WordPress/e-commerce – why they work well together

There’s a lot of commotion in the e-commerce world right now, which comes as no surprise. As online businesses continue to boom, more and more people are going to want to cut their piece of the pie. And, as they cut, they’ll be sure to offer their opinions as well. Surprisingly, WordPress has stayed out of many of the e-commerce conversations, somehow being dubbed as “unworthy” early on in the game. This assumption, however, couldn’t be further from the truth.

WordPress and e-commerce don’t just work together – they thrive.

If you’re wondering, then, why more people aren’t talking about using WordPress for their e-commerce store, here’s a simple guess: They’re not selling it.

A good portion of content published online about e-commerce platforms is filled with affiliate links – if you click and buy then the person who published the link gets paid. WordPress isn’t being “hard sold” like many of the other supposedly “better” platforms available.

And, so, the myth about WordPress and e-commerce not working well together grows.

Of course, if you are familiar with WordPress at all, you understand the potential of using it for an e-commerce store. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, let the following stats sink in first:

  • WordPress has been installed over 60 million times.
  • WordPress has long been considered the best CMS (content management system) available.
  • More than ⅙ of the most frequented websites in the world run off of WordPress.
  • WordPress is entirely open source.
  • WordPress is built by a loyal, intelligent community of volunteers.
  • WordPress is one of the most updated platforms available.

Why would a platform so robust not be able to handle the demands of e-commerce?

The reality? WordPress can handle e-commerce!

WooCommerce, the e-commerce solution created by WordPress, is actually used more than any other E-Commerce platform. (An overwhelming 32% majority of all E-Commerce shops use WooCommerce. Shopify, for comparison, is only used by 8% of online stores.)

And, because of the unlimited combinations available for WordPress websites (consider the sheer volume of themes and plugins), using WordPress for your online stores ensures that it doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter website.

The open source nature of WordPress allows professional designers and developers to further customize your e-commerce website, giving it a unique aesthetic loaded with custom features you and your customers will love using.

Here are some of the other benefits of joining forces with WordPress and its e-commerce solution, WooCommerce:

  • There’s zero limit to how many products can be added and no restriction on product attributes (i.e. colors, sizes, etc.).
  • It’s compatible with all devices, including mobile.
  • It’s the easiest platform to be customized by a professional team of website developers.
  • WooCommerce, once installed, is easy for you to manage on your own (like adding new products, content, sales banners, etc.).
  • Built-in review and rating tools keep your customers engaged and allow for the type of transparency today’s online shoppers need before clicking “Add to Cart.”

The biggest legitimate concern about WordPress and e-commerce is that websites could be prone to larger breaches. Unfortunately, because WordPress is so popular, it is a larger target for hacking attacks.

In order to protect your site, using the right security and having it monitored 24/7 is the best solution. If you’re looking to redesign or develop a WordPress website with e-commerce right now, using FreshySites ensures that your site’s security is taken care of.

We offer quality security and monitoring to keep your website and its information safe – and your shopping carts up and running.

No, WordPress, unlike Shopify, wasn’t created just for e-commerce.

But, considering the incredibly talented community working diligently every day to develop smart solutions for today’s websites, and the fact that being completely open source means it is one of the only solutions for developing a completely customizable e-commerce store, it would be an oversight to write WordPress and e-commerce off completely.

In fact, choosing to cast your bet on WordPress and its WooCommerce solution just might pay off huge for you and your business.

As will contacting FreshySites to help you develop your e-commerce website!

We understand the nuances of WordPress and can help your website overcome any obstacles it might have when transitioning to becoming e-commerce ready.

Plus, because of our extensive design experience, we’ll make sure it looks professional so that you stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd. Considering how many ways there are to monetize your website, not being prepared for the e-commerce boom could lead to your business missing out on tons of revenue.

Talk to us today and let us woo you with our WooCommerce know-how!

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