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Best 15 fireplace service websites for 2023

When you sell fireplace services, the services aren’t the only feature you should emphasize. You should take the time to present your services and your team with a professional-looking website. The best fireplace service websites combine eye-catching visuals, nicely balanced text with images, and information that is easily accessible. The sites listed below achieve these objectives in ways that are likely to win them plenty of new clients.

Here are 15 fireplace service websites for 2023 that stand out.

  1. Belvedere

    Belvedere nicely pairs large images with a white and gray-green background. The combination is sophisticated and eye-catching. The text is nicely spread out so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Readers can see the featured products by scrolling down the homepage.

  2. Dreifuss Fireplaces

    Dreifuss Fireplaces emphasizes comfort by displaying large photos, leading with one of a contented dog curled up before a fireplace. Visitors can scroll further down the homepage to see the types of fireplaces the company offers. There is also a helpful video telling why customers should choose this company.

  3. Fireside Hearth & Home

    Fireside Hearth & Home nicely balances images with text. The clean-looking website uses white and gray with bright orange accents that match the company logo and draw visitors’ eyes to important links. A button to click for a free consultation appears near the bottom of the homepage and pages highlighting brands and services.

  4. KJB Fireplaces

    KJB Fireplaces leads with a strong image of a hot beverage with a flickering fire in the background—a great way to sell fireplace services. Browsers can scroll down the homepage to see reviews and learn the benefits of fireplaces. A blue sticky button at the right of the screen opens to an accessibility menu from any page.

  5. Curtis Chimney & Hearth

    This site welcomes readers with a strong visual of a fireplace and a woman enjoying a hot drink. The Curtis Chimney & Hearth homepage features key phrases that slide into view as users scroll down. The text is large and easy to read, and white space and red-orange accents are used to great effect.

  6. Best Fire Hearth & Patio

    Best Fire Hearth & Patio opens with a stunning fireplace and patio slider. Scrolling down, visitors can see beautiful color photos illustrating the three choices the company offers: convert, add, and replace. This is one of the few sites that lists its “sales & promotions” on its top menu bar.

  7. Fireside Hearth & Home in Minnesota

    A photo of a cozy couple near their fireplace is superimposed with the slogan “Live Life Fireside” and a “get started” button to connect immediately with Fireside Hearth & Home. The website nicely balances images with blocks of text, so reading the text doesn’t feel overwhelming. Store locations appear near the bottom of the screen.

  8. Elite Chimney & Masonry

    Elite Chimney & Masonry offers a functional, straightforward website that is easy to navigate. The dark blue sky in the background of the lead photo contrasts effectively with a black, red, and white contact form that stands out on the homepage. Below the form, the company offers its key services: inspect and clean, maintain and repair, and masonry.

  9. Southern Hearth & Patio

    Warm hues are the colors of choice for the Southern Hearth & Patio website. The dark gray background works well against the orange brand color. Visitors can check out some of the company’s previous work by scrolling down the homepage. A link in the top menu bar leads to a whole page of galleries.

  10. Chicago Fireplace Inc.

    Alternating, moving images dominate the Chicago Fireplace Inc. homepage. Bold fields of orange plus red and yellow accents add fiery warmth. Browsers can schedule service right from the homepage. Reviews from customers are easy to find under the “Our Customers Love Us” heading in large type.

  11. Advanced Chimney Systems

    Visitors can scroll through the main images on the homepage to see this company at work. Advanced Chimney Systems offers its three services farther down the page: update fireplaces, installations, and fireplace inspections. Images rather than text dominate the website. Customers’ reviews appear at the bottom.

  12. Buy The Fire

    Leading with a full-screen photo of a beautiful living room with the fireplace as its centerpiece, Buy The Fire balances text and images to present a professional, straightforward website. Its “Watch & Learn” videos that explain the benefits of various fireplace kits make the company stand out from the competition.

  13. Lindemann

    Lindemann takes a classic approach with both its images and text layout. The website is nicely structured, and the services are offered farther down the homepage along with five good reasons to choose this company. The clean, white background makes the large text easy to read.

  14. Hearth & Home

    Hearth & Home tops its homepage with four striking photos that alternate to show off different fireplace and fire pit designs. Rectangular and square blocks of photos and text give this website an organized and professional feel. A showroom map and a newsletter sign-up box appear toward the bottom of the homepage.

  15. Tevis Propane

    Tevis Propane departs from other fireplace service websites by using different shades of blue to brighten its website. The homepage leads with alternating photos with text about service specials and the company’s mobile app. Visitors can scroll down to see all the company’s services as well as an interesting Quick Links section.

Spend the time to create a website that is as informative and visually appealing as these, and the customers will come.

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