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5 Ways To Leverage Your Website Into Converting More Leads

Deploying a digital marketing campaign can be an exciting thing!

If you’re like me, you enjoy finding a good image or video and wrapping it all into a great ad copy that gets any person thrilled to become a customer.

However, one of the biggest mistakes made in marketing today, is not following through on your website to ensure the lead is converted.

After years of experience, testing and studying the psychological flow of a person’s experience on a website, I’ve come up with 5 ways to leverage your website into converting more leads.

1. Matching the Ad to the Site

When someone sees your ad and has a personal reaction to it, they have begun to build a relationship with you. Similar to catching the eye of someone from across the bar, you’ve already begun the connection! Now you need to capitalize on that initial connection. This can be done in little ways, and big ways!

They key is matching the ad to the site.

For instance if the ad you shared on Facebook has a lot of green color in it and a funny panda in the right hand corner, you’re going to want the landing page to show those same assets. If the person clicks on the ad with the green funny panda, but go to your site that has an orange cobra, the potential customer may have a disconnect with you, and leave your site.

This is a fairly easy thing to accomplish, having the same headline, color scheme, or just overall personality transferred from ad to landing page will help your web visitors finish the journey from being a stranger, to a customer.

2. Speaking Direct to Your Customers

Another mistake that is often made on your webpage is being too wordy. Being too wordy is essentially over explaining things to your potential customer that they aren’t looking for.

Your landing page is not your website. Make it about the customer, and what they’re needing and how you can fill that need.

Speak directly in short, well designed sentences that mimic the ad and what the ad is for. Otherwise, they will get lost in the mass amount of words that eventually forget what the ad was even for.

Be smooth, be direct, and be upfront with who you’re speaking to.

3. Guide The Customer Through

Do not overestimate your customers ability to know how to operate your site. Our studies show that if a customer is on your site for more than 15 seconds without acting, they are more likely going to exit your site completely without ever visiting again.

Always add a call to action on your site telling them exactly where to go. Make this call to action visible at the mid to top of the page. Don’t make them earn it or find it, be there for them and guide them through.

You can do this very well by simply telling them where to click.

“Click Here to Sign Up” or “Shop Now” are examples of guiding a customer through your flow, and telling them how they can proceed.

4. 3 Clicks – Make it Quick

At this point, if you’ve followed the advice of the 3 previous paragraphs, you’ve increased the probability of a sale by over 80%. Now the next key thing to remember is making it quick.

This is trickier than it sounds – you’ve impressed your potential customer with an ad, you’ve guided them through your landing page, now you need to make it easy on them to convert.

I live by a simple rule, if it takes more than 3 clicks to purchase/opt in to your business, you will fail. We live in a day and age where fast and now is not only appreciated, its expected. Once the potential customer has virtually agreed to be a customer, make it as quick and brief as possible for them to finalize the sale.

You’ve already finished the most difficult part of the customer journey, don’t step on your own toes.

Remember, as you add elements to your customer acquisition flow/process, watch out for disconnects and things that may prevent someone from changing their mind.

Stay on brand and be consistent.

5. Post Sale Up-Selling

You’ve just added a new customer! This person has committed to being your customer over your competitors, they’ve entrusted you to fill their needs. Although that trust is sacred, and vitally important to uphold; you have an opportunity to build off of that relationship!

Customers love to claim brands as their own. They want to be committed to you, so why not offer more services or products to them? You can see this being done very well by Amazon.com.

They have the ever famous “Customers Also Bought” portion of their page where you can see the items that piece well with the item you’ve just purchased.

Take this idea and implement that into your post sale experience – see what happens!

Thank you so much for reading, if you’re interested in finding out how FreshySites can help you design a jaw dropping website, reach a broader audience, and convert more leads.

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