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8 Best Marketing Agencies In Upstate New York

While great web design is essential to your business’s success, the best way to get the most out of your site is to make sure people find it. That’s why great marketing is key, especially if you have a big vision for your company. At FreshySites, we believe in the power of partnership. We know that while we can create stunning, high-performing websites, you need more as a business owner to really succeed.

We like to think of it like this: The website we build for your business is the physical store, filled with all of the details that help give your customers an amazing visceral (and practical) experience. Marketing, on the other hand, is the sales people within your store.

Just like you can’t have a beautiful store without anyone working inside it, you can’t have a great website without equally great marketing.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite marketing agencies in Upstate New York, looking at cities like Buffalo, Rochester, Albany and Syracuse.

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The 8 Best Marketing Agencies in Up-State New York

  1. 19 Ideas

    Working closely with clients and their unique business vision, 19 Ideas is a Buffalo-based marketing agency that is better described as an “integrated communications agency”. Going above and beyond traditional marketing, 19 Ideas brings creative inspiration (and that entrepreneurial edge) to each project, focusing on results. Completely woman-owned, 19 Ideas has been around since 2011, offering clients services that include marketing and public relations.

  2. Martin Group

    With offices in Buffalo, Rochester, and Albany, the Martin Group is a staple in Upstate New York marketing. Driven by ideas, the team at the Martin Group is known for being easy-going and relatable, which is why many of their clients have stayed with them for decades. Their work, which revolves around eight disciplines (research, strategy, analytics, creativity, digital, media, public relations and social media), spans a variety of industries, from nonprofits and education, to sports and professional services.

  3. CGI Company

    With an office located in Rochester, New York, CGI Company is a go-to for video-based marketing. Specifically focused on helping local communities tell their stories through the power of video, this marketing agency understands the importance of highlighting what makes each town and city unique. And, thanks to their expertise, the result is powerful. Driven by their ability to make a positive impact with local communities across the United States, the work CGI Company does is filled with a lot of heart, which is evident in each video they make.

  4. Steven James Media Group

    Everything the Steven James Media Group does revolves around storytelling, which is exactly why their marketing campaigns are so successful. Working across industries out of their office in Rochester, Steven James uses “words, sound, light, video, and vision” to create a marketing message that effectively engages your audience. If your business is in need of high-end video production or professional digital campaigns and media buys, then Steven James is an excellent resource to keep in your pocket.

  5. Gilded Social

    Working specifically with social media marketing and digital signage, the team at Gilded Social can help your business improve conversions, grow its audience, and make a memorable impact with branding. Located in Syracuse, New York, Gilded provides customers with straightforward analytics so that you can track marketing results. From on-site photography and influencer marketing, to online advertising and interactive digital signage, Gilded understands what the future of marketing is — and they’re doing it right now.

  6. Kowala Creative

    A digital marketing agency out of Syracuse, Kowala Creative helps small New York businesses develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, including graphic design and other digital media. Knowledgeable in SEO, SEM, and PPC, the team at Kowala Creative is great to work with because of their commitment to transparency and beginning-to-end communication. And, because they’re a small agency, you actually get to work with the team one-on-one, developing a unique plan specifically tailored to your business and its needs.

  7. Congruent

    A “brand-first” marketing agency out of Syracuse, Congruent focuses on one thing: Conversions. Dedicated to helping your brand and business make more of an impact online, Congruent is known for its ability to bring incredible clarity to your message, giving your business the amazing ability to communicate more efficiently and effectively with its audience. Part of the branding Congruent does so well is video production and animation, which is all done by its in-house team of graphic artists.

  8. Pitch + Pivot

    A small agency based in Buffalo, New York, Pitch + Pivot has a team of marketing and sales consultants to help your business build its “growth engine”. Focusing on developing a predictable and repeatable source of acquisitions and revenue, the beauty of Pitch + Pivot’s process is that it leverages the power of both inbound and outbound sales strategies. Helping businesses sell, connect, and market, Pitch + Pivot’s services are a great way to maximize the potential of any website.

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