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10 Best Dental Practice Websites (January 2020)

While everyone benefits from heading to the dental office for a regular checkup, even as adults visiting your dentist of choice can feel a little harrowing. There’s often a sense of anxiety for dental treatments, including anticipating an uncomfortable procedure, worrying if you’re treating your mouth as well as you should, and whether the practice you’re with best meets your needs.

The greatest dental practice websites help make customers feel welcome and thoroughly describe their specialty services in accessible language that helps readers navigate different technical possibilities. They often attract new customers with bright, compelling imagery of smiling patients and a values statement that make the staff feel personable and inviting within a discipline that doesn’t always show putting the customer’s foot — or teeth — forward.

The Top 10 Best Dental Practice Websites of January 2020

  1. Ueno Dental Center

    Ueno’s design does great work referencing their California location with a broad main landing image of urban decor and and high resolution photography of their actual practice, all of which is scroll-able on the homepage slider. Their concise, black and white aesthetic helps keep things looking clean, direct, and organized, all of which are perfect for a dental practice to show visitors. Their descriptive sub-pages of their specific doctors, their specialties, and other staff helps gain a little trust with new customers by personalizing their center’s experience to make the environment a little more comfortable.

  2. Adara Surgical Institute

    The Adara Surgical Institute has an unusually stylish design for a company with “surgical” and no other signals for specifying their services in the title. Since they market advanced cosmetic dental and facial surgeries, their cursive header font and images of professional models throughout help describe their sets of expertise as a business: they offer both elegant solutions for purely cosmetic surgeries, but also functional reconstructions for advanced dental and skin care dysfunction. Especially important for a company with many different specialties, their custom menu helps new visitors find thorough descriptions of each unique service and the pricing they offer.

  3. Metropolitan Orthodontics

    The website for Metropolitan Orthodontics takes no prisoners with understanding its location — the design deploys famous landmarks and the cityscapes of Minneapolis throughout the landing slider so visitors feel at home with the region. Each of their four offices has a menu button just below the homepage image, and detailed information on each type of procedure they offer has its own page. They offer an extensive series of patient sub-pages that cover questions about everything from insurance practices, upcoming improvements to dental technology, and recent videos of patients local to the offices.

  4. Grace Dental

    With a light pastel palette, Grace Dental takes a uniquely hot-dog design approach with its vertical image sliders that offer two information sections per slide with full screen width instead of more narrowed scrolling. Their landing page focuses on directing visitors to their header bar with all their service sections and staff description pages. To further personalize a business with a catchy name, customers have the ability to watch videos of Dr. Hadaegh and go on a virtual tour with him through the office space. Smartly, the Grace Dental homepage gives links to specific services most common to their practice.

  5. Westlake Smile Studio

    Westlake Smile’s design offers a heavily image-based presentation that focuses on the beautiful and esteem-building outcomes of their work. The site’s lighter colors and friendly faces of their staff make a welcoming entry for visitors. Their featured services section is hard to miss since it has a call to action on each page, and the business’s primary contact information and appointment scheduler are all easily accessible from the homepage. As a whole, the beauty-focused soft minimal design lets customers know exactly what sort of work the studio specializes in and how their customers feel.

  6. Massih Orthodontics

    The contrasting color choices for Massih Orthodontics (black and turquoise) are fantastic for making the images pop and giving a fresh-looking edge to their smiling customers. The geometric layout and custom icon designs make the whole practice look new, and their calls to action are cleverly placed throughout to stay noticeable via text, but blend in with the overall color and shape choices per page for immersiveness. Their “Before and After” gallery really helps customers set realistic goals for both pricing and general outcomes related to their business.

  7. Cedar Village Dentistry

    With a video montage that zooms out to show the practice’s location and customers of all kinds in their care, the Cedar Village Dentistry sets up customers for a comfortable visit. The business’s pro bono work is emphasized to show community impact, and the calming white and orange color choices make it easy to feel welcome. Their “patient stories” slider lets visitors watch enthusiastic customer testimonials and get a better grasp on how they treat each person individually and evaluate best methods for a given dental goal.

  8. Glo Modern Dentistry

    Based in Los Angeles, CA, Glo Modern Dentistry has some tough cosmetic surgery competition in a city notorious for looking great and staying up to date on beauty care. Their homepage’s first tagline describes it as the best cosmetic dentistry in Hollywood, which helps define the company’s level of individual care and their surgeons’ skills. The site quickly notes the primary oral physician’s 5-star rating online and her history of aesthetic dental workmanship. There’s a whole sub-page devoted to better explaining common dental concerns and what the best approaches are to resolving them, and new patients can get a deal on whitening services if they sign up through the website.

  9. Embassy Dental

    The central navigation bar for Embassy Dental organizes all their services, contact information, and staff descriptions in the most clear way among any on our list. Each sub-page has a cartoon-ish graphic button right under the homepage slider, and scheduling appointments has three call to action buttons on each page, one of which follows as you scroll. All seven of their company’s locations are represented in thumbnails with images of their physical locations for specificity, and the site’s description of same-day emergency services help it stand out from the crowd.

  10. Great Smile For Life

    With a catchy name, Great Smile For Life customers are greeted with bright, bold colors from their large images of happy customers. Their custom-designed invisible tooth aligners are sleek-looking and described multiple times on the homepage for clarity about their most recent products. The site’s structure includes price information right on the homepage, and scrolling down takes visitors to their scrolling testimonials section and how to best contact them. Their “free consultation” offer for new customers is impossible to miss from the colorful header bar, and their description of why using a board certified orthodontist rather than an online dentist is thorough and informative.

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