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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional, or a hobbyist, you need a high-functioning website to showcase your work. In today’s world, few website owners painstakingly create websites by hand with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Rather, they use content management systems such as Wix or WordPress to make their lives infinitely easier.

Although Wix’s popularity has grown in recent years, WordPress remains the most widely used CMS, powering around 35% of the world’s websites. If you’re interested in switching over to WordPress, FreshySites can help.

Why WordPress is the ideal Wix alternative

Although WordPress shares many similarities with Wix, the latter isn’t actually a content management system. As Wix’s own website will tell you, it’s a drag-and-drop web design tool, not a full-blown content management system.

In simple terms, Wix doesn’t offer the same freedom and flexibility as WordPress when it comes to website management. For example, Wix is a hosted platform so their developers maintain full control over the available tools and applications. With Wix you are not able to use 3rd party tools or sources to help customize your website. Since you’re obviously interested in your website’s success, why not expand your horizons by upgrading to a true content management system?

WordPress is the world’s top content management and powers over 40% of the websites on the internet. WordPress is highly customizable so you are able to create any “look and feel” that you need. Major companies like Disney, Facebook, and Sony also use WordPress for their websites. Due to how widely used WordPress is, it is constantly being updated as well to keep up with changing technologies and design trends. WordPress is built with flexibility and versatility in mind so you can grow and change your website as your business grows. Wix allows you to build out a functional website but is not well equipped for growing and scaling later on. 

WordPress vs. Wix comparison

  • Design:

    In terms of design, WordPress is far superior to Wix. WordPress offers hundreds of thousands of theme templates and plugins to customize your site. Although Wix offers a few hundred customizable templates, the power and customization of WordPress is much more powerful and offers endless possibilities compared to Wix.
  • SEO:

    WordPress has a wide array of plugins and more overall options for SEO compared to Wix. WordPress was built to be optimized for SEO and works great with search engines.
  • UX:

    Wix is ultimately an easy solution for a novice when it comes to building a website. WordPress offers much more flexibility and customization options for the best UX design solutions.
  • Capability:

    WordPress offers endless options and customizations. You can fully edit templates, track analytics, and publish posts even with the more basic WordPress options. Compared to WordPress, Wix is definitely limited in that their templates are not interchangeable, a free plan requires Wix branding, and your site isn’t transferable.

How do you convert your website from Wix to WordPress?

When making the switch from Wix to WordPress it is unfortunate because Wix is a closed platform and not an open source so there is no way to directly transfer the content between the two CMS. There are a few tutorials throughout the web to help you with the process and walk you through some steps you can take to make things easier such as downloading your website’s RSS file and importing it to your WordPress site. Most likely you will need to manually copy and paste info from your Wix site over to WordPress which can be a time consuming process but will be worth it in the long run to be able to access all of the features of WordPress. 

Wix to WordPress migration process

Due to the fact that Wix is a closed platform there is no automatic way to switch from Wix to WordPress. We recommend copying your site content from Wix over to WordPress and create a new customizable design for your business. 

You’ve completed your migration, what’s next?

Once you’ve completed your migration from Wix to WordPress you can now enjoy the endless customization options of WordPress to create a website that is unique to your business. If you need help managing your website or creating a new design FreshySites can help with that process. 

Hire FreshySites to manage your WordPress migration from Wix

Our team of WordPress experts at FreshySites will help take the headache out of transferring over your Wix site. We will work with you to create a new WordPress website design that really speaks to your brand, and business in a platform that will be easy to use and edit. Once your site is up and running our support team is available to help make edits, and can provide how to guides via our knowledge base as well. We’ll provide you with peace of mind as well with daily backups, hosting, and security. 

Besides converting from Wix to WordPress, what services does FreshySites offer?

FreshySites specializes in WordPress website design and offers additional services such on-page and local SEO, and digital marketing services. 

Managing a website can be difficult. Even if you’re not currently dissatisfied with Wix, switching to WordPress now can be well worth it in the long run with help from our team of professionals at FreshySites. 

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