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25 leading interior painting websites in 2023

Interior painting is a highly visual field. For the purposes of marketing, this means that these companies must have fantastic websites that instantly communicate their strengths, creativity, and positive work history. Thankfully, you have plenty of opportunities to do this with a well-designed website. The following are all great examples of sites to take ideas from.

The 25 best interior painting websites of 2023

  1. PaintGreen Professional Painters

    PaintGreen Professional Painters found a great way to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market—they advertise their “green” painting solutions. They do this by discussing the positive environmental impact their painting can make and how they view everything through an environmentally friendly lens.

  2. 360 Painting

    360 Painting promises to “cover all angles.” This company presents a sharp homepage with smoothly loading graphics as well as three big buttons that advertise their services: interior, exterior, and commercial painting. The site also has a unique tool, a color visualizer that lets you upload a picture of a room and then experiment with various colors. This is a great way to draw potential customers into the website.

  3. Ladies on Ladders Painting

    Ladies on Ladders Painting leans into its women-owned and -staffed distinctiveness, using a pink and green color scheme with plenty of white space. Buttons and tabs on the homepage allow you to easily get a free estimate, link to their social media, learn about their skills and process, and view their portfolio.

  4. Peralta Painters

    Peralta Painters uses more text than most of these websites do, but it works well as the text is organized nicely and matched with gorgeous, colorful photos of their interior and exterior painting. Each block of text allows you to click on a button for additional insight into its different services. The company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee is prominently displayed.

  5. Precision Painting Plus

    Precision Painting Plus has a striking photo plus text that pops as soon as you hit the website. This homepage uses clean square and hexagonal elements to show off “the precision difference” that makes this company special. It also advertises the various awards that they have won.

  6. Colossus Painting

    Colossus Painting has a carousel that touts their high-quality products and affordable services and invites you to get a free estimate. Scrolling down reveals additional information about the company, including its mission statement and various marketing points.

  7. Nolan Painting

    Nolan Painting leads with an outstanding wide-screen graphic that combines a sharp home interior with a button that invites you to learn how various paint colors affect your mood. Another unusual feature is an “estimating wizard” that allows you to enter information about your project and get an instant quote.

  8. AM Painting

    AM Painting tops their homepage with a gorgeous slideshow displaying a rainbow of color that really pulls you in. It also has three columns and squares that advertise the company’s services: interior, exterior, and commercial. They also list their competitive advantages. The free estimate form is easy to use. Just fill out four lines, and click a button to send your request.

  9. Darby Painting & Construction

    Darby Painting & Construction welcomes you to their homepage with a nice picture of painting in progress, but something that makes their website stand out is their wide navigation bar. It advertises all their services, includes a gallery of their work plus customer testimonials, and makes it easy to access the information you want.

  10. ProPaintingCo LLC

    ProPaintingCo LLC uses an appealing, layered approach. Colorful pictures and links contrast nicely with their background of mostly dark pictures. The color scheme ties the webpage together while bold type makes it easy to learn about their services, see their projects, and request a quote.

  11. Vista Color Painting

    Vista Color Painting has a sharp page layout filled with vibrant colors and smart design. It also has an entirely separate page of a video in progress. Its portfolio page is well-designed with attractive and varied shots that make it clear that this firm knows what it’s doing and has a wide range of expertise.

  12. Wow 1 Day Painting

    Wow 1 Day Painting features a YouTube video titled “How We Do It in a Day” right on its homepage. This is a smart way to immediately gain the attention of prospective customers. Since this company is a franchise, it also allows visitors to view information on how to get into this business.

  13. The Painting Pros

    The Painting Pros greets you with a pop-up that advertises how you can get a “remote quote” via FaceTime or Zoom. They also have a blog, but unlike so many blogs on commercial websites, this one is actively updated and contains a wide array of useful information.

  14. Blue Door Painting

    Blue Door Painting has a rotating series of photos that differ from many other pictures on websites like these in that they emphasize sunshine and recessed lighting. This is gorgeous and shows how appealing the painting they do makes rooms look.

  15. Purely Paint

    Purely Paint has a great homepage with a menu that reveals a ton of information. For example, their “Services” drop-down contains information on 11 services they offer, including epoxy flooring, deck staining, and wallpapering. This extensive list demonstrates that they’re much more versatile than many other painting businesses.

  16. Straight Edge Painting

    Straight Edge Painting uses different sizes of rectangles to emphasize the different colors that they paint. They also provide a prominent “Get a Free Quote Now” button. Scrolling down, you can see other services they offer as well as their competitive advantages.

  17. Brady Paint

    Brady Paint welcomes visitors with a rotating carousel of pictures, but unlike other websites, this one has arrows that allow you to view the photos at your own speed and by scrolling up and down rather than from side to side. This is a great way of pulling in users and building engagement.

  18. Fox Painting Company

    Like all websites on this list, Fox Painting Company has beautiful pictures with contrasting colors that showcase their design skills. Two cute little “Fox girls” and a foxy cartoon draw visitors in. They also, smartly, have a “Google Rating” toolbar in the bottom-right corner of every page, showing off their 4.9-star rating.

  19. Pinnacle Painters

    The first picture you see at Pinnacle Painters shows a painter hard at work with a gorgeous city skyline in the background, accompanied by the slogan, “Philadelphia, We’ve Got You Covered,” and a big “Free Estimate” button. This presentation differs from most on these sites, and it works nicely. Text about services pairs with more great photos below the fold.

  20. Super Painting

    Super Painting has a good-looking homepage and an easy-to-read menu bar that advertises their services. They also include two seldom-seen types of pages. One answers frequently asked questions about how to choose paint and hire a painter, and the other gives tips on painting and how to do it right.

  21. Color Wave Painting

    Many painting companies display nice pictures of their work, but Color Wave Painting offers a “Project Transformation” section with specific before and after photos that really emphasize their skills. You can also see recent projects that they have completed.

  22. Cost Less Painting

    Stressing quality and affordability, Cost Less Painting uses pictures that show off each facet of the work that they do, including new construction painting, property maintenance, and restoration painting. This is something you won’t see often in these websites.

  23. Basurto Painting

    Basurto Painting adds an extra kick to its slideshow with photos that scroll horizontally and then slowly zoom in and out. This creates a more attractive presentation, including some nice close-ups, and makes it easier to attract a potential customer’s attention.

  24. Chicago Painters

    Chicago Painters welcomes you to their homepage with a short movie that plays when you arrive. It shows how their painters go about their work and comes with pleasant, attention-grabbing music. All this conveys professionalism in an upbeat manner.

  25. Bari Painting

    Bari Painting shows an empty room in a house that they are working on. The website is multilayered, and text scrolls over the picture attractively. Also—in a field where color is a big selling point—this site uses white space extensively and to good effect.

These websites are not only well-designed but also do a fantastic job of emphasizing their companies’ visual skills.

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