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25 most popular cosmetic surgery websites in 2023

With millions of Americans having some sort of cosmetic procedure every year, plastic surgery has become more popular than ever. Many plastic surgery practices are looking for new ways to market themselves. Just as with any other type of company, websites are a critical part of a plastic surgeon’s marketing efforts. Here are 25 cosmetic surgery websites you might learn a thing or two from.

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  1. Carmony Oral, Facial & Implant Center

    The Carmony Oral, Facial & Implant Center has an exceptionally striking picture when you first check out the website. You see muted colors and a gorgeous woman who has presumably had some surgery. This picture draws you right in. The menus work very nicely, but the best part of this website is the procedures section, which lists a huge array of procedures and what they involve.

  2. Visage Surgical Institute

    Visage has a nice website with a sharp color scheme, very nice pictures, and a chatbot that allows you to ask questions. It also allows you to book a 3D simulation or video consultation. These features make it clear that Visage offers an array of ways to help you.

  3. Prischmann Facial Plastic Surgery

    The website for Dr. Jessica Prischmann advertises a variety of facial and reconstructive surgeries. The homepage emphasizes Dr. Prischmann — there’s a quote from her as well as a prominent link inviting you to get more info on the doctor. This is a good way of using design to inspire confidence in the provider.

  4. Rowe Aesthetics

    The Rowe Aesthetics website is completely white, save for a gorgeous woman. The design does such an excellent job of focusing on the person that it catches anyone’s attention. The rest of the website is simple and understated — in a good way.

  5. VIP Plastic Surgery

    VIP Plastic Surgery uses a sharp video of an attractive man and woman to draw in the user. Below, you find an excellent photograph of the head surgeon. There is a nice hyperlink right off the bat that allows you to click for more information.

  6. Rapaport Plastic Surgery

    Rapaport Plastic Surgery is operating in the highly competitive New York market. This makes one of its key features — choosing to highlight magazines they have been quoted in — a very smart decision designed to show prestige and expertise.

  7. Shafer Clinic

    The Shafer Clinic has one of the few websites on this list to operate a large front page. However, the longer you scroll, the more interesting information that pops up. It all loads so smoothly that you want to keep reading.

  8. Eppley Plastic Surgery

    Dr. Eppley is featured prominently on his website, and with good reason. The first thing that the website establishes is that Dr. Eppley is a worldwide expert with 25 years of practice under his belt. This certainly gives you more faith in his abilities.

  9. Gawley Plastic Surgery

    The Gawley Plastic Surgery homepage uses a background video that shows the doctors as well as their qualifications and experience. Thankfully, none of this distracts from the wide array of information on the site. It tastefully leads into a section about the staff members.

  10. Care Plastic Surgery

    The black, white, and purple color scheme on the Care Plastic Surgery site really grabs your attention. However, it does not clash with the wealth of information about booking a virtual consultation. The link to the results gallery also encourages users to explore more.

  11. Douglas S. Steinbrech

    The Douglas S. Steinbrech website uses a pretty provocative picture to get your attention, but once it has it, it doesn’t let go. There’s a wide array of options on the menu, including media features and a nice gallery of before and after pictures.

  12. David B. Reath

    Dr. Reath’s website uses a slimmer format that is clearly mobile-friendly, but it works well. Scrolling down reveals nice, easily clickable graphics that highlight surgical procedures and financing options. Of course, there’s a lot of info provided on David B. Reath, MD. There’s even a link inviting you to ask him a question.

  13. Florida Plastic Surgery Group

    The Florida Plastic Surgery Group website leans heavily into its Florida location, using pictures of women in bikinis at the beach. It also has great video introductions that allow you to meet the four practitioners at this office.

  14. Houston Faces

    Sharp, soft pictures scroll here, but the Houston Faces website understands something that many others don’t: Not everyone who is looking for plastic surgery is trying to be a model. It uses real people, including seniors, in its scrolling pics. This makes this website much more relatable and accessible to a wider audience.

  15. LidLift

    The first thing you notice on the LidLift website is a beautiful model standing in front of a white background with flowers. The turquoise text jumps out perfectly. Scrolling down reveals an array of helpful information as well as a great video clip by the doctor.

  16. Donaldson Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Solutions

    What really grabs your attention on the Donaldson Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Solutions website is the menu. This information displayed is perfect and easy to find, and the way it highlights patient reviews gives you faith in the clinic’s abilities. It also has a frequently updated blog that gives out some very helpful information.

  17. Sieber Plastic Surgery

    Sieber has a simple site that does a great job of using spacing to showcase its pictures, texts, and links. Everything here is very easy to find. There is also a button that allows you to schedule a consultation with no hassle, encouraging visitors to get in touch with the doctor.

  18. Cosmetic Surgical Center

    The Cosmetic Surgical Center uses two menus to allow users to read more about the practice as well as the specific types of surgery that they offer. You can also scroll down and click on a variety of pictures for more information about the doctors, procedures for men and women, and patient testimonials.

  19. Amirlak Plastic Surgery

    The background video on the Amirlak Plastic Surgery homepage features a woman peaking around the corner, but it makes it look like she is checking out the menu of the webpage. It’s a simple yet very clever way of getting attention.

  20. North Texas Plastic Surgery

    The North Texas Plastic Surgery website has some fantastic formatting. Everything is center aligned and divided into easy-to-scan columns, allowing you to read about the doctors, the procedures they offer, and more.

  21. Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery

    The scrolling background images featured by Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery show a great variety of pictures, office space, and more. The menu is reduced, so you can really see the pics on this one. Furthermore, there is a fantastic gallery of before and after photos that allow visitors to see the work of this practice.

  22. Dr. Alexander & Co.

    Dr. Alexander & Co does something a little different: They go out of their way to highlight options for men. There’s even a section that is dedicated exclusively to the procedures for guys. This is a great way of not only summarizing their options but also making men more comfortable with the idea of plastic surgery.

  23. H/K/B Surgeons

    The H/K/B Surgeons site is another website that leans heavily on the credibility and expertise of their doctors. It is smoothly designed and has scrolling menus that allow you to learn more about the professionals who will perform the surgeries.

  24. David Morales, M.D.

    The David Morales, M.D website runs like many others, allowing you to scroll down for more useful content. It also has a nice button that provides a safety update on certain implants, making it clear that the doctor here cares deeply about the safety of his patients.

  25. Capizzi, M.D.

    As soon as you visit the Capizzi, M.D. website, you’ll be offered a virtual consultation. You can fill out a small form and immediately schedule the appointment. You can also click a “shop” button and immediately purchase a variety of gift cards, injectables, and skin care kits. These are great methods for turning leads into clients.

These websites do a great job of combining high-quality content, fantastic design, and useful information.

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