Webflow vs. WordPress comparison

When comparing the choice of Webflow and WordPress, there are notable differences. We’ll touch on numerous aspects with this CMS comparison of Webflow to WordPress. Let’s see how they stack up against each other when pointing out the key differences of each. Which is better, WordPress or Webflow? Let’s jump in and compare.

Webflow vs WordPress comparison: Who are they for?

Webflow is a “no-code” visual website builder. While Webflow is a web design tool, it is also a CMS and a hosting platform built into one.

WordPress is a free and open source platform. WordPress is one of the most well known and highly used CMS out there. WordPress is self-hosted, easy to update and a trusted name in the website design world. 

Webflow and WordPress comparison: Ease of use

Webflow offers an all-in-one design tool, CMS, and ecommerce platform for users that do not have technical skills or expertise. Webflow still comes with a steep learning curve and requires meticulous attention to detail to learn.

WordPress was made for everyone and was developed to be easy to use. WordPress also has a large community of users that have developed videos, how-to’s and more for using the platform.

Webflow vs WordPress comparison: Design options

Webflow allows for advanced customization and some templates to get started. It is important however to familiarize yourself with Webflow in order to get the most out of the templates and design elements.

WordPress offers unlimited design and customization options. The thousands of templates that are available make getting started easy. Most themes allow users to customize and make tweaks as needed. 

Webflow and WordPress comparison: Customization

Webflow allows for full site customization without the use of code. Using their drag and drop page builder you can create pages the way that you want and need.

In comparing Webflow with WordPress, WordPress also allows users to create their website fully without the use of code. Different drag and drop editors are available to provide ease of use and seamless design.

Webflow vs WordPress comparison: Ecommerce

Webflow offers ecommerce solutions directly built into their system. With Webflow you can also integrate marketing tools, store promotion, and business development. Included in their basic ecommerce, users can set up shipping info, taxes, and more. 

With WordPress you will need to download a plugin to your website for ecommerce functionality. WooCommerce is one of the best ecommerce plugins. WooCommerce features a large number of extensions and functions so that you can fully customize and create a powerful online store. 

Comparing Webflow and WordPress: Overview

Webflow is best for users who have more design experience and are looking for a fully customizable website option that they can build from scratch.

WordPress allows for the same full customization but without such a steep learning curve and more options overall for plugin integrations to make your site your own.

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