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25 leading appliance repair websites for 2023

When a major appliance like a refrigerator or dishwasher breaks down, the homeowner needs it fixed as soon as possible. That’s why it’s important for appliance repair websites to grab their attention and show that they’re the company that can get the job done. A good website assures customers that the business will get their appliance back up and running within 24 hours or less.

Our ranking of the top 25 appliance repair websites for 2023

  1. Appliance HD

    Appliance HD starts off by informing viewers that they’re available 24 hours a day. This is important for those who have major appliances like fridges or microwaves that need to be fixed immediately. The site also features the scheduling button front and center.

  2. Appliance Works

    Appliance Works features a picture of a smiling employee that puts the viewer at ease. As you scroll down, you find reviews from customers that inspire confidence in the business. The site also offers a live feed of others who have requested their services.

  3. Appliance Repair Center

    Appliance Repair Center posts the company’s office hours in the header next to their phone number. The site also features a list of services that the business offers, including fridge repair, washing machine repair and stove recovery. You can also find a list of service areas.

  4. Appliance Repair Gurus

    Appliance Repair Gurus uses large fonts and bold text that stand out against the full-color image background. Orange accents provide a strong contrast to the black, white and gray layout, bringing important information to the viewer’s attention. The site also invites you to see the company’s five-star rating on Google.

  5. Absolute Appliances Repair

    Absolute Appliances Repair grabs attention with a slideshow that offers pictures of new appliances along with a smiling repairman, letting you know that this is a reliable company. The site also features a coupon for $15 off a repair service. This could entice potential clients who are otherwise undecided.

  6. Guinco

    Guinco starts off with a crisp, professionally filmed video that shows employees hard at work. The site features a convenient box in the bottom-right corner where visitors can type in a ZIP code to see if Guinco serves their area. They can also talk to a representative via the live chat function.

  7. Lisa’s Appliance Service

    Lisa’s Appliance Service greets potential clients with a coupon that invites them to save $10 on their first repair. When you close the pop-up, you find a neat, orderly website with pictures and short descriptions of the different services that they offer.

  8. Factory Appliance Houston

    Factory Appliance Houston features an extensive list of the different brands that they work with, helping you decide if this is the right company for you. Viewers can schedule a service by clicking the button conveniently located at the top of the page. The website’s pages can be accessed through the menu bar at the top of the page.

  9. Best Price Appliance Repair

    Best Price Appliance Repair features a flashing phone icon in the bottom-right corner. When a visitor clicks the icon, they find a form that invites them to type in their phone number so the company can call them back later. It’s a quick, convenient way to hook potential customers.

  10. Hartman’s Appliance Repair

    Hartman’s Appliance Repair makes it easy to schedule an appointment by placing their contact form at the top of the homepage. This grabs the attention of potential customers who might otherwise go with another company. A “Call Now” button is highlighted in red above this form.

  11. Premium Appliance Repair

    Premium Appliance Repair features bulleted lists of the services they offer and the brands they work with. When visitors scroll to the bottom of the page, they find a list of locations along with addresses and phone numbers. The site also has a dynamic map that people can use.

  12. Atlantic Coast Appliance

    Atlantic Coast Appliance starts off with an open chat window that invites visitors to talk to a representative. This can catch the attention of potential customers who need one of their services. The site also features client reviews as well as a badge that displays the company’s A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

  13. Dynamic Appliance Repair

    Dynamic Appliance Repair features a short form that invites visitors to enter their name and phone number for a callback. The site also promises “same day or next day service,” which is appealing for those who need to get their appliances fixed as soon as possible.

  14. 858 Appliance Repair

    858 Appliance Repair greets visitors with an estimated price for one of their services, followed by the offer of a free service call. Potential customers can hit the button underneath to schedule an appointment. The site also has a form near the bottom of the page for scheduling an appointment.

  15. Top Appliance Repair

    Top Appliance Repair highlights the website’s scheduling form with a bright orange background. The site also lists social media buttons at the top of the page so interested consumers can stay in touch with the business.

  16. Apex Appliance Service

    Apex Appliance Service uses large fonts and short blocks of text to make their website accessible and easy to read. The site features dark text against a simple white background. Potential customers can find a coupon for $10 off the company’s service at the bottom of the page.

  17. 5 Star Appliance Repair

    5 Star Appliance Repair starts off by informing visitors about their helpful financing options. This can appeal to those who need their appliances repaired but must work within a budget. The front page also features blog posts that give more information about their services and related topics.

  18. Appliance Cowboys

    Appliance Cowboys offers a step-by-step breakdown of the repair process so potential customers know what to expect when they pay for their services. The site features a grid of information about the different services that they offer, including range repair and dryer repair. The front page also has a convenient FAQ section so that people can learn more about the company.

  19. Neighborly Appliance Repair

    Neighborly Appliance Repair features a scrolling list of glowing reviews from customers that highlight the company’s professionalism, quick response time and helpful service. Scrolling down, visitors find a clear list of the locations that the company serves. The site also displays icons of the credit cards that they accept.

  20. San Diego Appliance Repair

    San Diego Appliance Repair emphasizes the company’s commitment to great service. This gives potential customers the impression that they’ll be working with a professional, courteous company. The site also greets viewers with a live chat option that immediately connects them with a representative.

  21. Pegasus Appliance Repair

    Pegasus Appliance Repair features a list of reasons why potential customers should choose Pegasus over other appliance repair companies. The site also has a button inviting existing clients to leave reviews, which implies that they’re a transparent company. The phone number is printed in eye-catching orange at the top of the page.

  22. Appliance Repair LA

    Appliance Repair LA gets straight to the point with a concise website that contains easy-to-read blocks of text. The site uses crisp icons to show the types of appliances they service. Viewers can also find a scrolling list of appliance brands.

  23. Smart Appliance Repair

    Smart Appliance Repair uses numerical data about satisfied clients, advice given and items repaired to assure visitors that this business is trustworthy and reliable. The site lists the company’s office hours as well as their customer care hotline. Viewers can also find the price for a service call when they scroll down.

  24. Phoenix Appliance and AC Repair Service

    Phoenix Appliance and AC Repair Service uses pictures of employees working on AC units to show that these people know what they’re doing. The homepage has a list of free services offered by the company, appealing to potential customers on a budget. The site also features a short video with more information.

  25. Mr. Fix-It Appliance Repair

    Mr. Fix-It Appliance Repair puts the company’s phone number and office hours front and center. A series of buttons are attached to the right side of the page, inviting visitors to request an appointment, email the company or share the website on social media.

These websites illustrate the best qualities of good web design: They are concise, easy to read and get the message across without making the viewer feel overwhelmed.

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