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5 best veterinary websites of 2023

Since pets are an important addition to many families, caring for their health is paramount is every owner’s mind. A veterinary business may have expert staff and the best medical equipment in the world, but without online communication about their services, few people are likely to choose it over the competition.

Great veterinary websites get across their technical expertise without losing a personal touch to attract customers. The more personalizing elements of a veterinary practice’s website layout and content will change depending on the brand goals, region, and the particular services offered.

The veterinary websites for this post offer distinct brand characterizations and visual structures that make each business feel unique.

Top 5 best veterinary websites

  1. River City Veterinary Hospital

    River City’s close-up images of pets receiving care from the entire veterinary staff gives an immersive feeling to visitors. Veterinarians often rely on clients calling them for an appointment, and their homepage’s first call to action gives the office number right away in addition to their online scheduler in case you’re more comfortable talking with a medical professional directly. The best part of the design might be the homepage service descriptions, where treatment areas including dental, bathing, nutritional care, and behavioral care are all coupled with images of real pets from the hospital that link to more descriptive individual pages.

  2. Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic

    Burr Ridge’s site is a great example of a minimalist structure that still stands out due to elegant design choices. Their playful mix of cursive and other custom fonts give a more personalized look, which emphasizes the careful and close-contact nature of the profession. The homepage’s service bullets are impossible to miss and expand easily after clicking, and including a header link to their online pharmacy does a lot to separate them from other veterinary services. Since you can order their specialized food and select medicine options straight from the site, it puts more opportunity and control in the pet owner’s hands rather than having to go in or call ahead every time.

  3. Middlehope Veterinary Hospital

    Middlehope Vets want you to feel like part of the family, just like their homepage says! From the start, they give a sense of confidence about their practice by advertising AAHA accreditation to help customers feel secure when weighing options; since veterinarians with AAHA certifications make a 24% higher income than those that don’t, this is a great inclusion! To stay enticing, Middlehope’s header bar offers free first exams to new customers, and they have their own active Instagram page linked from the site for cute photo opportunities with pets and owners in the area.

  4. Adobe Veterinary Center

    The Adobe Veterinary Center in Tuscan, AZ, is a pretty original compared to others on this list; they treat livestock and horses in addition to more traditional pets. Via the homepage slider, the cycling photos of diverse patients and smiling owners set their services apart from other veterinarians. Their main navigation bar quickly draws distinctions from large and small animal services, with each type getting its own page for more specific information. They’re sure to dedicate a separate page to the unique Adobe Pet Resort too, a high end boarding service dedicated to keeping pets entertained and comfortable.

  5. Especially Cats

    The San Francisco-based Especially Cats is another unique veterinary business that focuses on overall feline health within an urban area. With the city’s skyline bordering their homepage’s image of two nuzzling cats, they do a great job of indirectly referencing their work region. Just below it, they clarify that they only treat cats in the area because, despite outnumbering dogs, cats receive less medical treatment on average. Since they’re so specialized, scrolling further takes visitors to a concise list of different medical services for cats specifically and a description for how cats signal health difficulties differently than other pets.

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