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50 best movers websites for 2024

Think of your website as a billboard that current and future customers can see around the clock and from any location in the world. Whether you focus on local moves, long-distance moves, or both, your website should represent your brand while providing contact information and telling viewers why you’re the best in your field. You want a responsive website with proper SEO that places your business at the top of search engine results listings for well-chosen keywords.

Here are 50 leading mover’s website designs for 2024. Use them for inspiration.

  1. Moving Nation

    Moving Nation grabs attention with images that reflect the comfort of home. The design places their telephone number and free quote tool front and center, which encourages viewers to make contact. The rest of the homepage presents brand-boosting information and testimonials. Additional content is provided beyond the homepage to prove expertise in the field and gain trust.

  2. Empire Moving Group

    This Florida moving company uses playful graphics with a lot of color to convey a lighthearted vibe. The large image topping the homepage features a happy family smiling, which welcomes visitors and encourages them to click the “contact us” button or learn more about Empire Moving Group services. Viewers are instantly informed that the company provides personalized nationwide service.

  3. National Van Lines

    National Van Lines uses a color scheme of red, white, and blue to create a strong sense of brand while placing their branding tagline at the forefront of the homepage. The viewer’s eye is instantly drawn to the quote fields, which prompt them to enter their zip code. The website balances dark images and white fields that keep the focus on the text.

  4. Moving Squad

    The Moving Squad’s website catches the eye with bright yellow offset by a lighter background. While the mid-section provides detailed information about their service, the top leads with a playful image of an animated mover and a moving truck heading toward its destination. Although they aren’t as prominent as on some other websites listed, the quote form and phone number are well placed.

  5. American Van Lines

    The imagery on this mover’s website is personalized to represent the American Van Lines brand. They highlight their Newsweek award for providing exceptional customer service and draw attention to their moving services with eye-catching images. The quote form is top and center and allows them to collect names, email addresses, and phone numbers for marketing purposes.

  6. Allied

    This moving company website design is easy to scroll through and draws the viewer’s eye to brand-specific information. That includes the number of years that Allied has been in service plus their satisfaction rate and total number of moves completed. The homepage delivers a lot of information without using large blocks of text.

  7. Pods

    This well-known moving and storage company uses a solid white background with more spacious side borders than most other 2024 web designs. It clearly explains how the Pods system works with branded images. The homepage also features a video testimonial featuring real customers.

  8. Safebound Logistics

    Safebound takes a personal approach by adding a picture of their leading salesman along with a short bio on the homepage. The bio is full of personality and creates a sense of the brand’s lighthearted, approachable work atmosphere. The site still provides easy access to phone numbers, quote forms, and other valuable information.

  9. Moving

    Moving places more emphasis on written content right from the homepage. It keeps to the standard of featuring the quote form on the header image but then moves to a large section of text that tells viewers why they should use the service. They provide a clear call to action followed by images and graphics that point the way to additional information.

  10. Moving APT

    This website may seem rather standard until you notice the sidebar that pops out, allowing visitors to enter their phone number to receive a prompt call back from Moving APT. This is a unique way to provide a call to action while making it easy for potential customers to contact the company for more information. The quote form is also easily accessed.

  11. Square Cow Movers

    This is a great example of a website that leads with the personality of the brand. The design transitions between fields that span the full length of the page to smaller sections while utilizing a color scheme and creative wording to keep the viewer’s attention. Terms like “Austin movers” are used for SEO purposes without distracting from relevant Square Cow Movers information.

  12. All My Sons Moving & Storage

    All My Sons uses images sparingly, but the top picture is oversized and brand related. The quote form takes a less obvious approach by simply asking potential customers if they’re moving an apartment, house, office, or other type of property. A visitor may answer that question even if they aren’t ready to enter their contact information, so it makes the site more interactive and subtle.

  13. Gentle Giant Moving Company

    Gentle Giant leads with a video as their homepage header rather than an image. It shows their movers in action with an emphasis on proper packing, gentle care of items, and speed. The site’s color scheme uses opposing colors that are slightly jarring yet attention grabbing. Every page of the site is easy to scan with a balance of text blocks and colorful images.

  14. Cheap Movers Los Angeles

    Cheap Movers keeps it simple but elegant with bright blue fields offset by a solid white background. The design utilizes slanted lines and short fields of text to keep attention while building a sense of brand. The quote form appears in two places and prompts potential customers to enter personal contact information along with move details.

  15. NorthStar Moving Company

    NorthStar leads with a slider filled with images of animals, landscapes, and travel rather than focusing on the typical imagery of home, family, and moving trucks. The images are layered with fun taglines that grab attention and introduce some humor to the website, which is great for branding. The rest of the page is less structured and utilizes no section dividers.

  16. Meathead Movers

    Meathead Movers includes detailed location pages, each starting with a bit of text rather than filling the top of the page with an image or video. The homepage is image-rich and easy to scan, and the location pages are a delicate mix of graphics and longer blocks of text. This is a good web design for moving companies serving a long list of geographical locations.

  17. Pure Movers

    This is an exemplary web design that shows how graphics can be effectively used to present information in an interactive manner. Viewers are more likely to read small blocks of text positioned around a fun image than they are a block of text on its own. Pure Movers makes modern design look simple and sophisticated.

  18. Bellhop

    Bellhop has a clean website design that places all the emphasis on the text. All design elements are consistent from the homepage to the location and service pages. Brand-boosting information is quickly conveyed along with contact information and introductions to service features and even individual movers.

  19. Unpakt

    If you don’t want to clutter your website with images and graphics, Unpakt has a good sample web design. There are no images on the front page, but a bright solid background color is used to grab and keep attention. Viewers are easily led from the quote form to information about the company and a breakdown of how the service works. There are few distractions with this design.

  20. Bin It

    Check out the unique graphic at the center of the Bin It homepage. It features the outline of a storage container that is filled with different items as the image flips. This is a great way to bring a simplistic website to life. They also use fun graphics and a top image to break up the solid white background.

  21. 24/7 Logistic Services

    Logistic Services has a website header worth studying. It’s fainter than most and seems to bleed off into the background for a more dramatic effect that grabs the eye instantly. It also allows the text and quote form to stand out more, so viewers are more likely to notice them.

  22. Colonial Van Lines

    Colonial Van Lines uses a rather basic web design, but they shake it up with a cut-out image of movers having fun and colorful service boxes at the center of the homepage. The design is simple enough to present valuable information with little distraction but provides some unique features for personality.

  23. Authority Moving Group

    If you want to stand out from the pack by ditching the large top image, this is an example of a site that moves that header image to the side. That simple change allows Authority to focus more directly on their tagline, phone number, and top estimate box.

  24. Purple Heart Moving Group

    This website utilizes a lot more homepage text than some other designs, but the word blocks are well balanced with clean images that highlight the text rather than distract. The dark purple contrasts the neutral colors in the imagery and background for a classic effect that presents the Purple Heart Moving Group in a professional manner.

  25. Trinity Relocation Group

    Images are used to add some personality to this otherwise simple web design. It rotates between background images that span the full length of the screen to partial images that fade into the white background. That allows the Trinity Relocation Group to present more text in some fields while keeping their quote box and call to action prominent.

  26. Gold Standard Relocation

    The quote form is what you see first when you download the Gold Standard Relocation homepage. It’s a simple form that requires less personal information than many other websites, so visitors are more likely to fill in the blanks before looking further. Presenting the company’s logo as a watermark in the background at the center of the page is also a nice touch that catches attention.

  27. Solomon & Sons Relocation Services

    The Solomon & Sons website is a good example of how images are effectively altered for a personalized appearance that catches the eye. It features a large top image like many other websites, but it’s elevated with simple blue streaks that are in line with the company’s brand. The homepage provides all the information potential customers need to size up the business and make contact.

  28. TransWorld Van Lines

    The header image on the TransWorld Van Lines website takes up more space than usual and creates the effect of a moving truck speeding down the highway. It represents the speed of the company while adding visual interest for the visitor. The overlapping quote form is designed to contribute to the visual effect as well.

  29. Trans Van Lines

    Trans Van Lines has a classic mover’s website that tones down the images and focuses on text. Images are used to break up the page and to pull the viewer’s eye to important pieces of information.

  30. Cheap Movers Houston

    Branding on the Cheap Movers Houston website starts with the large header image that represents Houston. The “get started” button is clearly presented at the top in a contrasting color from the image behind it. The middle of the page offers unique shapes and logos that seem to jump down the page along with the eye. It creates the illusion of an interactive website with simple design elements.

  31. U-Haul

    U-Haul uses their signature branding colors to bring life to an otherwise simplistic website design. The site utilizes a slider at the top that provides a variety of images with clips of information for potential customers. The rest of the page consists of simple boxes with imagery and text to provide valuable information in an easy-to-scan format.

  32. United Van Lines

    This website brings boxes, images, and graphics together to create a sweeping homepage that naturally progresses the eye from one field to the next. It has a professional feel with ample white space and lots of text to provide detailed information about United Van Lines.

  33. Relief Movers

    Everything is bigger with the Relief Movers website. It has a professional appearance with oversized text and large images throughout the homepage. It’s easy to read and has a standout color scheme that grabs attention. The top image also places the company’s slogan front and center with a bright highlight on the “request a quote” button.

  34. Arpin Van Lines

    Arpin Van Lines has an attention-grabbing website that uses color blocking to progress the viewer down the homepage. Images aren’t used as heavily as with other moving website designs, but there’s enough to break up the text and keep the reader’s attention.

  35. Atlas Van Lines

    This is a good example of a website that has a personal feel. The homepage uses family-oriented images that bring home to mind. It also presents personal bios for Atlas Van Lines personnel, including friendly pictures that add warmth to the brand. Images and color blocking are used together to create this lively web design.

  36. Mayflower

    Simple graphics centered around Mayflower’s color scheme make this website bright, entertaining, and focused. The slider at the top of the homepage provides all the information consumers need to make an educated decision, and the “get a quote” button is prominently featured throughout the page. While few images are used, the ones chosen are focused directly on the brand.

  37. Wheaton Worldwide

    This web design presents Wheaton Worldwide in a sleek, professional light. The design includes a lot of white space in the background, which is offset by side boxes in bright colors with white text. Plenty of information is presented in short clips, allowing the viewer to progress down the page quickly.

  38. Two Men and a Truck

    Two Men and a Truck stands out with an attention-grabbing header video that leads the viewer’s eye to the rest of the page with an arrow-shaped sloped line across the bottom. The company’s slogan is placed right at the top, and fun colored circles with moving-related graphics pull the viewer into small clips of information at the center of the page. Less emphasis is placed on the quote button than with other websites.

  39. Bekins

    Elegance and entertainment come together on the Bekins moving website. The simple slogan is prominently positioned atop a video that shows their movers in action, instantly connecting with potential customers. The website is simple but uses a lot of branded graphics that deliver a professional look and feel.

  40. Big Ben’s Moving & Storage

    Big Ben’s embraces their California location by using images of local hot spots as a background for their quote form, which clearly shows visitors that the quote is a four-step process. This simple yet effective web design breaks the homepage content into small blurbs with images and icons that encourage viewers to read. A sidebar offers viewers easy access to more detailed content through their blog and news page.

  41. Accurate Express Movers

    This Indianapolis moving company has a sleek website that uses large image fields balanced with open white space and listing boxes. A lot of Accurate Express’s content is delivered, but the most important features grab attention and pull the eye down the page. It’s easy to skim yet provides relevant details for viewers with the time to read. Their moving process is easily displayed, and all images portray a hardworking team.

  42. JK Moving Services

    JK Moving Services uses custom images and bright colors to create a warm welcome for visitors while utilizing their branding color scheme. The content incorporates catchy slogans, which are in large, bold letters, speaking to the visitor even if they don’t spend much time reading the smaller text. This is a good alternative to the common web design that places a large photo, video, or slider at the top of the homepage.

  43. Allegiance Moving and Storage

    If you want to keep it simple yet elegant and professional, this web design is a potential role model. The colors are in line with the Allegiance Moving and Storage brand. The content is concise and positioned at the center of the page with graphics that make it more approachable. Viewers have access to the quote form at the top and bottom of the page, but the top doesn’t feature a full form like on many other mover’s websites.

  44. Michael’s Moving & Storage

    This moving website leads with a simple keyword phrase and a few numbers that make the Michael’s Moving & Storage brand reliable. That well-placed phrase helps with SEO while clearly telling visitors that they are a Boston moving company with “clear pricing” and “affordable rates.” The image at the top is darkened to create a backdrop that doesn’t distract from their primary message.

  45. Einstein Moving Co.

    If you want to keep it simple while adding a personal touch, check out these Dallas movers. Einstein Moving keeps their web design basic with a lot of white space, but images and small bursts of color are used to pull the eye to important information like the quote form. That form is presented throughout the page, so visitors never have to scroll back to the top or bottom to find it. Pictures and names of the individual movers give the site a personal touch.

  46. Bold Moving and Storage

    This website puts simplicity on display. Bold Moving and Storage leads with a large image of the company’s team smiling and giving a thumbs up. Scrolling down, you find some basic content that starts with a definition of the term “bold.” Visitors can quickly learn about the company and decide if they want to get a quote without wasting time on advanced design features or marketing jargon.

  47. Cross Country Moving Group Inc.

    The Cross Country Moving Group uses images and white space to split content into sections, but then they allow boxes to overlap sections for a unique look. This is a crisp website that creates a professional and respected image for the company. Slogans and the quote form are prominently placed, but you also learn more about the company and the services they offer just by scrolling through short snippets of content.

  48. International Van Lines

    International Van Lines uses large image boxes to keep the visitor’s attention as they scroll the homepage. The top image isn’t static, so it brings the page to life with movement and flashing color. A colored header bar drops down and scrolls with the viewer, so they can jump to a deeper page within the website at any moment.

  49. IMRG

    If you want to introduce yourself properly right from your homepage, the IMRG website is a good example of how it’s done. This mover’s website features a much longer “get to know us” section than you will find on other websites, but it still offers a sleek design that is easy for visitors to skim if needed. It places the quote form in a prominent location and uses images to send the message that they’re professional and hardworking.

  50. Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

    The website for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines displays a great balance between brand-boosting imagery and in-depth content. They use color blocks on the side of the page to entice visitors into asking for a ballpark estimate, but only after presenting some information related to their service. This is a rather simple website with modern appeal and a friendly welcome to new customers.

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