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17 best medical practice websites of 2022

Medical practice websites are the one type of website that has the potential of hosting every kind of user. People young and old flock to medical practice websites in order to find the best doctor for their care, view information regarding their health, pay medical bills and so much more. Therefore, medical practice websites need to be uniquely designed so that anyone and everyone can use them.

Some of the most desired features of medical practice websites are simple navigation, clean design and ease of access to information for patients. The websites included in this list of medical practice websites have been rated on those factors.

Ready to take a look at what makes a medical practice website so great? Let’s get started.

Take a look at the top medical practice websites

  1. Northwestern Medicine

    Northwestern Medicine is a medical group in Northwest Illinois that serves many suburban communities via multiple hospitals and countless doctors committed to providing the best care. Due to the fact that Northwestern Medicine serves individuals in many different communities, there is an abundance of information to display. The simple navigation and easy call to action icons on the front page of the website make it possible for anyone and everyone to find a doctor, request an appointment or access any other information they may need. Overall, Northwestern Medicine’s website is very user-friendly and self-explanatory which makes it one of the best.

  2. Kingswest Dental

    The calming blue background on the front page of the Kingswest Dental website could give even the most dental-phobic individual a sense of calm and serenity before going to get their teeth cleaned. Overall, Kingswest Dental has done an amazing job at creating a website that is both extremely attractive and functional. Notable features of the Kingswest Dental website include the bright and informative scroll of information on the front page, as well as the multiple navigations for current clients or potential clients to engage with, accessing the abundance of information on the website.

  3. Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

    Perhaps one of the most notable children’s hospitals in the midwest, if not the world, the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s hospital offers an amazing website to anyone looking to learn more about the services they provide. From the moment you land on the home screen, you are greeted with pictures of patients that tell a story about the hospital without using any words. Furthermore, the site not only has clear and simple options on the navigation menu, but it also has an amazing patient portal that can be used by families and individuals who have received or need to receive services from the hospital.

  4. Anna Family Healthcare

    Anna Family Healthcare has done a standout job at creating a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely easy to navigate. Thanks to the easy links in the navigation bar at the top of the homepage, patients of the practice can easily access information regarding their care as well as view pertinent information about the practice and download forms or paperwork that might be required for their next appointment. As one of the best medical practice websites, Anna Family Healthcare has fully achieved a website design that makes sense in the minds of many.

  5. Mayo Clinic

    Mayo Clinic is one of the best-known hospitals and medical practices in the world. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they are included in this list of best medical practice websites. Easy to use buttons on the first page of the website as well as a calming, fun color scheme on the homepage make it so that visitors can quickly get to the area of the website they are looking for, without having to click around and guess through all of the tabs at the top of the page.

  6. Lanham Neuro Psychology

    Truly a beautiful website, Lanham Neuro Psychology has hit it out of the park with their website design. Translucent pictures lay behind every screen and intriguing narratives weave through the homepage to notify every visitor about the services the practice offers and to also convince them to contact Lanham regarding their neuropsychology needs. We chose Lanham Neuro Psychology to be one of the best medical practice websites because of its ability to take a subject that is very intimidating and confusing, and make it seem warm and inviting.

  7. Arta Dermatology

    A rather simple website, Arta Dermatology efficiently displays important information regarding the dermatology practice in a way that is easy to understand for everyone. Although there is not a section of the website where individuals can easily log-in, there are simple options for accessing necessary paperwork for the next appointment and contact the office if they feel as though they need to talk to someone. On the front page of the website near the bottom, there is also a blog section used to create engagement and encourage interaction from site visitors.

  8. Arise MD

    When thinking about a medical practice website, one does not generally think of tall mountains, hiking and beautiful scenery. However, when someone visits Arise MD’s website that is exactly what they will find. Arise MD is a medical practice that focuses on providing individuals with the resources they need to live a healthy and empowered life. Because of the thoughtful design behind the website, anyone who visits is able to see what is important to the practice through the pictures and narratives woven throughout the pages. One aspect of the website that we admire in particular is its ability to empower visitors to make changes in their life, while also selling the services of the medical practice.

  9. Rush University Medical Center

    Located in Chicagoland, Rush University Medical Center is a hospital and physician network that focuses on providing the best care to the individuals around them in need. From the moment you land on the Rush homepage, you are encouraged to get started on your journey to better health by either requesting an appointment or finding a doctor to meet your needs. The Rush University Medical Center website is one of the best medical practice websites because it is clear, concise and easy to follow for people of any age.

  10. St. Clair Dental

    A bold, modern, one-of-a-kind website design is what makes St. Clair Dental stand out among other dental offices and/or medical practices with an online presence. All across the website, you will encounter pictures of smiling, bright faces encouraging you to make an appointment so you can have a great looking smile just like them. Some of our favorite elements of the St. Clair Dental website include the brightly colored sliders that roll across the front page and the illustrated icons that easily signal where visitors can learn more about the dental services they need.

  11. Weber Facial Plastic Surgery

    Although Weber Facial Plastic Surgery does not have a website with the most unique design, it is still considered one of the best medical practice websites because of its functionality. Anyone who visits the website can easily access the blog for engagement, information about the services offered by the practice, and the patient portal where they can receive information regarding upcoming appointments and their current medical status. Perhaps the most notable feature of the website, however, is the before/after photo gallery designed to encourage potential patients to take a life-changing leap and schedule a facial plastic surgery.

  12. Bates Dental

    Bates Dental is a sleek, modern, dental practice website that attracts patients of all ages through its thoughtful design. The large picture of the beautiful office interior displayed on the front page of the Bates Dental website invites visitors to book an appointment so they can experience the atmosphere for themselves. That being said, one of the best and most notable features of the website is the fact that booking an appointment or making a payment is extremely simple and easy to find.

  13. Nudge Psychology

    Filled with clever copywriting and thoughtful design elements, the Nudge Psychology website is too good to leave off the list of best medical practice websites. The ever-changing background of boulders, lakes and other scenic shots is welcoming to visitors of all varieties. At the top of the page, a simple navigation menu outlines different types of “nudges” offered by the practice. But, if you aren’t into clicking through navigation, you can simply scroll down the page and acquire all of the information you need regarding Nudge Psychology.

  14. Johns Hopkins Medical Center

    Johns Hopkins Medical Center is the top-ranked medical center in the nation for all patients. And, it has a website that compliments that title. From the front page of the website, you can easily access information regarding the center and the variety of different services offered. Like many other hospital websites, the homepage offers access to patient care information and a patient portal. However, because Johns Hopkins Medical Center is also widely known for conducting ground-breaking research, a large portion of the front page is also dedicated to displaying news stories regarding such information. This unique feature is what sets it apart from other sites and makes it one of the best.

  15. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    ‘Make An Appointment,’ ‘Find A Doctor’ and ‘Donate’ are the main calls to action on the landing page of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center website. This blue and white, traditional themed website is easy for users to navigate and offers a variety of opportunities for individuals to connect with the center. There is also a unique feature that allows site visitors to search by cancer, or diagnosis type, in order to learn more about the type of treatment the center offers for that particular disease. Likewise, individuals can also search by surgery options to obtain more information on whether or not that is a treatment they want, or need to consider. It’s these small features that make this website one of the best.

  16. Hope Therapy Center

    The Hope Therapy Center is a medical practice that specializes in providing individual, teen and couples therapy to patients in the area of Valencia, California. The Hope Therapy Center website offers an airy design that nods towards the warm climates of California. Strategically developed, the website is easy to navigate and simple to use for patients of any age. And, to encourage engagement, it offers a variety of articles and blog posts that visitors can read regarding the type of individuals the practice serves and the methods of therapy used. The Hope Therapy Center website makes our list of the best medical practice websites because it achieves functionality and beauty all under one URL.

  17. Integrated Podiatry Clinic

    Some people might consider it a miracle, but somehow the designer of the Integrated Podiatry Clinic website makes feet look good. This website offers a suggestion to all site visitors to “Put your feet in good hands” and encourages them to make an appointment to take care of the feet that take such good care of them. Although this website does a great job of telling a story through pictures of feet, it is the thoughtful layout of the language and descriptions of the services that truly sell the clinic.

If you have a medical practice website you are looking to upgrade, you can utilize the best medical practice websites as inspiration.

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