CTech Manufacturing

CTech Manufacturing
Industry: E-Commerce
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CTech Manufacturing offers storage solutions proudly made in Weston, Wisconsin, USA. They build aluminum carts, cabinets, drawers, and accessories for service trucks, motorsports, law enforcement, specialty vehicles, and residential and commercial garages. Customers can order CTech’s products online or from a dealer. CTech’s carts offer mobile storage engineered to move with the customer’s needs. In addition, they provide customizable cabinets with a cohesive layout that customers can configure using an online layout builder. Finally, CTech builds cabinet drawers with custom divider options and monolatch technology, which ensures drawers stay closed when the vehicle is in transit.

The new CTech website features colorful, animated navigation elements, which guide visitors to find what they need. Customers can use the online cabinet layout app to build their ultimate, customized cabinets for their shop, garage, or warehouse, order them, and ship them directly to their door.

There is also a directory of resources for warehouse, shop, and garage organization solutions, including retailers who carry CTech products, catalogs, installation guides, and more. If a customer is looking for something they can’t find on the CTech website, there is a contact form where they can send in a request.

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