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8 reasons why your business needs us

Choosing to build a WordPress website for your business is one of the best decisions you can make to help your brand grow and succeed.

The next best decision is choosing an intelligent and experienced team to tackle your WordPress website development. As you’ve probably realized, the internet is filled with people wanting to create a website for you. One Google search for “website designer” brings back 16.5 million results.

Even a more niche search, say “best WordPress website developer” gives you over 16,000 results to sift through.

And, while we won’t get in the way of your sifting, we’ll also give you a better option: us.

Freshy is a leader in WordPress website development. In fact, were experts, specialists, professionals – and just about any other impressive synonym you can think of.

But we didn’t get this good overnight. We’ve dedicated ourselves to learning the ins and outs of WordPress, innovating design and re-thinking features to create stunning websites people love.

We strive to get better every day because of one very specific thing: YOU.

As a member of the Freshy client family, YOU matter. Which, by association, means that your website does too.

At Freshy, we want to create a website just for you. And, if you give us a shot, we know we’ll build one you and your customers love.


Here are 8 reasons why choosing Freshy for your WordPress website development will be the best business move you make all month.

  1. Our Talented Team – We believe in not being Jacks-of-all-Trades. We search for people on our team who are niche specialists, who understand every inch of their WordPress corner, because we know these people are the ones who can help us the most. When you work with Freshy, you are choosing to work with one of the most talented teams in the United States. We’re not a one-man-show – we’re a multi-passionate, multi-talented, dynamic team of individuals that, when brought together, can do amazing things with your website.
  2. Beautiful Website Design – WordPress websites, in general, are more attractive than other websites out there. But, if you let us get our hands on it, we’ll be able to create a website that really turns heads. When we develop and build your website, we balance functionality and features with aesthetics, ensuring that every detail is visually pleasing. As more and more people become accustomed to doing business online, they up their standards. If you want to impress your business’s customers, you need to be able to deliver a professional website that looks as good as it works. Gone are the days of slapping up websites and still getting sales – the audience online today is too smart. Take a look at our portfolio of projects and, if you like what you see, know that we can deliver the same, beautiful results for your business.
  3. Happy Clients – In some ways, a business is only as good as its customers say it is. That’s why at Freshy, we strive to make every customer a happy one. We’ll go above and beyond every time to create results you’ll really love. Each step of our website development process helps us to ensure that you are more than satisfied with your finished website. And, because we work hard for each and every one of our customers, they leave awesome reviews in return. We post a variety of our testimonials here so you can see that we really do what we say we will. Because, in business, walking the walk is the only way to guarantee lasting success.
  4. Site Mockups – Part of the reason our website development process delivers such great results is that we rely on site mockups to help you visualize what you want your final site to look like. This is the best way for us to really understand what you want – and for you to actually see what we’re thinking. As we get closer to finishing your site, we also offer multiple revision rounds so you can make all the adjustments and changes you need.
  5. Complete Setup – Because our team is so incredible, when you work with Freshy we take care of every piece of your website design and development. Unlike other designers, who can leave you hanging out to dry, we guarantee that you have everything you need to fully operate (and understand) your WordPress site. And, if you have questions, we’re always here to answer them.
  6. Secure Hosting – Worried about finding the right host for your site? When you work with Freshy, we take care of your hosting too. Secure and reliable, we do everything the best hosts do and then some to keep your site up and loading fast. In addition to this hosting, we also provide our customers with security monitoring and nightly data backups.
  7. SEO Audits – Freshy and WordPress go together like peanut butter and jelly because we both share our love of SEO. While WordPress is known to be one of the best platforms for SEO, Freshy is known to make it even better. To help you improve your search engine ratings (and get all of the traffic you need to your site), we can run SEO audits on your website to ensure its visibility is even better. In addition, a clear set of goals and objectives are created for your individual site before we start designing to give your website incredible SEO results.
  8. Custom Projects – While we offer three convenient packages on our website (ranging from 4 to 12 page websites), we are happy to take on custom projects if we feel like it’s a good fit. If you are interested to see how our WordPress specialists can help your business’s website, just get in touch with our team and let us know what you’re thinking!

Ready to freshen up your current website or create something brand new for your business?

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