Backend website infrastructure rebuilt and optimized on modern platform via Freshy retained services

Freshy + Premise
Premise website on tablet, desktop, and phone
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Industries Technology
Ongoing support since June 2022

About Premise
Spanning 135 countries, Premise provides measurements and monitors data on virtually anything businesses need to know. From product placement in a retail store to public opinion on important issues, Premise can provide vital insights. Through the use of technology and a global community, Premise helps businesses and organizations make data driven decisions.

Project summary

Since June of 2022, Freshy has partnered with Premise for their ongoing website support and maintenance needs. With work ranging from basic support and maintenance, speed optimization to full infrastructure rebuilds, is ever growing and improving.

Ongoing maintenance & retained services

One major undertaking was converting the backend website infrastructure of their existing website and sister subsite, to a more modern and page-builder based setup. With the expansion and creation of landing pages being an important part of Premise’s online strategy, the Freshy team recommended a full conversion from their old and outdated backend setup. This has helped save time, create a more user-friendly process and overall simplify the building of new content and pages throughout the site and subsite.

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Eric Vazquez

Working with Freshy has been an absolute pleasure. As a Senior Digital Marketing Manager, I’ve collaborated with many WordPress website development agencies, but none compare to the level of expertise and professionalism that the Freshy team brings to the table. Their collaborative approach, combined with their vast knowledge of website development, has made every project a success. The team at Freshy is not only knowledgeable but also wonderful people to work with. I highly recommend their services.

Eric Vazquez

Key website features

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Premise website on mobile
Erin Cortazar
Erin Cortazar
Retained Services Lead
9 yrs WordPress experience
James Seavey
James Seavey
Support Specialist
19 yrs WordPress experience
Denisa Hasanspahic
Denisa Hasanspahic
Web Designer
7 yrs WordPress experience

Meet the Freshy team who brought this project to life

Working with Premise has been really rewarding, and together we’ve developed some great user experiences. The team at Premise has been very responsive, providing design and technical specification quickly and effectively allowing us to fully support and complete their projects on deadline.

James Seavey | Support Specialist | Freshy

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