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17 Best Medical Practice Websites (February 2019)

When you search the internet for a doctor, dentist or surgeon, there’s no telling what you might find. Websites for these professionals run the gamut of online possibilities. There are sites that look like they’re straight out of 2001 and sites that look like they’ve come from the future.

But, what we know is that in order to have a great medical practice website it doesn’t necessarily matter what your website looks like – although it certainly helps. It just matters that it has the right features and is functional!

Today we’re going to take you through what we believe are 17 of the best medical practice websites for February 2019. These sites held up to all of our tests – they’re attractive, functional and offer value to every site visitor.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this month’s best medical practice websites.

The 17 Best Medical Practice Websites For February 2019

  1. Greensborough Road Surgery : Greensborough Road Surgery is a surgery group based out of Greensborough, Victoria that specializes in a variety of surgical procedures. The website for the group is bright, friendly and welcoming to families of all shapes and sizes. From mom, to dad, to grandma and grandpa, and even baby, Greensborough can truthfully take care of any member of the family and does a great job communicating that through their site. The hours are clearly placed on the homepage next to information about the doctors in the practice, billing procedures and an appointment booking option – truly everything any patient could need all in one place!
  2. The Royal Women’s Hospital : Based out of Victoria, Australia the Royal Women’s Hospital has a website that every hospital should envy. Splashes of bright pink fill the pages and crisp pictures illustrate the hospital’s top-of-the-line abilities. Of course, not everyone’s color is bright pink, but every hospital should strive to have a website that speaks to its clientele like the website of the Royal Women’s Hospital. From the news stories on the front page and multiple navigation panes, the designers who created this site truly thought of every method they could use to make this website a great experience for all.
  3. RedBrick Health : Redbrick Health is an organization focused on helping individuals and groups of people get healthy. Most of Redbrick’s clientele is corporate businesses who are looking to get their employees engaged in a healthy lifestyle. We think the website is designed perfectly to sell that concept. Data is readily available to prove that Redbrick’s methods for motivating people into healthier lifestyles work and for those who still aren’t convinced, there are also live demos of the programs.
  4. Chu Dental Group : At first, as you land on the Chu Dental Group website you aren’t sure if you’ve just stumbled upon a page for a riverfront restaurant or a dental office. But, that doesn’t seem to matter because the bright colors and beautiful scenery of the picture draw you in and force you to scroll down the page. Once you’re past the first picture, you begin to access information about the dental group and Dr. Chu which quickly convinces you to book an appointment. Overall, this site is one of the best for February 2019 because it means business, while also being fun – something everyone can (and should) get on board with.
  5. Los Altos Spine & Sports : Focused on spinal injury care, Los Altos Spine & Sports is a medical practice that has successfully translated their professionalism and expertise into an online presence. The layout of their website is simple, yet stunning, and does a phenomenal job of communicating the types of services and specialties offered by the practice. A simple navigation at the top of the page and navigation graphic towards the bottom make it a painless process for site visitors, and potential patients, to access the information they need to make an informed decision before choosing a doctor.
  6. Dell Children’s : A children’s hospital based in Texas, Dell Children’s has a great website that provides patient portal access and unlimited information to individuals and families in need of their services. Although the site is not shockingly modern or overly designed, it still appears extremely professional and credible. Search bars throughout the homepage make it possible to find doctors and services one might need without clicking through an endless amount of tabs or navigation options. All-in-all, this site is well designed and extremely useful – two very important factors for a hospital website.
  7. Massih Orthodontics : The modern, bold, intuitive design of the Massih Orthodontics website is absolutely wonderful. From the moment you land on the page, you get the feeling that Dr. Massih is the real deal when it comes to orthodontics. From her cut out picture on the homepage, to the trendy graphic backgrounds, every element of this site has been thought out and intentionally placed. The brilliant, bold design of the homepage follows each page as you navigate your way through the site, which offers a sense of professionalism, but also helps to eliminate distractions. And, of course, we want to mention one of our favorite features – the no-fuss contact form at the bottom of EVERY page!
  8. Elevate : One of the best aspects of Elevate medical center is the modern, warm, welcoming atmosphere of the office. Therefore, it was only logical for the practice to want to pull that element through to the Elevate website. And, guess what? It was a success! Every element of the site – from the color scheme, to the font and even the pictures were intentionally chosen to reflect the atmosphere perfectly. This can be confirmed through the picture of the office on the main slider of the homepage. From Elevate, one can learn that if you have an office worth bragging about – brag about it everywhere.
  9. One Medical Group : One Medical Group has a website that’s an absolutely perfect example of successfully pulling trendy elements into a website. A forest green font, white background and modern photography grace each page to attract the target audience – youthful and informed individuals. Furthermore, it also shows that big fonts aren’t always a bad thing. In fact, when they’re used correctly in a website design, they can be very good! If you’re looking for an example of a medical practice website that has successfully kept up with the times, take a look at One Medical Group. You won’t be disappointed.
  10. Batchelor Dentistry : The website for Caitlin Batchelor Dentistry displays a unique graphic design that’s full of personality. The illustrated tooth background and funky aqua and orange color scheme are a perfect compliment to the modern trendy fonts that show up on each page. Every button on the website is simple and makes it easy to get where you need to go. Pictures are professional and professionally edited to match the style of the website – which we think is brilliant. And, even though this is a dentistry website, the thoughtful design of the site can be successfully mimicked on any medical practice website.
  11. Allegro Pediatrics : Created with a very professional and corporate look in mind, the website for Allegro Pediatrics is easily one of the 17 best medical practice websites for February 2019. We think this website makes the list because every detail on the website appears to be well-planned and intricately designed. Each picture has been hand-picked to fit the brand and all the copy as well has been written with the brand in mind. And, because the medical practice serves mainly children, the design of the website has been created to speak specifically to parents and those who care for children the most.
  12. Corona Foot & Ankle Group : Although feet aren’t the most appealing or attractive thing on earth, the website for Corona Foot & Ankle Group surely makes it seem like they are! The website is wonderfully designed to make going to the foot doctor seem like a dream come true. From the cute foot graphics explaining the services offered by the practice, to the professional quality imagery of feet, everything on the website serves a purpose.
  13. Growing Grins Pediatric Dentistry : Taking your child to the dentist for the first time (or even the fifth time) can be very stressful. The Growing Grins Pediatric Dentistry website, however, makes it feel like a dream come true. Photographs of happy children at the dental office appear on every page and the charming, illustrated background and graphics are absolutely adorable. Furthermore, the website also depicts many different areas of the office, which are just as cute as the website, helping to attract potential patients.
  14. Avera Health : Out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota Avera Health medical group has a professional website that’s certainly one of the best for February 2019. Graphics on the homepage depict life in South Dakota and speak directly to the target audience. From a 3-choice navigation on the homepage, you can choose options that make it easier to find a doctor, find a location or find a health plan that works for you and your family. There’s also a simple, large navigation that makes it easy to pay a bill, request medical records, donate or even find a job. What we love about this website is that no matter what you need to do, it’s easy to find and easy to execute.
  15. Gundersen Health System : Extremely professional and attractive, the website for the Gundersen Health System based in LaCrosse, Wisconsin is easily one of the best. One of the most popular features of the website is its offering well-informed, easy to access information for patients about different health topics and education. We also like that no matter where you are on the site, you’re able to find a navigation bar or section that will help direct you to the area of the website you’re searching for.
  16. Pediatrics East : A website that offers more than meets the eye, Pediatrics East is what we like to call perfectly designed. Intuitive buttons that appear when you need them most, videos and stationary navigations all help to make every person’s visit to the website enjoyable and beneficial. A blue, green, purple and white color scheme help to create a feeling of professionalism and also offer a sense of calm to site visitors.
  17. Metropolitan Endodontics : Unlike many other dental office websites, the website for Metropolitan Endodontics doesn’t display any pictures of teeth or any graphics resembling teeth whatsoever. That doesn’t mean, however, that Metropolitan Endodontics doesn’t have a great website! In fact, we love this website because most people don’t want to think about going to the dentist when they’re adults. However, the beautiful pictures of scenery on the website help to distract them. You can easily see which services are the office’s specialty by taking a look at the strategically based buttons throughout the page.

Now that you’ve had a chance to view the best medical practice websites for February 2019 we’re sure your brain must be spinning with ideas of how to improve your own website!

Just don’t forget that the most important aspect of a medical practice website is its functionality.

If you need help making your medical practice (or any other) website more functional and attractive, call FreshySites today!

We’re the professionals you need to get your website project up and off the ground!

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