Website migration, infrastructure review and comprehensive audit result in strategic planning for phase II redesign project

Freshy + HRchitect
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Categories Comprehensive audit//Infrastructure cleanup//Migration//Project work
Industries Human Resources//Technology
Phase 1: 3-4 Weeks

About HRchitect
HRchitect specializes in Human Capital Management (HCM) and is well known for their deep industry expertise. Their team averages 15+ years of experience in their respective fields and has helped thousands of organizations globally. They provide a wide array of services ranging from strategic planning, managed support services, talent acquisition and management, and many more. Their goal is to work collaboratively with their clients and provide real-world consulting experience.

Project summary

When Freshy began working with HRchitect, there were many discussions on how to best service their website. There was a need for immediate design updates as well as longer term structural changes. Both teams wanted to take a deeper dive into what could be done to improve the site for the short term and long term. After migrating the site to the Freshy platform, Freshy did a comprehensive audit of the site on the frontend and backend. This included an overview of the health of the existing site, plugin, page, and post type review, competitor analysis, user interface and user experience assessment and more. Freshy made proactive recommendations on all categories listed above and provided a sample site map and an optimized home page structure.

The next step was to determine how best to move forward with HRchitect’s vision for design and backend functionality. Freshy provided several options on how to best achieve the top-line goals and ultimately both teams felt a full redesign was warranted. The options explored were: a full redesign, incremental updates over time, and a re-theme.

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Samantha Colby

We found Freshy after going through some less-than-stellar experiences with other WordPress agencies. Working with Freshy has been a dream! Their team is highly responsive, thorough, and consultative in guiding us through a website technical optimization. Freshy has made a tremendous positive impact on our organization’s website in a very short period of time. We have found a long-term WordPress partner in Freshy.

Samantha Colby

Key website features

HRchitect site health
HRchitect plugin, page, and post type review
HRchitect website architecture and structure
HRchitect design UX/UI review
Kelsey Moore
Kelsey Moore
Director of Customer Experience
10 yrs WordPress experience
Alisa Cognard
Alisa Cognard
Support Specialist
14 yrs WordPress experience
Kathryn Sanders
Kathryn Sanders
Project Work Lead
4 yrs WordPress experience

Meet the Freshy team who brought this project to life

When we started the project there were many different directions discussed and we ultimately decided that a full site audit would help us choose the right path. The HRchitect team has already been super engaged throughout the Phase 1 process and have given us a lot of thoughtful, well put together feedback on our audit findings. I’m excited to see what strategies and designs we can develop together for the Phase 2 rebuild!

Kelsey Moore | Director of Customer Experience | Freshy

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