Convert from Squarespace to WordPress

Squarespace is a website building and hosting platform.  Many entrepreneurs and small business owners start with it because it’s easy to learn how to use. However, as your business grows, your needs change, and your work demands more functionality, you may be ready to start switching from Squarespace to WordPress.

Why WordPress is the ideal Squarespace alternative

The drag-and-drop functionality of Squarespace enables you to get started with a website quickly. It’s great for a blog, a landing page, and a “contact us” page. However, today’s savvy internet users demand more from the sites they visit. They want responsively designed, easy-to-navigate sites that are mobile-friendly, fast, and accessible. WordPress is the ideal Squarespace alternative when you’re ready to move from a basic CMS to a well-developed, multifunctional one.

WordPress comes equipped with many options including over 50,000 plugins and thousands of themes. Compared this to Squarespace that has limited extension and integration options. WordPress also provides flexible payment options with a vast amount of hosting options to choose from, Squarespace you must pay a monthly fee for a limited amount of options. 

One of the top signs that it’s time for switching from Squarespace to WordPress is growth of your site traffic and sales. If your business is growing quickly, you need a site that can be scaled up. WordPress allows you to do this.

WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder and powers over 40% of the websites on the internet. WordPress is so appealing because of it’s unlimited customization options, versatility, and flexibility. Compared to WordPress, Squarespace is relatively limited in the overall control you have with design and content. 

WordPress vs. Squarespace comparison

  • Design:

    Squarespace makes designing easy for absolute beginners. WordPress users can also choose templates to design from for simplicity, but your choices with Squarespace are extremely limited with the templates that are offered. WordPress offers thousands of free themes and plugins to help users completely customize their site.
  • SEO:

    There have been tests and studies done that show that WordPress sites tend to rank higher, and receive more organic traffic than Squarespace sites. WordPress was built to be SEO friendly and provides many SEO options for users.
  • UX:

    Squarespace and WordPress are both easy to use and intuitive platforms. WordPress does offer far more customization options compared to Squarespace and is more robust to create UX solutions.
  • Capability:

    With your WordPress site, you can make changes easily, select from thousands of templates, plugins, and themes, and create a fully customized website. Although Squarespace can be a great tool to start using when you begin your business or want a quick website, ultimately WordPress will provide more options and customization for your site.

How do you convert your website from Squarespace to WordPress?

Squarespace provides a great place to start as an easy to use platform, however over time many users begin to realize just how limited Squarespace is — and are in need of more customization and options. Moving to Squarespace you’ll need to migrate your site to WordPress.  

Squarespace to WordPress migration process

Squarespace does have a built in import/export option so that users are able to download their Squarespace site and upload it to the WordPress platform.

To help you understand how the Squarespace to WordPress migration process works, we offer several in-depth guides about WordPress transitions on our website. 

You’ve completed your migration, what’s next?

After completing your Squarespace to WordPress migration you’ll be able to continue to make changes and edits to your site as needed. Since WordPress is highly customizable you can try to add new plugins and features to your site that were not available with SquareSpace. FreshySites website design is a team of experts who has experience migrating websites from a range of different platforms over to WordPress. 

Hire FreshySites to manage your WordPress migration from Squarespace

Here at FreshySites, we’ve earned a great reputation as the top WordPress agency. Since we opened our doors nearly 15 years ago, we’ve successfully served hundreds of clients. In fact, we’ve completed more than 2,200 WordPress development projects.

We’re also proud to have accumulated more than 300 five-star reviews on Google, coming from clients of all sizes, ranging from local small business owners to mid-cap franchises with dozens of locations across the regions that we serve here at FreshySites. The overwhelming majority of our clients report high satisfaction levels, giving us exceptionally high client retention rates that very few of our competitors are able to lay claim to.

Going forward, we’ll stay by your side to take care of other web-related needs. If you didn’t already know, one of many reasons why WordPress is the ideal Squarespace alternative is that we can use our private servers to host your WordPress website—the same can’t be said for Squarespace sites. We’ll also take care of your cybersecurity and web support needs in the future. When using FreshySites to migrate your website from Squarespace to WordPress, you don’t just get a new website, you’ll be backed by a team of WordPress experts.

What other services does FreshySites offer, beyond helping to switch your website to WordPress from Squarespace?

FreshySites not only provides top WordPress website design services, but also offers search engine optimization, on-going WordPress maintenance, and digital marketing packages to help your business in all areas. 

Now you know that our team here at FreshySites is more than well-equipped for switching from Squarespace to WordPress. Let us prove to you that WordPress is the ideal Squarespace alternative.

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