Best CTA Trends & Buttons For WooCommerce Stores

Every online store owner wants their customers’ experience to feel easy and tailored to their shopping interests. But, just how that happens for a particular business isn’t entirely based on the demand or rarity of what’s being sold. As online shoppers, we all know how random-seeming popup ads, store recommendations that don’t target our own interests, and hard-to-navigate layouts can lead someone to take their money elsewhere. The most successful WooCommerce businesses often have the best Calls to Action (CTAs) for their customers, meaning the actions an online store asks customers to make, like clicking a button or link, are directly related to what customers want, and articulated with just the right words.

A lot of that success is produced by good design practices and otherwise helpful add-ons for your WooCommerce store, so we’ve created a list of the general trends and buttons that help get your customers feeling prepared and committed:

What Makes A Good CTA?

  1. Color Contrast:

    It may seem simple, but if you want a button or link to stand out on your online store, a contrasting set of colors, like orange and blue, are dependable ways to get a customer’s attention. As opposed to designing the majority of a website with more harmonic colors, such as yellow and green, saving color contrasts for your CTAs spares any confusion about what that color contrast signals to your customers.

  2. Up-front Presentation:

    Especially if your online store offers a clear service, like a magazine subscription or transportation options, striking a persuasive balance between directness and visual appeal is crucial. Netflix has a classically brilliant example of this: It’s homepage is informationally dense yet visually concise due to having both a CTA button and slogan in the middle of the page, coupled with a free-trial description and an assurance of notice about when the trial period is about to end. All the colors pop, there’s only one primary CTA that’s highly visible, and each piece of information is noticeable, concise, and specific to what they offer.

  3. Actionable Language (with a little pizazz):

    Good CTAs use spare but compelling words, often verbs, to compel a reader toward a goal. “Share,” “Discover,” “Watch,” and “Create” are all traditional and conversion-tested examples. Each puts the power of a type of choice directly in the reader’s view and brings a small sense of urgency to compel customers to click. Campaign Monitor’s homepage has an impressively dense set of three action-able words (create, sign-up, watch) all related to either their service concept or direct CTAs, yet don’t feel overwhelming to read.

  4. Making Multi-Option CTAs:

    While minimalistic design is often a boon to clarity, many online stores don’t have just one flow of actions for a customer to navigate. Join.Me, for example, pairs “Get Started” and “Join Me” CTAs with contrasting orange and green button borders to make each option stand out. They each have a very short descriptive header and offer input fields after clicking that don’t immediately take you away from the homepage in case you accidentally chose the wrong option. While still minimal, this creates a sense of fluidity to the design that customers intuitively associate with the ease of navigating their service options. If you have multiple services to offer, lightening the navigation-load on your customers helps build trust through communicative efficiency so they don’t have to juggle too many pages and potentially lose interest.

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