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Top 20 countertop installation websites for 2023

Grabbing a customer’s attention within seconds is vital once they open your website. With thousands of web offerings for most products, focusing on a well styled and informative website is a priority.

Customers searching for countertops are ready to make a significant long-term investment. Your business could have one shot at being a customer’s countertop supplier. When they visit your website to shop, they expect clarity in choices, easy navigation and value for the time they spend there. The sites featured here do a great job of accomplishing all these objectives.

The best countertop installation websites of 2023

  1. Planet Stone

    The first thing you see on the Planet Stone site is a photo of a satisfied customer. All the images are welcoming and set against contrasting backgrounds. The customer’s eye is drawn to the photography, which features links for more information.

  2. Stone Edge

    Right off, Stone Edge shows a countertop at an attractive angle. In the middle of the screen is a button you can click to see a full gallery of residential and commercial projects. Further down the page are customized room options. Overall, the site offers visitors a personalized shopping experience.

  3. Stone Shop

    The message sent by the Stone Shop site is one of beauty, elegance and upscale counterwork. It’s an effective statement that calls to the desired clientele. There are many means to navigate the site which visitors will appreciate.

  4. Steadfast Stone Crafters

    The photo at the top of Houston’s Steadfast Stone Crafters shows a beautiful example of their stonework, which includes a variety of countertops. Separate sections of the homepage invite the visitors to learn more about the firm’s design, fabrication and installation services. A project gallery and contact information are easy to find.

  5. Choice Granite

    The visitor’s eyes are treated to a very clean view upon opening the Choice Granite site. Information is readily available and easy to access. Especially useful is the Our Story section, which makes potential customers feel welcome and explains what sets this business apart from its competitors.

  6. Rock Fin Countertops

    Rock Fin Countertops opens their site showing they’ve been in business a long time. This inspires confidence. Scrolling down, visitors see every style of natural and engineered stone available, which gives them a chance to decide quickly what style would be best for their needs.

  7. The French Quarry

    The French Quarry uses a beautiful professional-quality photo to welcome potential customers and give them a feel for the type of stonework they do. The colors are warm and inviting. A free consultation is offered right on the homepage. Overall, it’s an easy-to-use page for a specific type of customer.

  8. Urban Countertops

    The unique aspect of the Urban Countertops site is the scrolling that encompasses photos of various styles and a brief guide to each style. It’s a learning tool for a prospective customer, who could then feel free to browse.

  9. Great Concept Granite

    Great Concept Granite has a rather basic site, which could appeal to potential customers who don’t like complexity. All the essentials are there: available types of countertops and services, popular materials, a slideshow gallery, contact information and customer reviews to inspire confidence.

  10. Giallo Stone

    Giallo Stone has a clean appeal and does a nice job of showing the company’s full capabilities and versatility. Visitors can see that this business not only does every room in the home but also caters to restaurants and stadiums. It’s a good way to show the wide range of their craft.

  11. Houston Granite Guy

    Houston Granite Guy opens with a stunning slideshow of kitchen and bathroom remodels that makes the visitor want to learn more. A prominent button at the top of each webpage invites you to request a quote. Scrolling down, you see more indoor and outdoor stonework plus positive customer reviews.

  12. Colonial Marble & Granite

    Opening the Colonial Marble and Granite page invites the visitor to choose from various layouts, colors and materials and watch their custom-designed kitchen or bathroom come to life. This is an attractive feature as well as a subtly effective way to gain a new customer.

  13. New Stone Design

    The first thing you see as the New Stone Design site loads is a short form to submit for a free quote. This company puts its reputation right on the homepage. Flanked by gorgeous examples of work, they tout their customer ratings and reputation for being a top Chicago area installer of high-quality, affordable countertops.

  14. River City Rocktops

    River City Rocktops introduces the visitor to a wide array of options to get the work started. A video tour of the showroom is a bonus for the potential customer who wants to browse through lots of options. It’s almost like shopping in real life, and a button to click for a consultation is right at hand.

  15. California Countertop

    California Countertop displays sharp photos of various rooms with beautiful countertops. The photos show styles from traditional to modern, allowing the potential customer to know they meet many needs. The Why Choose Us? statement is well placed and convincing.

  16. Tilmar Design

    Shortly after a slideshow highlighting the types of work Tilmar Design does, a chat box offers an opportunity to speak with a live agent immediately. There’s a contact form at the bottom of the homepage for those who want to get in touch later. Easy-to-read text blocks introduce the company and give reasons to hire them.

  17. Grand Stone

    Grand Stone presents a basic site with excellent photography. A “Learn More” button high on the homepage leads to a contact form, map, office hours and staff phone numbers. You can also view an extensive gallery of their work.

  18. Granite Selection

    Granite Selection immediately lets you know it has the largest selection of kitchen countertop stones in the Chicago area. A slideshow displays some of them as well as a worker doing an installation. The many visuals offer lots of useful information to visitors.

  19. Granite Karma

    Look to Granite Karma for a good example of a clean-looking site with some darker elements. The photos are well placed and informative. 3-D bathroom and kitchen “visualizers” gives visitors an opportunity to see their options from all angles. A list of promises to customers inspires trust.

  20. MGT Stone

    MGT Stone features a slew of information that both educates potential customers and helps narrow their choices. The green, teal and tan colors on this site enhance the focus on natural stones. Customers are welcome to leave contact information for ease of connection.

Educating your customers, allowing them easy access for contacting your business and showing a variety of your work are vital to a successful countertop installation site. Websites like these do half the sales work for the business.

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