Wix vs. WordPress comparison

Let’s take a look at the key differences between Wix and WordPress. In this comparison of Wix vs WordPress, we’ll cover various aspects of each CMS to weigh the pros and cons of both options, to see how they stack up against each other. When comparing the two, which comes out on top? Is WordPress better than Wix? Read on.

Wix vs WordPress comparison: Who are they for?

Wix is a simple to use website builder platform and contains built-in hosting, and pre-made templates. Wix will not provide website designers and developers with many customization options and provides more of a “cookie-cutter” website built via templates and presets. Wix allows users without any website experience to build a good-looking website and launch quickly.

WordPress is one of the largest content management systems in the world with over 40% of the internet using this CMS, it is a very powerful platform. WordPress is made for both large companies and small businesses, and is available for any skill level to use. WordPress is an open source platform that allows you to fully host, and customize your websites. This platform also contains thousands of plugins and templates so you can easily take your site to the next level with ease.

In comparing Wix and WordPress they both are simple to use platforms with pros and cons to consider. 

Wix vs WordPress comparison: Ease of use

Most beginners would probably opt to use Wix to start because of how Wix markets itself as an easy to use platform. However, both platforms allow you options to create websites without the use of complicated code.

Wix starts your experience with being able to choose the type of website you want to build, and includes an element selector. You can also choose to edit your site using the drag-and-drop page builder. However, the Wix interface itself is clunky and difficult to navigate, there are a lot of “extras” included on the main dashboard taking away from the simplicity of building your website. 

WordPress contains a sidebar navigation on the backend which admittedly can be a learning curve to get used to. WordPress also contains thousands of plugins and themes that you can install on your site. It is important to do some research on finding the best plugins for your site as downloading too many can be cumbersome. With some research you can definitely find the best plugins for what you need and a theme that will work best for your project.

Both platforms on the backend require a bit of getting used to.

Wix vs. WordPress comparison: Design options

Wix contains over 900+ pre-made templates to choose from to get started. Their designs are responsive. Using the built-in tools you can also tweak the design, layout and more as needed. Templates are available for all different types of businesses, eCommerce sites, artist sites and more. However, one major disadvantage is that you are not able to change to a new template once you select one. You can make tweaks to it, but switching to a new design all together is not possible. 

In comparing Wix with WordPress, WordPress has thousands of theme options available to get your design started. There are both free and paid themes and most come with built in customization options. It is important to do diligent research on the themes to find one that will work well for what you need. However, this provides much more flexibility and customization options than Wix. 

Wix vs WordPress comparison: Customization

In building a new website customization is important to be able to make your website your own and unique in order to stand out from your competitors. So what customization options are available in comparing Wix with WordPress?

Wix provides you with options while you are building your website to customize within their limits. You are given a series of options that work together to create an aesthetically pleasing website. Custom code is only available with an upgraded Wix membership.

WordPress is unique in that it allows you to customize every aspect of your website. Plugins are available to add specific functionality, and custom themes exist to give you full control over design and aesthetics. WordPress offers full customization for anything that you need for your new site.

Wix vs WordPress: Ecommerce

Wix offers eCommerce options with their paid plans. With the Wix eCommerce options you can accept payments via their payment systems or integrate third party payment such as PayPal or Wix Payments does charge 2.9% of the transaction amount + 0.30 USD.  Wix does allow for a fairly simple shop set up but the customization options are limited.

ECommerce is not directly built into the WordPress platform. WooCommerce is a plugin that you need to install but is developed by WordPress so that it works seamlessly. WooCommerce does allow customization via plugins.

Comparing Wix and WordPress: Overview

WordPress offers far more customization options and flexibility compared to Wix. Although Wix can be great for a beginner designer who is looking to get a website up quickly, in the long run it may fall short of many expectations. Wix markets itself as a free platform but to access many functionality options users will need to upgrade to a paid account.

WordPress is a powerful platform that is growing exponentially and has a great user base behind it. WordPress is a more seamless platform compared to Wix with limitless options and a better long-term option.

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