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Best ear, nose & throat (ENT) websites of 2023

An informative and engaging website can give your ENT practice a big advantage over the competition. Prospective patients will judge the quality of your website when they are deciding whether to make an appointment, so providing them with a great online experience can be an excellent way to build trust and get them in the door for that initial consultation. Here are sites that demonstrate various methods that succeed in attracting people to use ENT services.

Here are the best Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) websites

  1. South Florida ENT Associates

    The South Florida ENT Associates website does a great job of providing visitors with information without overwhelming them. The homepage breaks up each topic into bite-size chunks with a “Learn More” button for those who are interested in further details. In addition, the button to request an appointment is prominently displayed above the fold.

  2. Biltmore ENT, Facial Plastics & Allergy

    Biltmore ENT has a homepage that establishes a lot of credibility right off the bat. They proudly display the credentials of their staff on the main banner, and the first thing that their website visitors see is a large, friendly group photo of their doctors. In addition, the menu bar at the top of each page makes it easy for people to either call the practice directly or schedule an appointment online.

  3. Dr. Joel G. Cohen, M.D.

    Dr. Joel G. Cohen uses his site to give patients multiple ways to contact his practice without having to leave the homepage. As you scroll down, you can view his office hours, email address, phone number, fax number, and a list of his services. The “About Us” page on Dr. Cohen’s site serves as an online brochure of sorts, and visitors can see reviews of the practice from previous patients.

  4. North Atlanta ENT & Allergy

    North Atlanta ENT & Allergy really packs a ton of information on a series of pages describing the practice’s specialties. They’re easy to reach from a homepage menu bar, and each one has an icon you can click to open a live chat session with a staff member. Current patients can enter their patient portal with a single click.

  5. Mid-South Ear Nose & Throat PC

    It’s clear that Mid-South Ear Nose & Throat PC wanted a website that would help patients access registration forms and get answers to common billing questions without having to pick up the phone. Site visitors can also access a complete list of the practice’s services as well as its policies on everything from insurance billing to medical records and privacy.

  6. Los Angeles Center For Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy

    Los Angeles Center For Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy uses video clips to make you feel like you’re right there in the office. All the scheduling buttons—including one for virtual visits—are clearly visible, and there are links to LA ENT’s social media pages and patient reviews at the very top of each page.

  7. Vernick & Gopal, LLC

    Everything from the color scheme to the font on the website for Vernick and Gopal is clean, simple, and easy to read. The white and light blue background gives visitors plenty of space to find everything they’re looking for, and there is a convenient contact box at the bottom of every page.

  8. Greater Miami ENT

    Simply put, this site is colorful and creative without being too distracting. To help patients educate themselves on what to expect from the practice, Greater Miami ENT has a color-coded list of conditions and their treatments for people to browse.

  9. Peak Ear, Nose, Throat & Voice Center

    Peak Ear, Nose, Throat & Voice Center has a website that is a great example of what an ENT practice can accomplish with subtle design features that nudge the visitor along. At the very top of the site, the practice’s social media links, email address, and phone number turn bright white when the visitor mouses over their links.

  10. Integrated Ear, Nose & Throat

    Integrated ENT has a homepage that demonstrates the power of simplicity and natural beauty. The “Request an Appointment” button is displayed front and center against a blue-toned image of the Rocky Mountains, and the site’s overall color scheme gives a feeling of prestige and professionalism.

  11. Ear, Nose & Throat of Georgia South

    This is probably the most unusual ENT site on the list. Instead of simply using words to describe the practice’s treatment procedures, Ear, Nose & Throat of Georgia South lets website visitors click on interactive anatomical diagrams to get more information on specific concerns about the nose, ears, or throat.

  12. Chicago ENT

    The website of Chicago ENT is friendly in its presentation and has a lot of information for visitors to look through. There is a complimentary questionnaire to help prospective patients narrow down their symptoms plus a simple chat box to send the front desk a text message if someone has further questions.

  13. ENT Specialists of The Rockies

    As soon as you land on the homepage of ENT Specialists of The Rockies, the graphics on the main banner produce immediate feelings of calm. With a green and earthy color scheme, the site gently guides you through the process of scheduling your visit. Patient testimonials inspire confidence.

  14. Sinus Relief Center

    Sinus Relief Center offers a complimentary online survey for new visitors. The survey page helps reduce the site’s overall bounce rate, and a lower bounce rate produces higher search rankings over time. The site is visually appealing, with effective use of white space.

  15. South Florida ENT Associates

    The way that South Florida ENT Associates uses bullet points is distinctive and effective. Rather than making visitors sift through paragraphs, the site highlights the practice’s main selling points up front. As prospects scroll down, they can click brightly colored icons for information on specialties.

  16. Mile High Otolaryngology

    With a simple menu near the top of the homepage to engage visitors, the Mile High Otolaryngology website shows that minimalist design principles can be very effective. The contact phone number is displayed as a large hyperlink, and this link helps the practice track how many visitors convert directly into phone calls.

  17. Shea Clinic

    The website of the Shea Clinic effectively uses large blocks of white space to produce a relaxed feel that helps put visitors at ease. There are also multiple calls to action above the fold on the homepage, and it’s easy to access the practice’s Facebook page through a link that is strategically placed above the main menu.

  18. Massachusetts Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates

    The big blue tabs on the Massachusetts Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates homepage immediately draw the visitor’s attention and call them to take action without delay. It’s often difficult to produce a website that caters to both new and existing patients, but this ENT practice has succeeded in doing just that.

  19. Mani H. Zadeh, M.D.

    Practices named after a single doctor need a website that immediately establishes the practitioner as a trusted authority in his or her field. The website of Dr. Mani H. Zadeh does an outstanding job of highlighting his credentials and awards. The video interview with Dr. Zadeh beneath his biography helps visitors establish a connection with him and increases the time that people spend engaging with the site.

  20. North Shore Ear Nose and Throat

    North Shore Ear Nose and Throat has a website that uses a simple template to great effect. The site loads fast, and the slideshow on the homepage features a series of expressive pictures. Scrolling down, visitors can see engaging pictures of the practice team.

  21. Arizona ENT

    The dark-green banner at the top of each page on the Arizona ENT website gets your attention right away, and it contrasts nicely with the way the text sections are laid out in simple white boxes. The patient education portal has a convenient search feature, and this helps establish the website as a premier resource for ENT information.

  22. New England ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery

    New England ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery has a website that makes an incredible first impression. The main menu features contrasting colors to highlight different services, and the overall tone of the homepage is welcoming and warm. A text slideshow displays patient testimonials.

  23. St. Louis Sinus Center

    The St. Louis Sinus Center uses a combination of deep purple, black, and white to immediately put your eyes at ease. As you hover your mouse over each of the practice’s service descriptions, an engaging bubble slides in and prompts to you learn more.

  24. Tower ENT

    With a stunning main slideshow banner of pictures that slowly zoom out after they are displayed, the website for Tower ENT is unique among the sites on this list. The website’s copywriting is simple and powerful, but it’s the site’s visual effects that really stand out.

  25. Plymouth Ears Nose & Throat

    Medical practices don’t usually offer a free newsletter, but Plymouth Ears Nose & Throat is an exception. The main menu on this practice’s website prompts visitors to submit their email addresses and sign up for free updates, so the practice can build its marketing list at no extra cost.

  26. South Denver ENT & Allergy

    South Denver ENT & Allergy has a website that is simple, bold, and effective. A sliding display of beautiful photos accompanies the words “Rest. Breathe. Live.” The round icons for the menu of services on the homepage help save valuable real estate and make the site more mobile-friendly.

  27. AOC Head & Neck Surgeons

    A lot of ENT websites use colorful pictures in their bids for attention, but AOC Head & Neck Surgeons uses a striking series of black-and-white photos at the top of their homepage to produce a more authoritative feel. The overall design of this site is clean and powerful.

  28. Colorado Voice Clinic

    Colorado Voice Clinic & Specialty Ear, Nose and Throat has a website with an avant-garde feel and an engaging banner of testimonials. The site also has an active blog with information on a wide variety of ENT topics from robotic surgery to recipes to aid with hydration.

  29. New England Ear Nose & Throat

    With a slick design and a series of interactive graphics, the website of New England Ear Nose & Throat is a great example of how to indirectly build trust with your visitors. The site’s attention to detail reflects quite well on the practice. Boxes describing specialties and office procedures are well-organized and nicely displayed.

  30. Pacific Eye & Ear Specialists

    One of the things that immediately stands out about the website of Pacific Eye & Ear Specialists is the row of flags at the top of every page. It’s easy for patients who do not speak English as their primary language to translate the entire site into their native tongue by clicking one of these flags, and the entire process takes less than 60 seconds.

There is more than one way to design an outstanding ENT website, and the examples on this list employ diverse tricks and tactics that work well. Some of these sites use bright visuals to keep your eyes glued to every page while others take a more subtle approach. By thinking about what you want to accomplish with your site ahead of time, you can seamlessly transform it into a valuable asset for your ENT practice.

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