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How Do I Use My Website to Build an Email List?

For all the emphasis on social media and text marketing, the fact remains that email marketing is still an exceptionally effective way of connecting with customers and selling your products and services. This is why regularly building your email list is so important. Your website can be an important tool in this process.

Building Your Email List via Your Website

There are many specific tactics that you can take advantage of to build out your email list on your website. These include:

Gated or Exclusive Content

If you run a business or service, enticing someone to give you their email address can be difficult, as many people consider it personal information that could be used against them. Instead of just making a request, it can be helpful to offer something in exchange. For example, what content do you have that you can offer someone? Do you have a white paper? A free chapter of a book? A discount that you can keep exclusive to your email list? Offer to give it to someone, but ask for their email address in exchange.

This creates a win-win: Your prospective customer will get good content, and you will get their email address. Keep in mind that this method isn’t foolproof. Some people will use a “burner” email that they don’t really check, or they may unsubscribe right away.


You may want to consider adding a pop-up that requests someone’s email address. This is useful, but keep in mind that the text of that pop-up is critical. You will only have someone’s attention for a second, so make sure your text is brief and offers value in exchange for someone giving you an email address. It should be a quick call to action that informs someone of the benefits they will get by subscribing to your email list.

Ask for Feedback

People often like requests for their feedback, particularly if they know that they’re getting a chance to be honest and open with a business. It’s a good idea to directly ask for feedback on your website. Create a form that enables someone to tell you what they think of your product or services, and as part of this form, collect their email address. Just like that, you have created another win-win: You get someone’s email, and they can tell you what is on their mind.

Once you get their feedback, treat it like you would any other customer relationship. Respond to their email, express your sincere appreciation, and explain how you plan to address any shortcomings that they noted.

There are many creative ways to get someone’s email address, and these three items serve as an excellent starting point. The best news? All of the above is virtually free, requiring only the time you need to create the content and alter your website.

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