Convert from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress

Adobe Business Catalyst, known for being an “all-in-one” business website and online marketing solution, has announced that they will be ending their platform’s services as of September 26, 2021. If you are a business who has been using Adobe Business Catalyst you have probably been looking for alternative CMS systems to migrate your website to.

Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress migration

If you are looking to make your transition to a new platform simple and effective then WordPress may be the solution for you. Now is the time to convert from Business Catalyst to WordPress, since Adobe says your current website will no longer be available after the end-of-life date at the end of September — as the service (and thus your website) will be taken offline.

Adobe Business Catalyst vs WordPress: why WordPress is the ideal Business Catalyst alternative

Adobe Business Catalyst and WordPress are two very different platforms. Business Catalyst is an all in one platform that includes a CMS, eCommerce, analytics, and hosting as one package. This platform has templates built in to quickly create websites, this is great for creating a site easily, but customization features are generally lacking with Adobe Business Catalyst.

WordPress is the world’s top content management system and powers more than 40% of the websites on the internet. WordPress was created to be highly customizable and is an open source platform so that users can create any “look and feel” that they want. From using simple templates to fully building your site from scratch, WordPress can do it all. Many large companies opt to use WordPress instead of Business Catalyst — like Disney, Facebook, and Sony. Small to large businesses benefit from using WordPress as an alternative to Adobe Business Catalyst.

How do you convert your website from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress?

Business Catalyst was a great resource to get your website started, but with the discontinuation of the platform it is time to think about switching from Business Catalyst to WordPress. It’s a software that will allow for more flexibility, growth, functionality, and customization. WordPress is a great choice for businesses and includes many features to make the switch worthwhile.

Migrating your website from any platform to another can be complex and time consuming. There are steps to follow when moving your site from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress.

  1. First you will want to back up all of your files and data. Make sure to create a list of all of the pages on your website and create files for the images and media.
  2. You will also need to make sure to make copies of blog posts that you’d like to migrate over and any other content that is important.
  3. From here, you can begin a manual upload of your content to your new WordPress database.
  4. You’ll be able to create a new and improved customizable design with WordPress for your business. 

You’ve completed your migration from Business Catalyst to WordPress — now what?

Now that your website has been migrated from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress you can continue to fully customize your new WordPress website and enjoy a website that is unique to your business. If you need help with a new website design, the WordPress experts at FreshySites can help during the conversion.

Hire FreshySites to manage your WordPress migration from Business Catalyst

FreshySites WordPress design agency will work with you to move from Business Catalyst to WordPress. Our team of WordPress experts are experienced with helping websites convert to WordPress. We’ll create a beautiful new website that you are proud to share with your clients and customers. Our team can pull content from your existing Adobe website, and guide you through our website build and design process from start to finish. From our kickoff call, to mockups, website build, revisions, and support, our entire process has been designed to make a transfer from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress a simple and efficient process. 

What other services does FreshySites offer besides helping with Business Catalyst to WordPress migration?

Our WordPress website design agency not only builds beautiful websites. We offer a multitude of other services and act as a full scale digital agency. Our team offers SEO services, digital marketing, ongoing support, and WordPress security.  

Managing and migrating a Business Catalyst website can be a difficult process. If you are looking for a professional team to take care of your website and help you move from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress, reach out to FreshySites and our team of professionals will guide you along the way.

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