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Top 25 home builders websites of 2024

When it comes to homebuilders, a website’s design is absolutely critical. The reasons for this are obvious: If a company cannot construct a compelling website, how can you expect them to put together a great home? Fortunately, some of these websites absolutely excel in website design.

Here are the best homebuilders’ websites.

  1. Toll Brothers

    Toll Brothers is one of the largest homebuilders in the country. When you visit their website, it’s easy to see why. The website is replete with stunning pictures of the magnificent work they do. The design is slimmed down and elegant, implying that their construction work is the same.

  2. Ivory Homes

    Ivory Homes opts for large buttons that highlight their various home offerings. Scrolling down reveals a wide array of useful information on more than just construction as they also opt to highlight their various ways of getting you in their homes. This includes private tours, virtual tours, and more.

  3. Liberty Homes

    Liberty Homes‘ website features a scrolling video that highlights the various types of homes they offer. This is a great way of showing off the quality of their construction. The top menu also shows off their bullet points, which include the types of homes they construct and what makes Liberty different than the average construction company.

  4. Highland Custom Homes

    The front page of Highland Custom Homes is stripped down in order to allow a background video to run. This video is magnificent, and it is interesting that Highland chooses to emphasize the interiors of their homes, not just the exteriors. A slimmed-down menu at the bottom also makes it easy to navigate this deep front page.

  5. Davis & Sons

    Davis & Sons‘ website is simple, featuring large, geometric shapes with big pictures that are easy to navigate. They are also one of the few companies on this list to highlight the ability to “schedule an estimate,” ensuring easy customer access to their services.

  6. Richmond American Homes

    Richmond American Homes has a simple graphic on the front page that allows you to learn more about their latest offers. Their menu features small text that allows users to navigate across the website, gathering a wide array of information, including finding Richmond homes near them.

  7. California Home Builders

    California Home Builders offers a website that leans into the state’s background, showing California-style architecture and California’s natural beauty. Their menu is clean and understated but provides a wide array of info, including testimonials from happy customers.

  8. Lexar Homes

    The Lexar Homes website is different than many of the others on this list. A pop-up immediately asks for your state and then guides you in the right direction, depending on where you live. That personal touch is a good way of ensuring that the information is relevant to the user.

  9. DC Builders

    DC Builders has a home slowly load, piece by piece, until a gorgeous log cabin-like structure is perfectly framed against the mountains. This is sharp and confidence-inspiring. The rest of the website is just as well-designed, featuring easy-to-read formatting and galleries of their work.

  10. Latala Homes

    Latala Homes‘ website shows a professionally made video when the website loads. The houses featured are gorgeous, but they are also diverse, making sure that users know that they can have the home of their dreams built within their budget. This is a nice way for Latala to differentiate themselves from the competition.

  11. Shea Homes

    Shea Homes‘ website has a variety of options that it emphasizes, and that makes this website unique. Yes, you can see pictures, but the company also goes out of its way to highlight its virtual tour options. It also has some unique features, like a resource guide and an actively updated blog.

  12. Riverside Homebuilders

    Riverside Homebuilders has a scrolling text that makes you pay attention to the content on the website. It also has a live chat widget, a sharp video, and an easy-to-find map that identifies where they work and how you can take advantage of their services.

  13. Highland Homes

    Highland Homes‘ website features numerous sections that are very useful to prospective buyers, including location guides, move-in ready homes, and the ability to set up your own account on their website. It also talks about the “Highland Difference” that features a variety of special qualities, such as energy efficiency.

  14. Stylecraft

    Stylecraft has a quick and eye-catching graphical display as soon as you visit the website. It’s a nice way of getting your attention. The front page has an attractive set of rotating pictures. Scrolling down—which the design encourages you to do—reveals more useful information, including where they build and the types of houses they build.

  15. Sierra Classic Custom Homes

    Sierra Classic opts for simplicity. Their red and orange design does a great job of highlighting their Texas location, and the website immediately asks you what you are looking for: a custom plan or help designing one.

  16. D&W Homes

    The most visible feature on D&W Homes‘ website is the ability to chat with someone from the business. The widget also gives an estimate of just how long it will take to get a response. It also has some different elements that are highlighted, like customer testimonials.

  17. Maronda Homes

    Maronda Homes shows off their houses in wide-formatted pictures as soon as you arrive on the website. Scrolling down reveals big buttons with some of their more popular options, like 360-degree tours and the ability to design your own home.

  18. West Point Development

    West Point Development has a link to a downloadable brochure right at the top of its homepage. As you scroll down, you can see the various types of houses they build and what they can create for you.

  19. Atmos

    Atmos has a truly gorgeous picture of one of their houses at sunset. They start by asking you to which of three cities you want to move. From there, they help you find land and create a floor plan. This is a great custom feature.

  20. Martell Builders

    Martell Builders opts to highlight a simple but modern farm-like home on their front page. Their menu perfectly blends in with the top page and reveals an array of useful resources.

  21. Stokkers & Company

    The Stokkers & Company website has the usual gorgeous houses. What is particularly interesting is that they also highlight their green options. This is different and helps them stand out from other homebuilders.

  22. Mandam Custom Homes

    Mandam Custom Homes has very smooth graphics that load nicely. The transitions as pictures load are gorgeous, and buttons really pop. All of this encourages you to scroll down further.

  23. Ryan Homes

    Ryan Homes has a great feature that encourages you to type in your city. From there, it will find you one of their homes nearby. This is a helpful way of making their website hyperlocal.

  24. CMK Builders

    CMK Builders has some very sharp features, including a downloadable brochure and a pleasing photo gallery. The gallery shows off all their homes, but is also sortable by feature, giving you a good custom view.

  25. Harvest Homes

    Harvest Homes highlights more than just their new residences, and that makes this website different. It also shows off their custom floor plans, home additions, and commercial options.

These homebuilders’ websites do a great job of highlighting their creativity and ability to build you a great home via excellent design and easy-to-read content. Their style is well worth emulating.

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