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25 leading mortgage lending websites for 2022

Applying for a mortgage is a life-changing decision that can affect people for decades. When a potential customer starts searching for a lender, they need assurance that your company is safe, reliable and committed to helping them buy the house of their dreams. A successful website builds trust with viewers and shows them that they can trust you to act in their best interests.

Here’s our ranking of the top mortgage lending websites for 2022

  1. Quicken Loans

    Quicken Loans greets visitors with a pop-up box inviting them to chat with a mortgage specialist. When they scroll down, they find a handy calculator that helps them estimate their mortgage payment. This adds value to the service and gives people an idea of what they might pay if they take out a loan from this lender.

  2. AmeriSave Mortgage

    AmeriSave Mortgage grabs the viewer’s attention with a picture of a new house. This makes potential home buyers think about the beautiful new house they could afford if they took out a home loan. The website also promises to give accurate quotes, not quick estimates.

  3. Better

    Better attracts visitors right away by highlighting their lack of commissions and lender fees. To the right, the website features a demonstration of how quick and easy it is to use their app. The user-friendly interface encourages viewers to sign up and see if they can get preapproved for a loan in minutes.

  4. Capital Mortgage

    Capital Mortgage uses colorful illustrations to show potential home buyers that they’re a friendly, accessible company. Viewers can easily apply for a loan by clicking the “Apply Today” button on the homepage. They also feature a “Get a Quote” button prominently in the top-right corner.

  5. Fidelity

    Fidelity uses short blocks of content and a smoothly animated header to convey a sense of intelligence and professionalism. Viewers can make the website more accessible by clicking the round red button at the right side of the page. They can also find contact information by glancing at the header or scrolling down to the footer.

  6. American Financial Network

    American Financial Network offers a picture of a happy family spending time in their kitchen, showing visitors the lifestyle they could enjoy by purchasing a house. The site presents viewers with two easy options: “Buy a Home” or “Refinance.” The site also features glowing customer reviews on the homepage.

  7. New American Funding

    New American Funding leads with a full-screen photo of a smiling family in front of their house to build positive associations with their company. The site features information about the various types of home loans and what home buyers need to know before they apply.

  8. Guild Mortgage

    Guild Mortgage uses a great photo of a father and child plus bright colors to direct the visitor’s attention to important parts of the website. A plain white background highlights the crisp images and clear blocks of content. The site also emphasizes that Guild Mortgage has been in business for 60 years, which inspires trust.

  9. Trey McClure

    Trey McClure invites viewers to get a quick quote with a simple form right on the homepage. This encourages visitors to start thinking seriously about applying for a home loan. The homepage also features a picture of the lender with a link to his profile, making him appear more familiar to the viewer. This helps to inspire confidence.

  10. Insignia Mortgage

    Insignia Mortgage shows viewers that they’re an honest, transparent company by placing their interest rates right on the homepage. They feature four types of loans for different situations. They also point out that they’ve offered over $3 billion in loans to show viewers that they’re a reliable, established business.

  11. Crown Mortgage

    Crown Mortgage starts off by promising viewers that they will never sell their loan to creditors. To add value to their company, they offer impressive statistics like the fact that they’ve been in business for 45 years. They also point out that most of the company’s business comes from referrals, suggesting that they offer great customer service.

  12. PennyMac Broker Direct

    PennyMac Broker Direct uses professionally filmed footage of neighborhoods, lenders and homeowners to convey a sense of professionalism and expertise in their field. When viewers scroll down, they find bulleted lists that explain the benefits and features of different types of loans.

  13. Neighborhood Loans

    Neighborhood Loans offers a modern layout with bold text in crisp blocks of content. The homepage uses text and diagrams to emphasize how easy it is to get preapproved for a mortgage with this lender. The site also features clients’ reviews to emphasize the company’s trustworthiness.

  14. Axxess Funding

    Axxess Funding uses a serene photo of a dream kitchen and lots of white space to create a homepage with a calm, comfortable atmosphere. The site uses short blocks of text and crisp icons to present more information about the different types of loans that they offer. It also lists the benefits of refinancing.

  15. VRM Lending

    VRM Lending greets visitors with a promise to make the home loan approval process as simple and transparent as possible. The site presents a clean, organized layout with a green-and-white color scheme. Neat text blocks explain popular loan types and what makes this lender different. Recent blog posts appear near the bottom of the homepage.

  16. LA Mortgage

    LA Mortgage invites visitors to learn more about their team so they can get familiar with the company. The site also offers several calculators that help home buyers learn more about their potential mortgage payments. If the payments are less than they expected, this can entice viewers to go with this lender. Accessibility options appear in the bottom-right corner.

  17. Camelback Mortgage

    Camelback Mortgage welcomes visitors with an appealing photo of a happy couple opening their front door. Recent blog posts educate viewers about home loans. This sends the message that Camelback Mortgage is staffed by experienced professionals. If someone needs immediate assistance, they can click the chat icon to talk to a representative or leave a message.

  18. Mortgage Capital Partners

    Mortgage Capital Partners invites the visitor to type in the name of their loan officer to get in touch with them. This immediately engages people who were referred to this company by another party. If they don’t have a loan officer, potential home buyers can click the “Get Started” button to fill out a contact form.

  19. Finance of America Mortgage

    Finance of America Mortgage starts off by assuring viewers that they have the tools to help them apply for their first mortgage. The site invites viewers to learn more about the subject before they dive in. Viewers can also learn more about their options by using their interactive mortgage calculators.

  20. Cal Mortgage Connection

    Cal Mortgage Connection uses a full-page image of a nice neighborhood to put the visitor’s mind at ease. The site allows would-be home buyers or investors to apply for a loan directly on the website or download the app if they’re more comfortable using a smartphone.

  21. CrossCountry Mortgage

    CrossCountry Mortgage uses blocks of color to highlight two important buttons: “Apply Now” and “Find a Loan Officer.” This encourages visitors to take action right away. There are also a video library and a resource center for those who want to learn more. Brief, easy-to-read text assures viewers that the company’s expert staff can help them choose the right loan.

  22. CoreVest Finance

    CoreVest Finance uses a clean blue layout on the homepage to make visitors feel relaxed and optimistic. The “Get Started” button at the top is highlighted in bright orange. When potential home buyers scroll down, they find charts and diagrams with more information about the benefits of working with CoreVest.

  23. Geneva Financial

    Geneva Financial makes a great first impression by featuring the company’s awards and accomplishments at the top of the homepage. The website also builds trust with the viewer by pointing out that Geneva Financial operates in 43 states. Scrolling down, viewers find more statistics about the company and the people they’ve helped.

  24. Silverton Mortgage

    Silverton Mortgage offers a calming, reassuring photo and message that eases some of the stress of searching for a lender. The site features short text blocks with more information about the types of loans that the company offers. Viewers can also learn about the company’s charity program.

  25. Mortgage Box

    Mortgage Box encourages visitors to sign up for free email trainings. This allows the lender to connect with potential home buyers and send them regular advertisements. A big red button is available for those who want to apply for a loan right away. Viewers can also watch a short video to learn more about the company first.

These websites exhibit the best qualities of the top mortgage lending companies: friendliness, expertise and professionalism.

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