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Top real estate appraisal websites of 2023

When homebuyers need to get an appraisal for a property, they will often pick a company based on its website. A well-designed website is a great way to present a company’s resume in a nice packet that shows past work, an experienced team, and availability.

Here are the best real estate appraisal websites.

  1. Bowery Valuation

    Bowery Valuation uses a minimalist website to get plenty of information across. It introduces its large team, with its hundreds of years of combined valuation experience, as well as its innovative software. Its white and blue design makes the information easy to read.

  2. KS Appraisal

    The KS Appraisal website uses sliding images of properties to attract visitors. The red, black, and white color scheme does a good job of unifying all the important text. Key information is highlighted in red, along with buttons that link to a list of services and a contact form.

  3. Metroplex Appraisal Network

    Metroplex Appraisal Network departs from most websites by combining gray, green, and blue for its color scheme. You can watch a company video and see what clients say when you scroll down the homepage. The company’s badge of honor is at the top of the page: serving the metroplex since 1977.

  4. Rowe Appraisal Group

    Rowe Appraisal Group’s biggest selling point is showing it understands the concerns of the overwhelmed home buyer. Its blog educates the reader on dozens of real estate topics, and its Wall of Love page features comments from happy clients. The site’s white and blue design makes the text easy to read.

  5. Titan Real Estate

    Titan Real Estate highlights the Austin, Texas, skyline, which gives a sophisticated feel to the website. The company’s statistics further down the homepage add to the company’s evident prestige. The company also places the logos of past clients on its homepage, which is an excellent way to show its resume.

  6. Initech Appraisals

    Initech Appraisals combines a slideshow with minimal text, all against a white background. Further down the homepage, you can see the company’s latest tweets. And if you want to know exactly what an appraisal involves, the company provides a definition at the top of its homepage.

  7. The McDonald Appraisal Group, Inc.

    The McDonald Appraisal Group, Inc. offers a straightforward website that provides links to essential pieces of information: a video tutorial explaining the appraisal process, a sample appraisal, and a form to request a free quote. The white background makes the text easy to read.

  8. NYC Real Estate Appraisals

    NYC Real Estate Appraisals relies heavily on images. It also emphasizes that it does commercial, residential, and consulting work. The homepage alternates between dark blue and white backgrounds, which makes for a unique design. For client testimonials, visitors can scroll to the bottom.

  9. California Residential Appraisals

    California Residential Appraisals is unique in that it shows you a mortgage calculator as well as a form that lets you search for current foreclosures in different cities. A form at the bottom of the homepage lets you get a no-obligation answer to a question about real estate appraisals.

  10. Master Appraisal Services

    Master Appraisal Services offers a straightforward website that uses dark blue text against a white background. Appealing color photos draw the eye to information that’s useful and easy to find. The company’s phone number is conveniently located at the center of the homepage.

  11. Real Estate Appraisals Austin

    Real Estate Appraisals Austin offers a nicely organized website with information in dark blue boxes with yellow text that stands out nicely. The company’s phone number is at the very top of the homepage for visitors who don’t wish to scroll down the page. Those who do will find customer testimonials at the bottom.

  12. Reliable Valuation Service, LLC

    Reliable Valuation Service, LLC, relies heavily on large images and a slideshow to sell its company. The sleek design hints at sophistication and professionalism. There is a lot of information on the website, but it is nicely organized and easy to find.

  13. John Blackburn Appraisals

    John Blackburn Appraisals offers a minimalist, straightforward website that places gray text against a white background. Visitors who can’t spare the time to scroll down can request a quote at the top of the homepage. A prominently displayed About Us section inspires confidence in the appraisers.

  14. Arias Appraisals

    The sweep of mustard yellow above the fold of the Arias Appraisals website grabs your attention, and the use of this color works well. Accents of the same shade are used effectively throughout the website to highlight important information. A unique service offered on the site is drive-by appraisals.

  15. Vanderbilt Appraisal Company

    A stunning Manhattan skyline photo greets visitors to the Vanderbilt Appraisal Company website. Scrolling down the homepage, visitors can learn more about the residential, commercial, and consulting work the company does. The page design combines two shades of green against a white background for a sophisticated and professional look.

  16. Murphy Appraisal Group

    The Murphy Appraisal Group brings an airy, light feel to its website, which combines sky blue and white. The company logo and a color photo of seagrass and the ocean suggest beach property. The Jacksonville, FL, company offers a photo gallery on its menu and lists its phone number at the top for the visitor’s convenience.

  17. Moody Williams Appraisal Group

    The Moody Williams Appraisal Group website departs from other industry presentations by showcasing its two owners. Visitors can see them in the slideshow at the top of the homepage as well as an About Us section halfway down above a video that tells visitors more about the company. Eye-catching icons link to information about services.

  18. Sun Point Appraisals, Inc.

    Sun Point Appraisals, Inc. offers a sophisticated website with a large, colorful photo as its backdrop. The text types on the screen as you’re looking at it, which is another great design idea. A phone number is displayed in the upper left corner for visitors who don’t wish to scroll further down the homepage.

  19. Berger Real Estate Appraisal

    Berger Real Estate Appraisal combines bright yellow and white for its simple website design that leads with a large city skyline photo. Visitors can fill out the form at the bottom of the homepage to communicate directly with the company.

  20. Houston Appraisal Company

    The Houston Appraisal Company combines bright colors to offer its services to those needing an appraisal. Blue, yellow, orange, gray, and white are all used to emphasize different parts of the company. There is an orange button at the top of the homepage for visitors who wish to order an appraisal.

  21. Carneghi-Nakasako & Associates

    The website for Carneghi-Nakasako & Associates is functional and straightforward. A simple statement at the top announces the company’s specialty, commercial real estate. You see photos of the owners as you scroll down the homepage. Dark blue, white, and gray combine effectively to highlight services, and three contact buttons invite the visitor to get in touch.

  22. Young Appraisal Company, Inc.

    The website for Young Appraisal Company, Inc., uses green, taupe, and white in a simple yet functional design. The website is text heavy, but the text is easy to read and well organized. Prominent buttons let you order an appraisal and get a fee quote.

  23. Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting

    The photos on the Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting homepage create an impression of an upscale clientele. The company’s logo does as well. The website offers a lot of information that is nicely organized into blocks with white, gray, and teal backgrounds with gold accents.

  24. Gregg Freedman & Associates, Inc.

    The heavy use of white space on the Gregg Freedman & Associates, Inc. website makes all the text easy to read. A contrasting red button to order an appraisal is front and center. Visitors can use a mortgage calculator further down the homepage and send the owner a text message.

  25. Metropolitan Valuation Services

    Colorful graphics against a bird’s-eye view of New York City appear as the homepage for Metropolitan Valuation Services loads. A sliding menu with easy-to-read text remains on the right side as visitors’ chosen pages pop into place. The unique design stands out while clear text informs the reader.

Creating a website for those seeking an appraisal means offering all you can about the company in a well-designed format. These companies effectively combine colors, design, videos, and images to create attractive resumes for their current and future clients.

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