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9 Best Church Websites (December 2019)

Building and maintaining a faith-based community takes more than just the efforts of one person, but a church’s website can help find great members and isolate what’s unique about a given church’s culture.

Churches offer everything from religious and community support to charity programs to youth involvement and leadership opportunities, so it’s important that your church’s site articulates its primary services are so you can quickly narrow down your audience.

The churches below are some of the best-marketed we could find, with unique graphical choices, service descriptions, and life philosophies to catch your spirit and eye.

  1. Terra Nova Church

    The Terra Nova Church website stands out from more traditional styles with heavier graphical elements and a unique gray, orange, and blue color palette. Their slogan is immediately visible from the homepage and each of their locations has its own clickable icon just below it. These lead to handy sub-pages that act as a smaller versions of the community without losing the overall connectedness of the church.

  2. Cumberland Community Church

    One of the first options offered on The Cumberland Church site is to switch the text from English to Spanish, a great way to let visitors know that more than one language is welcome in the local culture of their faith. Scrolling down the homepage brings visitors to a regularly updated community events sub-page and a database of stream-able sermons. The navigation menu is easy to use and offers a lot of options for better understanding their church’s mission from musical, life group, counseling perspectives, and more.

  3. Planet Shakers

    If your church is part of a network of community churches, or an especially large church like a megachurch, using a site like the Planet Shakers as a model is a fantastic approach. Such communities often offer live music and stage performances, and Planet Shakers’s database of concerts and live-streaming services offers a way for members to stay connected wherever they are. Their navigation menu is easy to read from the header bar and all their calls to action address contextual questions consistent with different section descriptions as you scroll.

  4. The Village Church

    The focus on realism for The Village Church design helps capture those moments of sincerity and passion their visitors may most want in a community. Their homepage is filled with positive action shots from moments of worship, work, and play to show the diversity of involvement and fullness of life in their members. The style’s crisp and clean look benefits from a hamburger nav menu with handy drop=down sections for an extra touch of user-friendliness. Their good use of white place lets their images and short descriptions take center focus.

  5. Hope Centre

    Based in Australia with six different locations, the 80-year old church Hope Centre has a minimalist and versatile design. Loading just as well across mobile devices, the homepage’s video loop of the latest high definition sermon just behind their first call to action is concise and unmissable. Each of their header bar options describe unique aspects of the church network, including charity opportunities, their origin, and current ways to connect. Scrolling down, their grid-style look for sections like testimonials lets members use professionally taken self-portraits and video clips as buttons to their descriptive sub-pages.

  6. Hill City RVA

    The Hill City site is probably the most welcoming and joyous site on the list. With a homepage video loop of happy-going partiers coupled with their main slogan and service schedule, it’s a compact and compelling amount of information to get all at once. Their homepage sections have a fun fade-in animation, and their simple navigation layout lets new visitors find exactly what they’re looking for quickly. With links to their social media pages and a page dedicated to community youth activities, visitors know community involvement is a big part of this church. For delightful, cheery content and colors, Hilly City is a great example to take inspiration from.

  7. One Church

    One Church’s network spans five Florida locations and puts a lot of focus on video and stylized photography for its website. Their homepage video loops a sign for the church in a gentle breeze with members walking casually by. This lets the church define their more relaxed atmosphere and put emphasis on the center-screen slogan, “come together.” They also offer individual scroll sections to affiliated faith institutions, including 2nd – 12th grade private schools local to the area.

  8. The Life Church

    Located in San Angelo, TX, The Life Church offers a fundamental part of their faith right from the homepage: the ease of attending. Their uniquely large homepage description describes that all backgrounds are welcome and that their doors are always open. Part part of their homepage banner, their calls to action button invites visitors to join their services and provides the times and locations. Their regular young adult ministries and live band performances make attending look exciting and personally gratifying.

  9. Calvary New Testament Church

    The Calvary Church puts power in visitor hands with a slogan that’s more traditional to biblical scripture. They emphasis closely following the bible in their sermons and lessons, and their homepage’s first call to action links to live streams of their services. Their declaration of faith is detailed and individuating so visitors know what makes their community unique, and their events page includes playful pictures of their members during radio broadcasts along with the schedule for the current program.

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