovering over certain panels turns them red or indigo. This is sharp, different, and a fantastic way of highlighting the emergency nature of their business.

  7. Infectious Disease Associates & Travel Medicine Clinic

    Infectious Disease Associates & Travel Medicine Clinic has an engaging photo gallery and a slim menu bar at the top of its homepage. The practice’s services are impressive, and the drop-down menu leads you to more information about them.

  8. Rocky Mountain Pediatric Infectious Disease Consultants

    Rocky Mountain Pediatric Infectious Disease Consultants is a little different in that it targets kids. It opts for a button-style menu, making the website relatively easy to navigate. Clicking on the various buttons will allow you easy access to their services, like telemedicine or making an appointment.

  9. Bradley A. Connor, M.D.

    Bradley A. Connor, M.D., has a website that uses smoothly scrolling graphics. Specialties are highlighted above the fold, and when you scroll down, you see a biography of Dr. Connor and his innovative approach to treatment. Given his credentials and experience, it’s easy to see why they highlight his work.

  10. Scottsdale Infectious Diseases, PC

    The color scheme and grid-like pattern of Scottsdale Infectious Diseases, PC, is very attractive. It leans heavily into white and shades of blue, which help make you feel at ease as you scroll on this homepage. There is also a nice patient portal that makes the website more convenient.

  11. Georgia Infectious Diseases

    Georgia Infectious Diseases has a long homepage, but it’s worth it. The information on the page shows off their services, including information on vaccines and disease management. There’s also a learning center where doctors share information about various diseases.

  12. Infectious Disease Consultants

    Infectious Disease Consultants uses text and graphic elements that fade in. Their patient portal and “request an appointment” function are above the main menu, and this is wise, given that these might be the two most important functions on the site.

  13. ID Consultants

    ID Consultants shows off multiple services without making you do much scrolling. This includes their infusion center, travel medicine, multiple clinics, and more. They also make good use of their menu to draw you to different pages on the website.

  14. ID Partners Infectious Disease

    ID Partners Infectious Disease does something rare: The first thing you see is a picture of their extensive and diverse staff. Scrolling down reveals their location and specialties and allows you to read more about their doctors.

  15. Dallas Pediatrics & ID Associates

    The homepage for Dallas Pediatrics & ID Associates smartly welcomes you and captures your attention with a rotating carousel showing cute photos of children and kid-friendly imagery on their homepage. An adorable picture of a baby with a teddy bear highlights the practice’s list of services.

  16. DFW Infectious Diseases

    DFW Infectious Diseases has a nice description just below the gallery of photos that tops the homepage. What is interesting here is that the website goes out of its way to advertise that these physicians treat bone and joint infections—something not often advertised on these websites.

  17. ID-Squad

    ID-Squad uses its homepage to advertise the specific and almost overwhelming array of infectious diseases that they treat, in addition to their other services. The photo gallery near the top shows patients of all ages with the phone number and a “book an appointment” button right above.

  18. Infectious Disease Consultants

    Infectious Disease Consultants lets you know right away that it offers telemedicine. The homepage has the usual menu bar, but it offers specific services, like travel health, adult vaccines, and IV infusions. Scroll down, and unique photos flip to let you learn more about the practice and its physicians, obtain patient forms, or book an appointment.

  19. Orlando Immunology Center

    Orlando Immunology Center greets you with a beautiful photo of a couple walking at sunset and the slogan, “Life is too much fun not to be healthy.” Its other distinctive features include a page that explains what sets them apart, including their expertise and special approaches to serving patients.

These websites do a great job of highlighting the impressive resumes and expertise of their doctors while also being well designed and sharp. If you are looking to emulate some websites, make sure to check out the impressive examples on this list!

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