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50 Best Fitness Websites for 2020

With more and more people suffering from poor health and high rates of obesity and diabetes, it has become more important than ever for people to stay in better shape. However, this is a hard thing to do on your own.

To help you get on track, here’s a look at 50 of the best fitness websites of 2020.

  1. Livestrong

    Livestrong has an incredible wealth of information on exercises, health care, physical health, mental health and more. It is updated multiple times a day and comes complete with great forums and up-to-date information about fitness trends that are relevant in today’s world.

  2. DailyBurn

    DailyBurn is a great website featuring professional fitness instructions for in-depth and easy-to-follow workouts. It advertises thousands of different videos and allows users to have a free 60-day trial period, which gives you plenty of time to make a decision about whether or not this website is appropriate for you.

  3. LA Fitness

    Yes, the LA Fitness
    website is somewhat self-promotional, but that doesn’t stop them from offering great fitness advice. The information on this website includes specifics on how you can make the most out of any gym membership. Furthermore, the tips on this website can also help you get more comfortable with gym equipment.

  4. 24 Hour Fitness

    24 Hour Fitness is another great gym website that offers so much more than just discounts. It offers a great lifestyle blog that gives a variety of fantastic and relevant advice on how you can stay in shape.

  5. Self.com

    Self.comoffers a slew of resources for people who are interested in taking better care of themselves. It is a broad fitness website that offers a variety of types of information related to fitness, food, health and other topics. Unlike many of these websites, it also touches more emotional needs, discussing things like love and beauty.

  6. Prevention

    Prevention, like many of these websites, reviews a variety of subjects. These include health, weight loss and fitness. Within those areas, it gives more specific information, including things on workout routines. It is also frequently updated with current information. At the moment, its front page is loaded with COVID-19 information.

  7. Men’s Health

    As you can imagine, Men’s Health is a fitness website geared toward men. However, within this focus, the website touches on various topics, including food, sleep, sex and more. Its more standard features involve giving information on workouts and advice on how to get into better shape.

  8. Muscle & Fitness

    As the name would imply, Muscle & Fitness is narrowly focused around how to build your muscles and stay in shape. It contains great information on specific ways to build muscle, including the types of workouts that are best for these purposes.

  9. Planet Fitness

    This website promotes the gym, but it also contains a wide array of information on how people can stay in shape. For example, in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, the website shifted to “bring the gym to you.” As is part of the Planet Fitness mantra, it contains information for beginners, including a section on someone’s first workout.

  10. Active.com

    Active.com contains information on how to stay in shape, but it’s also an activity database. The site lists nearby events and ways that people can stay in shape without weights or a gym.

  11. T Nation

    T Nation bills itself as “The world’s largest hardcore training site.” As the slogan implies, it is specifically designed for more advanced fitness enthusiasts. It goes as far as discussing non-prescription (but legal!) drugs that can be taken to relax and stay in better shape.

  12. Men’s Journal

    Men’s Journal is more than just a fitness website. Yes, it does have information on how to stay in shape (obviously targeted toward men), but it also has information on popular foods, drinks (the front page currently offers a feature on whiskey) and lifestyle tips for men of all ages and fitness levels.

  13. Shape

    Shape is a major website that has information on fitness, healthy eating, weight loss and more. It goes broader as well, discussing lifestyle and celebrity tips. While fitness is clearly a major focus of Shape, it also goes broader than that. Shape is a fitness magazine that is targeted toward women, and the content on this website clearly reflects that.

  14. My Fitness Pal

    My Fitness Pal is a freemium website that allows users to get fitness and food advice. It also lets users track calories and log activities, making it an ideal one-stop shop for fitness and dieting. There are also integrated apps that you can use as part of your workout.

  15. Greatist

    Greatist is one of many fitness websites that is informational in nature. It has sections for food, fitness, beauty, life and more. It also has regularly updated information, making it a great news website for fitness-related items.

  16. Menno Henselmans

    Menno Henselmans is a very unique fitness site. It offers articles, online classes and online coaching but with a twist. Its content is science-oriented, providing a unique look on a sometimes-oversaturated genre.

  17. Anthony Mychal

    This is the first website listed here that is run by an individual trainer, but it’s a good one. Anthony Mychal runs a great blog that has a personal touch, unlike some of the other websites listed here. He also offers a variety of paid fitness programs that you can use.

  18. On The Regimen

    On The Regimen is run by Mike Vacanti, a personal trainer. It offers a ton of content, including a blog, fitness information and online coaching. The coaching, of course, is a paid service, but Vacanti’s before-and-after pictures show he is capable of getting great results.

  19. Minute Athlete

    12 Minute Athlete shows off workouts that are HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training. These workouts are what they sound like: short and difficult. However, for people who do not have a lot of time or are looking for something new, this may be a perfect way of getting into better shape.

  20. Girls Gone Strong

    As you can probably guess, Girls Gone Strong is geared toward women who want to get into better shape. It has some free resources, including free fitness courses for women, and also offers articles and professional education. Interestingly, one of its professional education items includes “Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Specialist,” which makes this the only site on this list to offer that specialty.

  21. Stack

    Stack is a large fitness website that has info on training, nutrition and more. Unlike most of the other websites on this list, Stack also boasts workout tips from sports celebrities like Adrian Peterson and other NFL players.

  22. POPSUGAR Fitness

    POPSUGAR is a very popular website, and odds are good that you’ve seen some content of theirs in your social media feeds. However, they also offer a robust array of fitness advice, including sample workouts and ways to unwind after a tough day.

  23. Run To The Finish

    As the name implies, Run To The Finish website deals largely with training for running. It has a ton of content on that front, including running tips for beginners, injury recovery advice, nutrition help and guidance on finding the best shoes for running.

  24. Fat-Burning Man

    The Fat-Burning Man website gives advice that is specifically geared toward helping men lose weight. It does this by offering diet advice, recipes and a podcast that discusses all of these issues.

  25. Nerd Fitness

    Now, this is a rarely targeted market: nerds who want to get in shape. Nerd Fitness is specifically designed for people who want to get into shape but aren’t used to being physically active. As such, it is geared toward beginners and being as unintimidating and user-friendly as possible.

  26. Chad Howse Fitness

    The Chad Howse Fitness website has a simple white background with a black header and footer. The logo at the top left of the page is in the form of a cool-looking dumbbell, and the links on the header bring up drop-down menus, enabling you to visit other pages of the site easily. The Chad Howse site caters mainly toward men and their fitness goals.

  27. Breaking Muscle

    Breaking Muscle is nice in that it has a specialty and sticks to it: weightlifting. It is clearly geared toward people who are already experienced weightlifters and want to learn more about how to get better at weightlifting.

  28. Tony Gentilcore

    Like many others on this list, Tony Gentilcore is a fitness expert who uses his website to give fitness advice, discuss ways that people can get in better shape and sell a variety of training services. However, unlike many, he goes into the mental aspects of fitness as well, discussing things like mood, creating a sense of calm and enhancing your comfort.

  29. Precision Nutrition

    Precision Nutrition is one of the websites on this list that concentrates more on nutrition rather than working out or weight training. However, it clearly has a great grasp on this subject and has a ton of information on exercise nutrition. It also offers certifications on the subject.

  30. Mile Posts

    This one is a blog maintained by a frequent runner and fitness buff. The interesting part about the Mile Posts website is that its fitness tips aren’t from the perspective of a certified professional. Instead, they are deeply personal and deal with the various physical and emotional strains of being a runner.

  31. Daily Apple

    Mark’s Daily Apple brags that it is a blog designed for “primal living in the modern world.” In other words, it advertises more than just a fitness routine – it emphasizes a different way of life. It also has information on recipes, keto dieting and how to get yourself into shape. Don’t let the “primal” part fool you, however. It has plenty of modern and up-to-date information.

  32. My Fit Station

    This is a website geared toward women. It contains information on hardcore workouts and getting into shape, but it would not be accurate to characterize this one as a website for beginners. My Fit Station is best for intermediate-to-advanced women who are familiar with fitness and looking for an extra boost to their workout.

  33. Sohee Fit

    Sohee Fit is run by Sohee Lee, a personal trainer in Los Angeles who boasts a variety of very impressive personal training certifications. Lee offers a ton of advice on fitness and nutrition, using her own expertise to educate users on the best way to get into shape.

  34. Fitocracy

    Fitocracy has an interesting concept. It allows users to fill out a fitness assessment. From there, it gives you a personalized report and matches you to a personal trainer who will be available to address your specific needs.

  35. BodBot

    BodBot bills itself as “intelligent workout planning” and offers workout tips that are tailored to your needs. So, why is this different than the usual website we’ve reviewed? It claims to run “adaptable” workouts that will change based on your progress, strengths and weaknesses.

  36. Elite Man Magazine

    Unlike many of the websites featured here, Elite Man is styled in a magazine format. As a result, it contains an eclectic mix of fitness, nutrition and general health information with an emphasis on supplementals and other things you consume.

  37. Fitness Blender

    This website emphasizes their totally free workout videos and brags about how their videos are ideal for people of any and all fitness levels. As such, no matter where you are on your fitness journey, Fitness Blender may be a great website for you to check out.

  38. Bach Performance

    Bach Performance is run by Eric Bach, a personal trainer. Like many of the trainers on this site, Bach is selling his services as a trainer. However, this site also has a well-maintained blog and a variety of free fitness guides that you can use to get started on your efforts to get into better shape.

  39. Fit Bottomed Girl

    Fit Bottomed Girls, obviously created specifically for women, discusses fitness, food and more. It also has two relatively unique sections: fitness advice for mothers and “Zen,” which discusses wellness and relationship topics.

  40. Yoga Journal

    Yoga is a fantastic low-impact way of not only getting into shape but also slowing down and gaining mental peace and clarity. As such, it is great for the physical and mental end of fitness. If you are interested in learning more about yoga, make sure to check out Yoga Journal, which offers a variety of tools for beginners and more experienced practitioners.

  41. Muy Fitness

    Muy Fitness, like many others, discusses health, fitness, news, nutrition and more. What makes it stand out? It’s completely in Spanish. As such, if you are a Spanish speaker, this one may be perfect for you.

  42. John Fawkes

    John Fawkes is a personal trainer who gives coaching and fitness advice. The best part about this website is his frequently updated blog that Fawkes uses to discuss fitness topics that are extremely timely.

  43. Robb Wolf

    The Robb Wolf fitness website goes into some new areas that we haven’t previously seen on this list. Examples include entire sections on specialty health diets, like diets for celiac, paleo and gluten-free diets. It also features entire sections on anti-inflammatory eating and foods.

  44. CrossFit

    This, of course, is the homepage for the fitness revolution known as CrossFit. As you would expect, it offers information on how to find a CrossFit class, but it also provides info on CrossFit exercise routines you can do at home.

  45. Ben Greenfield Fitness

    Ben Greenfield is a personal trainer, author and weightlifter. He offers the usual array of fitness and nutrition advice along with anti-aging tips and details about some new specialties, like “biohacking.”

  46. Legion

    Legion is actually one of the more comprehensive websites on this list, offering a blog, podcast, rewards, coaching and more. Even more impressive is the breadth of information discussed: workouts, weight loss, muscle gain, nutrition and a whole lot more.

  47. Syatt Fitness

    Syatt Fitness is run by a personal trainer who has a classic story of transforming his body into that of a fitness machine. He emphasizes a variety of items, including strength training, nutrition and fat loss. Syatt also maintains a blog that contains supplemental information.

  48. Summer Tomato

    Summer Tomato is a “healthstyle” blog that runs the gamut when it comes to fitness topics. It deals primarily with four broad topics: health, habits, food and weight control. It’s run by Darya Rose, a neuroscience Ph.D. and published author who features her Ted Talk front and center on the page.

  49. Look Great Naked

    If the website name doesn’t hook you, odds are good that the content will! Look Great Naked is run by Brad Schoenfeld, a personal trainer and Ph.D. holder who runs a blog, writes a newsletter and offers coaching. The content on this website covers a variety of topics but primarily deals with exercise and strength training.

  50. Born Fitness

    The Born Fitness blog centers around coaching and information sharing. Perhaps most interesting is its “Fat Loss Academy,” a 12-week program that claims it will help enrollees lose 15-30 pounds.

Losing weight and getting into shape is hard. Thankfully, all of these websites can give you sound advice and a ton of information that can help you accomplish your fitness goals.

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