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Adding Vimeo video backgrounds to Divi theme

You can add Vimeo videos as Divi backgrounds, but it can be a little tricky to get them setup correctly. The key is obtaining the actual MP4 video file from your Vimeo account, so you can use that within the background section.

How to add a Vimeo video background to a Divi section:

  1. In the “Background Video MP4” area click on the + icon. (screenshot)
  2. In the top left corner of the popup, there is an easily overlooked link to “Insert from URL”. Click that. Here you can add a Vimeo link, but not just any Vimeo link. (screenshot)
  3. In the Vimeo video settings, navigate to “Distribution”, then “Video file links”, and scroll to the bottom. The links in this Vimeo section will work in Divi. (screenshot)
  4. Copy one of the links (e.g,. “High def”), then add to the “Insert from URL” area.
  5. Save the module settings, then update your page.

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