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Top 10 dental practice websites of 2023

Gone are the days of print. We have moved to a world that is fully digitized. In order to gain customers, share your skill or expertise, or get employment, you have to utilize the internet. Websites and online search engines are the most common way for people to find a company, and the most frequent way businesses now get clients.

For the dental industry, this change to be a part of the online world is mandatory. Dentist websites now allow clients to make appointments online, or learn more about the costs and services offered, all with the click of a mouse.

According to online magazine, Dental Economics:

97% of all dental patients prefer to visit a dentist’s website for information rather than call the dentist’s office.

Today we provide a comprehensive review of the top 10 dentist websites. The winner’s all incorporate patient interactive platforms, links to social media and patient reviews, and fresh content such as videos or blogs.

But don’t take our word for it.
Here are the top 10 dental websites.

See for yourselves why these sites are the best in their field. Without further ado, here are our top ten picks for best dental websites.

  1. Alexandra S. George, DDS

    Our top pick met all of our criteria. The first thing that welcomes the site visitor as they land on the home page is an inviting photo of the entire team, both the staff and the dentist. This site allows patients to schedule an appointment online (or request a call to schedule an appointment), navigate services offered, peruse patient reviews, and read blogs all from the home page, which is a huge perk for the site visitor. Offering a sleek side bar of rolling patient reviews and stories, paired with the patients photos, along with the option to click and read more in-depth reviews provides the site visitor with easy and quick access to patient reviews which is a critical component for a dental website. The site incorporates multiple blogs, keeping the content fresh and new for site visitors. In addition, this site offers clients multiple options to select from which makes the site easy to navigate. Overall the site is visually welcoming and the layout is inviting to the eyes. The site also utilizes warm and bright colors to make it appealing.

  2. Timberhill Dental

    This site provides the option to schedule an appointment up front and center on the home page. Along with providing ample white space and visually pleasing pictures (which include photos of the dentist visiting with patients), with just one scroll down the home page you can also see where the office is located, and see a photo of the entire team, flashing their pearly whites and inviting you to come in for an appointment. We love the patient reviews which have a circle headshot of the clients and utilize a font different from the rest of the page in order to draw the site visitors attention to the reviews. The use of informative side bars on the various pages for services offered are helpful and provide the site user with an ease of accessing information quickly. Additionally, we like that this site utilizes comparison charts to quickly provide the reader with information that can guide them in scheduling an appointment.

  3. Absolute Dental

    This site provides a video of the dentist detailing their service options and explaining how the process will go for patients. The video is informative and provides the patient with all of the answers to questions they might have, while at the same time providing immediate assurance that the office and dentist are warm and welcoming, instilling an immediate sense of trust in the site visitor. In addition, this site contains links to its Facebook and Twitter, has an easy to find blog which is regularly maintained, and utilizes photos and a layout that make the visitor readily able to fulfill their needs. This site is the perfect example of how a dental website can both provide concise answers to the common questions site visitors will have, while at the same time provide a stimulating experience for the site visitor.

  4. Bates Dental

    This site is nothing but class. Providing site visitors with clickable icons to visit all of their social media sites (which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest), it also includes a pop-out navigation bar on the right, foregoing the traditional navigation bars across the top for something more modern and sleek, like the website itself. The layered background texture of wood offers both depth and warmth to the site, and the branding is concise and classy, and is maintained across the site pages. The drop-down menu bar eliminates wordy content from the home page and offers the user with an easy to navigate directory. For cleint testimonials the site utilizes a star-based rating system, letting the patients provide both a star rating and written reviews. In the world of dentistry websites, this site is cutting edge. We give it 5 stars!

  5. Bethesda Family Dentistry

    The lovely graphics on the home page invite the site visitor to dive deeper into the website. We like that this site provides large clickable icons to social media, and also includes a clickable icon for leaving a Yelp review. The photos and layout give the site the feel of a fashion magazine rather than the experience of a boring dental visit. This is one of the few dentist sites we found that includes a 360 degree google tour of their office space, allowing the site visitor to get comfortable with the space before making the determination to book a visit. The three column layout of the testimonials is a great way for the site to utilize space while making the reviews easy to read. Also, they provide clickable links at the very top of the testimonial page for patients to review the company on a variety of sites, including not only Yelp, but Angie’s List, Google, and more. This is an ingenious way to incorporate social media and reflect that your dental practice is part of today’s digital world.

  6. Dallas Dental Arts

    We love that Dallas Dental Arts offers an office tour by providing professional and well-lit scroll through photos of the office. The color scheme utilizes the right amount of neutral and warm colors, providing a nice splash of blue to offset the neutral hues. Front and center the office highlights that they were voted the best in Texas, and right under that the site visitor can click on patient reviews. Rather than hiding patient reviews this site immediately highlights them and draws the visitors attention to it first thing. We also like the visual appeal of the text boxes containing client’s reviews, which keeps the site looking hip and modern.

  7. Caitlin Batchelor Dentistry

    We love the layout of this site, along with the colors, up close patient photos, and backdrop which cleverly uses molars for the tiles, this site also provides the perfect amount of white space. The website looks clean and contemporary, with just enough word content paired with photos to make it visually stimulating. This website also does a fantastic job of creating blog snippets, which entice the reader with a crisp photo that piques the visitors interest combined with a short summary of the blog to entice the site visitor to click on the blog and read more. The site offers a short and concise navigation bar at the top of the page, and includes a clickable link to their Facebook page within the bottom header.

  8. Hancock Orthodontists

    Hancock Orthodontists is a perfect example of a website built for attracting new customers. With its highly visible navigational menu at the top of the site, visitors can download intake forms, view services or find the contact page to get in touch with staff.

  9. Riaz Dental

    Offering a great color scheme and professional photos that are bright and welcoming, this site also has what patients want from their dentist’s website. With multiple clickable icons provided throughout to book an appointment, along with an easy to find New Patient bar at the top, this site also provides users with quick access to their Facebook and Twitter site. This site has strong branding which is maintained throughout all of the site’s pages.

  10. Boutique Dental Care

    This site made our top winner list because of the up close photo with the overlay of the brand immediately draws the visitor in. The clickable logos detailing services give the site a modern feel and the site overall has a contemporary feel, making the dentist practice seem relevant and with the times.

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