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30 most popular dermatologist websites for 2023

Today’s patient is used to conducting business and most services online through both computers and mobile devices. This means that your dermatology website should have information that is grouped logically on themed pages that are accessible through a menu, preferably at the top of the page in a dropdown menu. Your color scheme should consist of muted colors, and the graphics should be kept to a minimum. The following dermatology websites all have great design and functionality, and you can draw some good design ideas from them.

30 well-designed dermatologist websites that get the job done

  1. LKMD Dermatology

    LKMD Dermatology does a great job of presenting pertinent information in an aesthetically pleasing design and color scheme. Navigation is easy and intuitive, and the information is grouped logically in a top dropdown menu. The “About” page presents the business owner well.

  2. Facile dermatology + boutique

    Facile dermatology + boutique has an interesting page design that uses pastel colors. The information is clearly written, and there are separate buttons at the top of the page to shop or book an appointment.

  3. Miami Dermatology & Cosmetics

    Miami Dermatology & Cosmetics places all their important information in pages that are accessible from the menu. The main page has a side-scrolling graphical menu, and the individual pages have side menus on the right with additional links to information.

  4. HK Hooman Khorasani, M.D. Dermatalogic & Cosmetic Surgeon

    You can easily find all the information you need while visiting the HK Hooman Khorasani, M.D.Dermatalogic & Cosmetic Surgeon website. The colors and layout are pleasing, and the owner is introduced on the homepage. The navigation is clear, and there is minimal downward scrolling.

  5. Debra Price MD PA

    Debra Price MD PA has a good color scheme and the pertinent information is presented in a top dropdown menu. There are before and after pictures towards the bottom of the page, and you can find patient reviews right underneath.

  6. Smarterskin Dermatology

    When you visit the Smarterskin Dermatology website, you are immediately greeted by fresh, youthful faces. All important information is readily accessible from the menu at the top of the page, and other information is found easily further down the homepage.

  7. Cumberland SKIN Surgery and Dermatology

    Whereas many dermatological websites are presented as combination medical and spa treatments, Cumberland SKIN Surgery and Dermatology looks and works more like a purely medical site. The information is clearly presented, and there is a convenient patient portal.

  8. California Dermatology Specialists

    You are greeted with faces of varying ages when visiting California Dermatology Specialists. The relevant information is presented well, and the blue and white color scheme is nice.

  9. Nashville Skin

    It is easy to find the information you need on Nashville Skin, and the layout is logically accessible from the menu. Relevant information for their services are on the main page as well as information about the staff.

  10. Metropolis Dermatology

    Metropolis Dermatology has a slightly different approach to presenting their information. The “Contact,” “Payment” and “About” sections are given more prominence, with the other main menu items available further down as icons centered on the page. Everything is easy to find with minimal scrolling.

  11. Presidio Dermatology

    Presidio Dermatology has glowing faces of varying ages front and center on the main page. The color scheme is pleasant, and navigating the site is easy.

  12. Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

    On Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, you can easily find all relevant information by using the menus at the top of the homepage. There are also linking icons that are located further down the page. The site uses blue throughout, and the overall look of the page is professional.

  13. SkinMD

    SkinMD presents the information you need in a top dropdown menu. The graphics are nice, and the office is pictured in a manner that makes you feel like you are physically there. The colors are easy on the eyes. You can find the “Contact” and “About” sections easily, and information is further broken down into smaller links in the middle of the page.

  14. MichaelKim Dermatology

    MichaelKim Dermatology makes you feel like you are in his office. The site has a personal feel and look, and all important information is easy to find from the menu.

  15. Loven Dermatology & Aesthetics

    You can find all the information you need on the Loven Dermatology & Aesthetics homepage. The colors are muted and pleasant, and the layout is easy to follow. The information is well-written and easy to understand.

  16. Skin Associates of South Florida

    Skin Associates has a website that features a scrolling page with a stationary menu. Purple and gray are used throughout, and the physicians and their bios are displayed nicely. There is a helpful contact section at the bottom of the main page that features a form where patients can ask questions.

  17. Kwan Dermatology

    Kwan Dermatology makes use of a blog to help bring in readers. The site is well-designed with a blue color scheme, and the site features great photographs. There is also a patient review section.

  18. Aesthetics Biomedical

    The look and feel of Aesthetics Biomedical is bold and the navigation throughout the site is easy. The content menu is in the upper right corner, so it’s easily accessible. The site does a good job of presenting their mission statement on the main page.

  19. Caren Campbell MD Dermatology

    Caren Campbell MD Dermatology has an attractive website, and visitors will have no problems with navigation. The main content is available from a menu at the top of the page, and there is additional content on the main page.

  20. The Dermatology Specialists

    You will easily find all the information you need on The Dermatology Specialists website. The information is grouped in a stationary menu, and a blog helps to bring in visitors. The contact information is readily available on the homepage.

  21. Skin Center of South Miami

    Skin Center of South Miami has a good site that offers pertinent information to patients. The overall design is pleasing, and the “Contact” and “About” sections are easy to find. The dropdown menu is stationary as the user scrolls downward.

  22. DermPhysicians of New England

    DermPhysicians of New England uses a blue color scheme. Important information is easy to locate, and there are “Contact,” “About” and “Blog” sections.

  23. Epstein and Tuffanelli Dermatology and Psoriasis Center

    Everything you need to know about Epstein and Tuffanelli Dermatology and Psoriasis Center is at your fingertips. The content is organized well, and there is also a “Quick Link” section at the bottom of the page, as well as contact information.

  24. Ren Dermatology & Laser Center

    The main topics for Ren Dermatology & Laser Center are presented in a menu. There are easy to use links towards the middle of the page that feature high-quality photographs.

  25. Hollywood Dermatology & Cosmetic Specialists

    Hollywood Dermatology & Cosmetic Specialists has a website that uses great imagery and breaks up the content on the homepage so it’s easy to navigate. The contact information is displayed in the top right corner on the homepage.

  26. Ciocca Dermatology

    Ciocca Dermatology has logically grouped information that is presented in a top dropdown menu. You can easily find pertinent pages, and the site has an overall good design. The main page features an “Appointment” form at the top of the page.

  27. Pacific Skin and Cosmetic Dermatology

    The red color pattern on the Pacific Skin and Cosmetic Dermatology site is different than the more common blue/white schemes, but it works very well. All pertinent information is present in the menu at the top of the homepage, and more information is found further down the page with great linking graphics.

  28. Vitiligo & Pigmentation Institute Of Southern California

    Vitiligo & Pigmentation Institute of Southern California does a good job of displaying all the important information on their services. You can easily find what you are looking for, and there is a lot of information about the doctors.

  29. Miami Dermatology & Laser Institute

    The layout and graphical design works well on the Miami Dermatology & Laser Institute main page. All the important information is clearly presented, and the site has easy navigation.

  30. Washington Square Dermatology & Laser Institute

    All the important information you want to know can be found using the menu on the Washington Square Dermatology & Laser Institute site. The site layout and design is attractive, and the mission statement is clearly stated.

Since these are some of the best dermatologist websites in terms of design, you can use these sites as inspiration while you are designing your own dermatology website. Remember to keep it simple and functional, while putting all pertinent information front and center.

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