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8 best plumbing and HVAC websites of 2023

Manually installation-heavy services, like those in the HVAC and plumbing industries, don’t often concern themselves with how to best reach customers online. Making a simple website is easy enough, and many leave descriptions of their service areas and professional techniques as sole representatives of their business online. But despite the mostly technical background required to succeed in these professions, those most successful businesses lean heavily into representing their character and expertise online.

If you own a website for plumbing or HVAC services, it’s important to be certain that your design choices help target specific audiences and clearly represent what you offer in a compelling way. That’s easy enough to articulate, but not every business is going to offer exactly the same services and each website should strive to stand out a bit to get customers’ attention so they can convert.

The best plumbing and HVAC websites communicate their specialties to the target audiences most in-need, which often include regional, seasonal, and emergency problems related to comfort at home and business operations.

Let’s take a closer look at how some of the plumbing and HVAC websites make their company’s voices heard in industries that don’t always get enough recognition for their individuality.

  1. GM Plumbing

    Based in Long Beach, California, GM Plumbing’s site has all the fundamentals of a business that knows how to communicate its brand to particular customers. The homepage’s central image comes with engaging, simple animations that bring attention to their 24/7 service availability, and their main image slider shows multiple before and after shots of plumbing work they’ve recently done. Their contact information is accessible via the header bar, and scrolling down brings visitors through descriptive sections of their regional expertise and a company origin that shows how devoted they are to great customer service.

  2. Wheeler’s Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

    Wheeler’s design doesn’t waste time or computer resources on fanciful animations or streaming video, rather opting for a professional look that helps customers find what they’re looking for up-front. Their homepage presents their contact information and store hours from the top of the screen, and each image depicts the company’s professional competence and specific service options with on-site work. Their cost calculator is especially useful for all customers, and each season comes with different discounts and extra services they advertise to entice customers looking for new work.

  3. Fred Smith Plumbing and Heating Company

    The Fred Smith Company has a general and compelling presentation style that a lot of businesses can achieve. Their service images are very large for immersive looks into their work, and the colorfulness in each one shows an attention to visual detail that a lot of HVAC and plumbing companies miss when promoting their services. The clean and shiny appearance of their different wires and tubing are probably great contrasts to whatever hardware problem(s) customers have to deal with at home, and their logo is simple and memorable for audiences looking for a professional with a track record to trust.

  4. S&E Plumbing

    S&E Plumbing’s site is a smorgasbord of excellent design choices, from plenty of white space for service descriptions to icons and images that pop out in entertaining and informative ways to excellent images of their handiwork. The site’s focus on text and quickly-loading image formats makes loading it from mobile and desktop devices a breeze, and their service menu describes every major area of expertise they offer in thorough and example-riddled detail. In particular, the testimonials section does powerful work to ensure that site visitors know their credibility is highly visible and reinforced over time.

  5. Bob Hamilton

    It’s impossible to wonder what Bob’s specialties are when visiting his home services website. His business’s main slogan, “Kansas City Home Repair. Better Call Bob!” immediately narrows down his service area and the general work he does, suggesting an expert in multiple skills related to home maintenance. His contact information has CTAs for each page, and his weekly scheduler is highly visible just below the landing page’s main image for easy service requests. While his services include HVAC-specific specialties and beyond, he gives each skill set proper descriptions and a brief history of the work he’s done with each.

  6. Air America

    Air America’s design stays nationally-focused with red, white, and blue all over to show their patriotism. Their particular service areas within Boca Raton are wide-reaching, and their contact information includes details about getting in touch with each of their stations depending on where you are. They offer 24-hour emergency services stated right on the homepage’s center image, and calls to action for their recent promotions, free estimates, and scheduler information stay available at the bottom of the page while scrolling for immediate access in case visitors realize exactly what they’re looking for.

  7. Absolute Plumbing

    Absolute Plumbing’s presentation has a highly professional look, with a cheery employee depicted hard-at-work from the homepage’s center image. Their more minimalist approach comes with plenty of white space for service descriptions, and each descriptive area actually loads as you scroll for some light animation that helps immerse viewers while strolling through the site. Their header bar is excellent, with contact information visible at all times and with social media links right beside. Their scheduling form loads as you scroll too to make sure visitors do a little reading before committing so they know whether Absolute is the right company for them.

  8. AC Repair Las Vegas

    AC Repair comes with a unique situation: their site stays family-friendly and earnest, but comes with a high-tech logo and bold design decisions. Their red and blue colors let the white space add to a subtly nationalized appearance, while every service description is custom-written to emphasize the importance of each step toward making your home or business as comfortable via AC service as possible. Their service questionnaire, in particular, gives some outstanding topic-narrowing to new customers who may not know exactly what they’re looking for unless asked professional questions.

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