Best Graphic Design Instagram Pages To Get Inspired By

Like any creative pursuit, there is no right way or wrong way to go about getting things done. While some artists paint all at once, letting creativity flow through them, others live by a much more methodic strategy, coming back to the same canvas over and over again to play with the most minute of details. Graphic designers are no different. While some move fast and furiously from ideation to production, others require more time to process, wanting feedback at a variety of stages to make sure their interpretation fits.

Either way, when great graphic design happens, it’s hard to miss.

From bold and bright designs, punk vibes and romantic hints, to classic fonts and retro throwbacks, inspiring graphic design is never limited by labels. Instead, the best designers are constantly learning, testing their boundaries with the latest inspiration to see what works for them – and what doesn’t.

Wanting to stay inspired as a graphic designer? Keep the ideas flowing with inspiration from these seven best Instagram pages for graphic designers…

The 7 Best Instagram Pages for Graphic Designers

  1. @velvetspectrum 

    Welcome to the imagination of Luke Choice, an Australian artist who is currently living in Astoria, Oregon. Known for his bright and bold color schemes and futuristic and fun typography, Choice is constantly innovating within the world of graphic design. Focusing on “visual storytelling”, the work produced by his creative studio, Velvet Spectrum, is wonderfully three dimensional, making a big statement while simultaneously inviting you in. His work, which has been used by brands like Ray-Ban, Google, Adidas, HBO, and Infiniti, is so complex that you can visit the same piece again and again, learning something new as you take note of all of the subtleties.

  2. @heystudio 

    A popular design studio from Barcelona, Hey Studio is more of an attitude than it is a company – although it’s that, too. Using visuals to communicate without language, the Spanish studio relies on bright colors and geometric forms to tell stories. Their work, which has been used on everything from posters to packaging, comes across as the perfect blend of playful and professional. Hey Studio, which began in 2007, primarily focuses on helping businesses of all sizes create memorable branding. And, because of their intense passion and detail, the results aren’t just beautiful – they defy borders, something that is incredibly important for businesses that engage a global community online. (And, as an added bonus for design lovers, the studio also runs HeyShop, which features a stunning collection of their designs on clothes, posters, and books.)

  3. @ornamentalconifer 

    Featuring the distinct work of designer Nicolai Sclater, Ornamental Conifer blends design and typography to create tempting eye candy for anyone who’s even remotely visually curious. Playing with dimension, Sclater’s designs have the power to stop you in your tracks – a feature that’s priceless to businesses. Some of his most popular works feature bold one-dimensional font as the backdrop for an eye-grabbing three-dimensional font, which looks like it has been laid down painstakingly with ribbon. Almost always working with the power of illusion, Sclater’s designs won’t just give you inspiration – they’ll remind you exactly why you got into the design world in the first place.

  4. @mikeperrystudio

    An Emmy-award winning artist whose work has been featured on the hit show Broad City, Mike Perry’s Instagram page will encourage you to push your boundaries as an artist. Not afraid to step outside of the box, Perry’s designs are an abstract expression of reality, playing with moods, emotions, thoughts, and dreams in wild colors. Dedicated to “making art for everyone”, Perry crosses cultures with his vibrant designs, reminding everyone that the more we allow ourselves to imagine, the more we have in common. (As an added treat, the artist’s website is equally fun to explore.)

  5. @steveespopowers

    A self-proclaimed “blues painter”, Steve ESPO Powers uses “sharp shapes and punchy typography” to inspire designers from around the world (100k of them on Instagram to be exact). Reminiscent of classic pop-art design with a decidedly modern update, Powers’ feed features his work as well as a behind-the-scenes look into his artist’s life. His personal posts, which are as tongue-in-cheek as his designs, are as equally fun to see as his latest artistic endeavors.

  6. @joncontino

    Offering a raw and sometimes dark approach to design, Jon Contino has made a name for himself as a “hell-bent” artist committed to “bringing pure emotion” back to businesses and branding. The Chief Creative at Contino Studio (@continostudio), his work reminds you that being edgy isn’t a bad thing, especially when it comes to carving out a niche for yourself in business. Rather than making “art for everyone”, Contino understands that it’s entirely okay to be divisive. While his art and graphic designs won’t appeal to everyone, the people who love them will really love them – and sometimes those factions are even more powerful.

  7. @beccaclason

    Taking a unique approach to graphic design, Utah-based artist Becca Clason uses “tactile lettering” and stop motion to create full-on experiences with her audience. Using everything from food to wooden blocks, Clason’s art is based in the real-world – and then translated beautifully to the digital. Her creative production studio (@somightystudio) is another source of design inspiration, revealing her latest collaborations with @joshclason.

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