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30 best woodworking websites for 2022

When customers visit woodworking websites, they are looking for specific features. These include a user-friendly design, a gallery of projects and contact information. If you want your company to attract new customers, you need a dynamic site that is easy to navigate. Your site must include key elements that enhance a user’s experience and keep visitors coming back for more.

Here are 2022’s 30 best woodworking websites that offer visitors a quality experience.

  1. Tall Guy Woodworking

    The Tall Guy Woodworking website offers a warm color palette and pictures of various woodworking projects. The homepage header features a “view our work” button while the navigation menu offers “portfolio,” “about,” “meet the team,” “contact,” “blog” and “our process” tabs.

  2. Custom Furniture DFW

    Custom Furniture DFW’s website has a woodwork theme. It includes information about training, original projects, equipment and quality products. Key features include a footer, contact button and contact form.

  3. Massachusetts Woodworks

    Massachusetts Woodworks offers a minimalist design with headers and short paragraphs. The website’s static navigation menu includes “home,” “start here,” “commercial,” “residential,” “contact” and “gallery” tabs. Key site features are a portfolio, customer testimonials and social media buttons.

  4. NatureMade Wood Products

    The NatureMade Wood Products website has a clean design that includes pictures of the company’s projects. Prominent website features are call-to-action buttons, social media icons and a hamburger-style menu. It’s simple to find the business’s available services, gallery, FAQ and more.

  5. Carpenters Trusst

    Carpenters Trusst’s website includes a homepage hero header with well-designed cabinetry and wood fixtures. The navigation menu features a “plan your project” button. Prospective customers can easily reach out thanks to social media icons and a contact form.

  6. Offerman Wood Shop

    Offerman Wood Shop offers a shopping cart, cookie tracker and newsletter subscription sign-up. The site’s pictures include the staff and custom-built wood products. Users can easily navigate to upcoming events, an FAQ page, the site’s store and more from the homepage.

  7. Covenant Woodworks

    The Covenant Woodworks website’s homepage features a picture slideshow of various projects. Noteworthy website features include a chat box, videos and social media icons. Site visitors can click a tab on the navigation menu to read testimonials and reviews.

  8. Vorrath Woodworks

    Vorrath Woodworks opts for a minimalist website design with high-resolution pictures. Its navigation menu includes “about,” “work,” “contact” and “press/testimonial” tabs. The site’s clickable social media icons give users instant access to the company’s social media pages.

  9. Angel City Wood Shop

    The Angel City Wood Shop website features a large logo that is displayed at the top of the page. A unique feature is the “3D models” tab of the navigation menu, which allows users to see 360-degree renderings of products. Customers can shop on the site for tables, cutting boards and desks. A customer portal is also included on the site.

  10. Haggards Home & Outdoor Living

    The Haggards Home & Outdoor Living website includes a chat box, videos and an FAQ page. Customers can shop on the site for rustic coolers, bars/patio sets, frames, trash cans and accessories. Key website features include subscription signup, links to sister sites and social media icons.

  11. NK Woodworking & Design

    The NK Woodworking & Design website features videos, social media buttons, headers and short paragraphs. Its navigation menu includes “custom staircases,” “about,” “awards/press” and “contact” tabs. The website has a useful blog as well.

  12. Boland Woodworking

    Boland Woodworking uses a picture slideshow as a header on their homepage. Key features include a blog, social media icons and a contact form. The site includes a portfolio that displays a variety of projects.

  13. Masterpiece Woodworks

    The Masterpiece Woodworks website includes pictures with abstract designs and white space. Testimonials, a contact form and call-to-action buttons are part of the site’s design. The unique “shop talk” tab offers users news updates about the business.

  14. Custom Woodwork NYC

    The Custom Woodwork NYC website offers a pleasant user experience. Its high-resolution pictures show each project’s woodworking details. Key features include call-to-action buttons, a project gallery and a contact form. Note that a reCAPTCHA button is included on the site for added security.

  15. Robert Shaw Manufacturing

    Robert Shaw Manufacturing features a large hero header with the company’s name and a call-to-action button on the homepage. Key features include a fixed header, a clean design, ample white space, quick links, a footer and a contact form. The site’s navigation menu includes “about,” “portfolio,” “capabilities,” “careers” and “contact” tabs.

  16. Heights Woodworking

    The Heights Woodworking website uses a simple and clean design. Key features include a hamburger-style menu and the company’s story. Attractive photos double up as clean backgrounds for descriptions of the company’s various services.

  17. Dovetail Wood Arts

    The Dovetail Wood Arts website offers a minimalist design with large, detailed pictures of the company’s wood arts projects. Key website features include a blog, map and newsletter sign-up form. The site includes a nice online shop that sells wood arts.

  18. Schillaci Fine Woodworking

    The Schillaci Fine Woodworking website has a large homepage header picture with a call-to-action button encouraging users to explore more. A portfolio displays photos of the company’s projects. Unique website features include a client list, an Instagram feed and videos.

  19. Zavarella Woodworking

    The Zavarella Woodworking website features high-resolution pictures and a slideshow. The site is user-friendly and simple to navigate. Visitors can easily review testimonials, request a quote and look at pictures of the company’s projects.

  20. Bolt Woodworks

    The Bolt Woodworks website features a bold hero header with its logo and social media icons. Key website features include high-resolution pictures, a contact form and a photo gallery. The navigation menu offers “inventory,” “custom services,” “contact” and “home” tabs.

  21. New York Heartwoods

    The New York Heartwoods website has a simple and elegant design. Its navigation menu includes “home,” “collection,” “contact” and “about” tabs. The site features a useful blog and an online store.

  22. Winchester Woodworks

    Winchester Woodworks offers vivid pictures of their projects to give users an idea of what the company does. Notable website features include a slideshow header, call-to-action buttons, a map and a footer. Visitors can schedule a consultation right on the site.

  23. S&S Woodworking

    S&S Woodworking’s website delivers a simplified user experience. The navigation header includes the company’s logo, social media icons and a navigation menu. Key website features include call-to-action buttons, customer testimonials, an Instagram feed, a footer and a contact form. The homepage’s header uses a slideshow that displays different company projects. The site has a current SSL security certificate.

  24. New York Woodwork

    The New York Woodwork website offers a bright color design with plenty of resources for site visitors. Its static navigation menu includes “home,” “testimonials,” “about” and “contact” tabs. Visitors can access a gallery to view pictures of previous projects, and the site includes a Houzz plug-in that provides real-time customer reviews. Its contact page includes a helpful map and contact form.

  25. A&P Woodworking

    The A&P Woodworking website includes an SSL security certificate. Key features are a fixed navigation menu, a contact page, call-to-action buttons and a search bar. Site visitors can easily access Facebook and Twitter through the social media icons or fill out a simple contact form at the bottom of the homepage.

  26. 1767

    The 1767 website includes a chat box, high-resolution pictures and customer testimonials. Visitors can browse the company’s online store and make purchases on the secure website. Key features include a shopping cart, customer accounts, a footer and social media icons. This site has a current SSL security certificate as well as a well-placed “Always FREE shipping in the U.S.!” message at the top of each page.

  27. Urban Homecraft

    Urban Homecraft uses a clutter-free design, plenty of pictures and short paragraphs of content on their website. Key features include a hamburger-style menu, a contact form, call-to-action buttons and social media icons. The navigation menu includes “home,” “gallery,” “services,” “pricing,” “FAQs,” “blog” and “contact” tabs. The website also offers media reviews and customer reviews from the Houzz plug-in.

  28. Sons of Sawdust

    The Sons of Sawdust website offers a pleasant user experience because it is easy to navigate. Features that jump out include a fixed navigation menu, the company logo, videos, a contact page and social media icons. Visitors can access the company’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter feeds right through the site.

  29. Brooklyn Millwork

    Brooklyn Millwork utilizes a minimalist website design. Its static navigation menu includes “welcome,” “about us,” “contact us” and “office furniture” tabs. Visitors can review pictures of the company’s projects on the site or check out the updated blog, which enhances the website’s SEO quality.

  30. California Woodworking

    California Woodworking’s website includes social media icons, plenty of white space and project pictures. An informative customer review section is included on the site in addition to helpful descriptions of services and unique selling propositions right on the homepage.

When designing or improving your own woodworking website, these are excellent examples to model it after.

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