The Difference Between a Blog and a Website

Blogs and websites are distinct concepts with different purposes and results. Both are necessary to help increase your business’ online exposure and enhance its reputation. With advancements in technology, website use and blogging have grown exponentially since their simple beginnings in the 1990s. They are now necessary for activities such as advertising, online learning and employee training. This article explains the differences between a blog and a website and how to use both to best serve your business.

How Blogs and Websites Differ

What You Need to Know About Blogs

A blog is a type of website that displays articles in reverse chronological order. A blog post or blog entry is the content you read on a blog. It is a piece of writing that might include photos, illustrations or videos. Blogs are updated as frequently as possible by creating new posts or revising existing ones. In 1994, an American college student reportedly created the first blog to have a place to publish his writing. Back when blogging was in its early days, people used to write to share their thoughts, daily activities and photos. Simple blogs were created using HTML to post personal notes. In 1999, blogging opportunities diversified with the launching of Blogger and LiveJournal. In 2003, WordPress revolutionized the blogging industry by providing a simple way to create a blog or a website. Today, people blog about news, cooking, finance, home décor, music, movies, beauty, travel, politics, technology, and a host of other popular topics relating to their businesses and personal interests.

What You Need to Know About Websites

A website is designed to present information about a business, company, organization or government agency. It usually contains a homepage, a service and products page, an “About” page and a contact page. Websites use domain names as their key web addresses for identification. In 1991, the first web page, offering information on the World Wide Web project, launched from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Today, almost every business has a website to act as an online brochure for potential customers and a self-promoting and advertising tool. With advanced knowledge of JavaScript, search engines and landing pages, websites are becoming increasingly creative. Innovative websites that stormed the internet include Facebook, Myspace and YouTube.

The Differences

The first major difference between a blog and a website is the nature of the content posted. Blog articles are regularly updated and edited to increase traffic, whereas content on a website is often static. This static content on a website is professionally presented to communicate a particular business’s products and services.

A blog is more about being informative and educational. A blogger’s discussion attracts and retains people by enabling visitors to subscribe to regular updates of fresh, original content. In this light, a blog can be a helpful, informative, interesting and valuable tool for building customer relationships.

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