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20 best locksmith websites for 2022

Most people who need a locksmith are locked out of a home or vehicle. That means they need the locksmith fast because it’s an emergency. When searching for a locksmith, you shouldn’t have to go through multiple pages on a locksmith’s website looking for important information. You need the name of the business, the phone number, and hours of operation. Great locksmith websites will have this information right up front in an easy-to-read format. Here are 20 great examples.

Our list of the top 20 best locksmith websites for 2022

  1. Locksmith West Los Angeles

    It’s interesting how the full-page banner is dimmed to put the focus on the content. The Locksmith West Los Angeles website is a great example of how to use large imagery without it being too distracting.

  2. Affordable Locksmith of Texas

    The color scheme of the Affordable Locksmith of Texas website can have a calming effect on someone who is in the middle of an emergency. It is also great that the phone number is right at the top in a blue box.

  3. 24/7 Lock & Key

    The name of the business gives the hours of operation. Plus, the phone number is listed in bold black letters on a light background. You can’t miss it. In addition, the 24/7 Lock & Key website looks very professional.

  4. LA Best Locksmith

    The LA Best Locksmith website looks upscale with the gold on black color scheme. The small touches of animation give it a wow factor without looking overdone.

  5. A-1 Keys

    The one-page A-1 Keys website is easy to navigate because it uses anchor tags to send the user down the page to the correct section. The image of Los Angeles is impressive, and the site is designed so the imagery doesn’t mask the important information.

  6. Around the Clock Locksmith

    The name says it all, and the phone numbers are large. The Around the Clock Locksmith website is minimalist in design but effective, listing all the services. The patriotic colors inspire confidence.

  7. Quick Safe & Keys Service Los Angeles

    It’s great that visitors can find everything they need on the home page. It’s organized in a neat, easy-to-read format. The entire Quick Safe & Keys Service Los Angeles website is well organized with just the right amount of necessary elements.

  8. My Locksmith Pro

    A great banner, plain background, and easy-to-read menu are always an excellent choice. Contact information at the very top of the home page on a highly contrasting background is exactly what customers need when they visit the My Locksmith Pro website.

  9. ASAP Locksmith

    The ASAP Locksmith website uses several images and an animation as the background. Since the images are slightly opaque, they don’t take over the page, allowing the visitor to easily read the information.

  10. Bostons Locksmith

    The color choice and layout is great for this business. The phone number is at the top of the homepage, and their services are prominently displayed. The Bostons Locksmith website is easy to navigate. They use pictures so you can find the type of locksmith you need.

  11. Pop-A-Lock Baltimore

    The Pop-A-Lock Baltimore website is set up in a way that the lack of fancy graphics, videos, or animation doesn’t affect the modern look of the site. A great banner and highly contrasting colors make the site easy to read and navigate.

  12. Kardo Locksmith

    The Kardo Locksmith website uses a purple, gold, and white color scheme that you don’t often find for locksmiths, so this design makes it stand out. The elements are great and neatly placed, and a simple bit of animation elevates the website.

  13. CA Locksmith Security Solutions

    It is great that the CA Locksmith Security Solutions website has no background since it has a lot of smaller elements. This keeps the website from looking too busy. The contact information is at the top of the homepage.

  14. Crown Locksmith

    This is a great example of how to easily display the services you provide. The Crown Locksmith website has its residential, commercial, automotive, and emergency services towards the top of the homepage. It’s effective, informative, and looks professional.

  15. Hayden Safe and Lock

    The Hayden Safe and Lock website is a great, professional, neat site with a nice color scheme. It is easy to read, quick to navigate, and has manageable graphics. The phone number is right at the top.

  16. Mr. Locksmith

    Using a slightly opaque video for the background of the Mr. Locksmith website plus the nicely done animations elevates this website without overdoing it. Each page is interesting and is slightly difference, which makes the pages unique.

  17. NV Locksmith LLC

    One of the best things about the NV Locksmith LLC website is that you do not have to look hard to find the contact information. The phone number is boldly placed on every single page and is even present in almost all the photographs. Plus, the site is well organized.

  18. Top Notch Locksmith Security

    As soon as you land on the home page, you know the phone number. The Top Notch Locksmith Security website is a bit more modern and has a picture banner, but it is not overdone. Everything is neat and professional.

  19. NH Locksmith

    The NH Locksmith website has an eye-catching banner, high-quality photos, and the right touch of animation that pulls it all together. The menu is great, and each page is orderly and attractive.

  20. LB Locksmith

    Upon landing, the home page has everything the visitor needs. Pus, everything is neatly laid out – services, contact information, and a nice-sized logo. The two-page LB Locksmith website is simple but not basic.

The keys to great locksmith websites are upfront contact information, easy navigation, and straight-to-the-point information. You do not need a lot of large, fancy graphics for this type of business. The examples above should give you great ideas for a successful locksmith website in 2022.

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