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Top 50 contractor websites for 2022

Being a contractor, you only make money when you work. To get work, you need to put yourself out there. One of the most popular ways to reach people now is through a great website, but what makes a website stand out? A noteworthy website gives people the information they need while selling their services without being off-putting.

If you want to create a great website, you should know what one looks like.

Here are the best contractor websites for 2022

  1. House of Bohn

    This site has everything a good contractor site should have. It is attractive and clean, and it displays a particular aesthetic. Also, it’s easy to navigate. Even better, it also gives a little insight into the company with a message from the owner, complete with a picture.

  2. Acclaim Contractors

    Some website designs are a little more risky than others. Acclaim Contractors makes the bold decision to put the whole website in monochrome. This makes the site easy to remember when looking back at the other sites you’ve seen. It’s unique and modern. They use vivid pictures of their work as civil and commercial contractors. They also use buttons at the bottom page for people to locate important information easily.

  3. The Spaces

    The Spaces’ site uses a clear geometrical design. They use plenty of white space in between high-quality images, which all go together nicely. There are even some pops of red and blue that stand out, and there are a number of links on the top of the page that are easy to navigate.

  4. Max Home

    This site is for a construction company that focuses on home improvements. They have a fantastic way of making their services apply to you. The main page even has a picture of a father and daughter, really driving in the fact that the company can make a great home for you and your family. They also place effective calls to action through the site, starting with a large announcement for 60% off installation. That’s sure to get plenty of attention.

  5. Contractors Reporting Services

    This site puts a lot of information into an extremely simple format. They use links on the top of the page and divide them up into six categories to help separate information. They also use an image on the homepage to add to the visual appeal. There is plenty of white space, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

  6. Tellus Design + Build

    When you do multiple things well, you want to show off your wide range of talents. This site’s custom design features examples of the company’s work as the background. You get a very clear idea of what they can do for you. There are also simple tabs at the top of the page to easily navigate and get the information you need.

  7. Bama Contracting

    This site uses colors that stand out. The business also makes their site extremely clear and easy to follow. It’s inviting and informative. Even better, they have a very strong call to action. Their tagline, “Building the future, restoring the past” helps you understand their extensive services, too.

  8. Continental Electrical Construction

    This site does a great job of making it easy for visitors to browse through information. They also do an excellent job of demonstrating what they do with images. The layout is simple, but it’s clear. It also makes good use of the red color.

  9. Straub Construction

    On the main page, you get a portfolio of completed work you can browse through. Elsewhere on the site, you can actually go through some projects in more detail. You can actually see the progress of these. The design also labels different areas on the site quite easily while describing company values.

  10. Daw Green

    Daw Green’s website is unique and cool. The layout catches your eye, but it’s also easy to understand. The site uses professional photography that really shows off past work and the company’s office culture. They even point out something that makes them special: their dedication to the environment.

  11. Miller Homes

    This brand focuses on residential homes for families. They appeal to their audience by including a picture of a young couple on their main page. Using stock pictures can be very effective at times, not to mention inexpensive. They also appeal to their audience with the tagline on the main page, “The place to be.” They include a section on what makes them different right under the featured picture and above another picture of their work.

  12. SPIE Matthew Hall

    This site helps tell you where to look. There is a high-quality color image of a construction site. Underneath it, every block of information is a different color. This is particularly effective since the menu on the left of the screen is simple and not especially colorful.

  13. Jova Construction

    This website makes a point to stand out from the crowd. It uses an extremely interesting font that resembles computer code. They also use plenty of pictures to really show you what they can do, which is perfect for people who take in information visually.

  14. Laing O’Rourke

    This site uses a unique and extremely creative design. As a contractor, this helps validate them as a creative force. They also use a unique name and domain name that makes them easy to find in search engines.

  15. B and H Builders LLC

    The site uses a simple layout with images of their work done. They have pictures that explain the different services they offer. There’s also contact information at the bottom of each page and a contact page.

  16. The Kitchen Master

    This website understands the concept that sometimes simple is better. The colors are neutral, and the color scheme of the site perfectly matches the main picture. It’s a great showcase of talent. Social media links are on the left side. On the right side, there’s a contact form that also quickly goes over company values.

  17. Fredman Design Group

    This site is extremely simple. It uses a black background to let examples of the company’s work shine. Under the main picture, they show more examples of their work. They describe the unique aesthetic of each picture, allowing the person looking at the site to pick the one that best matches what they want for themselves.

  18. Siena Construction

    This site is all about showing off your skills. Siena Construction uses a creative design concept to showcase their past projects. They show pictures and label the project. If you click on the picture on the right, you can see more of the project. The pictures are asymmetrically placed on top of one another, making the design especially cool.

  19. Luck Stone

    One of the most important parts of construction is stone. This website makes a complicated topic easy to understand. Simply select what you need the stone for, and they can help get you started on your project. You can also see the evolution of the company.

  20. First American Roofing

    This website uses bright colors and vibrant pictures of the homes they have worked on to grab the viewer’s attention. Answers to many commonly asked questions are presented right on the front page, along with a dialog box to receive text messages from a representative to get more personalized answers.

  21. Stonewood Construction

    This site uses the imagery of wood to really push the idea of what the business does. It is also extremely easy to navigate. They have four sections on the main page, and you can find a couple of simple links at the top, including projects, testimonials, about, and contact.

  22. Weitz

    Take a look at five different examples of completed projects right on the main page. They use an attractive and easy to read color scheme of black and yellow. There are very simple links at the top of the page, and they also include testimonials toward the bottom of the page.

  23. Ditto DC

    One of the best parts of this website is the extremely impressive collection of pictures of the brand’s work. They separate their work clearly by residential projects and commercial projects. You may have even driven past some of these large, gorgeous buildings. They also make a point to introduce you to the team, which is always nice.

  24. Hitachi Construction Machinery

    This site is big and busy, and it offers a lot. This mimics the philosophy of the company itself. They use colors that match their machines, making the site look coordinated. While the page has a lot on it, it’s easy to find whatever you may need.

  25. Adair Homes

    The site explains the services right off the bat by stating they do custom homes. They also have a pretty picture of a home that looks like an average home of one of their customers. They also demonstrate their credibility by saying they’ve been in business since 1969.

  26. L. E. Burgess

    This page makes it very clear how to communicate with people who visit your site. They put in multiple links that allow the visitor to reach out for more information. They also put their number prominently at the top of the page because there’s an assumption when someone goes to the page that they want the services.

  27. Teague Construction

    The red color on this site really pops. They, like many others on this list, put their experience, featuring their established date, right on top of the main picture. Of course, the featured image is high in quality and a great demonstration of their experience.

  28. JDuggan & Associates

    This site uses a fantastic white, red, and black color scheme and separates information using boxes to stand out from other sites. They even scatter the sections a little unevenly without being too chaotic.

  29. Square Footage

    The website makes it clear what they do: renovate kitchens and bathrooms. They even make it clear how they go through the procedure in a detailed, five-step process. Square Footage’s site uses high-quality pictures to show you what they have done in the past. They even add a dog in some of the pictures to really target their audience and make the pictures feel like home.

  30. Bechtel

    This site showcases the most impressive project of the company right away on the main page. At the top, they have the company logo with a number of different links. One unique feature is the ticker that scrolls through relevant news.

  31. Mosaik Design and Remodeling

    The main picture is high in quality and absolutely stunning. It showcases a house with glass doors and a wooden interior. The outside is surrounded by lush vegetation, a walkway, and a dog. A noninvasive link invites you to look at some more of their work. Further down, you are given all the information you could want about their services in a very clear format.

  32. Interserve

    This large business knows that they need a website that can describe everything they have to offer. They have to put a lot of information in a small space, but they also need to make it attractive. This site does all that and more.

  33. North American Roofing

    This page understands how important a cool-looking website can be. It uses a 3D style that definitely makes you want to see more. You even see right away that they’ve been in business for 40 years, thus building trust.

  34. Adorned Homes

    The first thing you’ll notice about the site is the attractive use of the white, silver, and gray color scheme. They even found a high-quality picture that fits into the theme perfectly. There are some clear calls to action on the main page. They also use boxes and clear links to help organize information.

  35. Petrine Construction

    A home should feel comfortable. This site tries to imitate the comfort of home with relaxing colors and a serene picture of the company’s work. They use images throughout the website to help showcase their skills.

  36. Treasured Spaces

    This site makes use of large photos, video, and customer reviews to focus on their team of experts. The site serves to build trust by highlighting the company’s dedication to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your satisfaction with their work.

  37. Hare

    This site starts by showing an impressive-looking building in the construction process. The angles and geometry are especially striking. The picture also helps clarify the type of construction they do, and they use a cool blue and orange color scheme. The blue is pleasing to the eye while the orange helps add some flair to the site.

  38. One Day Doors & Closets

    The name is extremely effective and tells you exactly what the company offers. On the site, you can find everything you need quickly. They even incorporate video right on the main page to help answer the most common questions they get.

  39. Hercon Construction

    The page starts by dividing services into three main categories: commercial, residential and historic. The areas are separated with high-quality pictures of previous work. On the main page, Hercon also sets themselves apart by telling the story of the company, making themselves relatable.

  40. McCarthy Construction

    Many companies show pictures of the end result. However, the process is just as important. This company uses a professional picture of the team working together to showcase the values of positive collaboration to complete a project.

  41. Kavin Construction

    One of the best tactics is to show people what they want to see. Kavin uses the image of an extremely attractive house with a pool that looks like a complete fantasy. It’s perfect when targeting people who want to renovate or build a new home. It’s a simple and straightforward design, but it works.

  42. McCownGordon Construction

    This website grabs your attention right from the start with a picture of a multicolored structure the business created. It works as a good example of their work as well as an example of their taste. They also display a positive company philosophy right on the main page. Their philosophy is, “We build differently.”

  43. Focus Building Solutions

    This site looks good and has high-quality images. It also feels very modern, which may also help describe the company’s aesthetic. Some people may even feel the site looks like something they would see on their iPad.

  44. Northface Construction

    This website makes good use of boxes and white space to help separate different information. They also use a clear color scheme. There is a contact form prominently displayed on the main page to help people get in touch about what work they might need done. They also put their guarantee right on the page with a picture of the owner.

  45. NABA Construction

    The website has a bright yellow banner that helps capture attention. They also use testimonials from people to show that they do good work and offer excellent service along the way.

  46. Yorke Construction

    The main picture is effective and sophisticated. The bright orange pop of color not only helps the design but also catches the eye. The company also instills confidence by saying on the main page that they have served the area since 1923. Navigation is clear and simple.

  47. RD Construction

    RD Construction uses their website to show off the impressive designs they have pulled off successfully. It’s hard not to stare in awe when you look at the pictures of their work. The style is simple but extremely effective. It acts like a portfolio of previous work. You see that they can create some amazing buildings, but you also see that they really understand image.

  48. Kenham

    This site utilizes a video on the main page. This is a great way to engage people who stop on the site while offering a large amount of information in one place. The site also asks people to tell them about their next project. This doesn’t sound as salesy as some other calls to action.

  49. Rob Mills Architecture

    The main site makes it very clear what the company does right from the start. It shows four vivid pictures that describe their different services. The pictures are high-quality and clear, and you can tell that the website was custom-designed.

  50. Window World

    Some companies have a main focus. This page tells you their focus right in the name. There’s also SEO tactics throughout the site. They use the proper keywords and have a high rating in search engine results. The gorgeous pictures of the different windows they can do help, too.

All of these sites are both attractive and effective. You should consider hiring a web designer to help you create a custom website. A custom website can help your company stand out. Don’t forget to take some amazing pictures of your work, too.

By looking at these top 50 contractors’ sites and following these few tips, you’ll watch your workload increase dramatically.
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