Breakdown Of The SB Slick Slider Plugin

When I last used this Plugin, I realized the documentation on it is extremely limited. The settings aren’t super user-intuitive for first time users either. Here’s a breakdown of some of the basic setup steps!

Basic Info/Demo

Slick was developed by Ken Wheeler, and adapted for Divi by Sean Barton.

Ken Wheeler’s demo: kenwheeler.github.io/slick/

Sean Barton’s demo/info: docs.tortoise-it.co.uk/sb-slick-slider-module/

In a nutshell, this plugin brings WordPress content (posts, featured images, WooCommerce items, etc) into a carousel slider. Then you’ll download the Plugin from the Elegant Marketplace website.


First, you have to set up a Divi Layout that shows the slider what info to pull in and where for each individual product, post, etc. There are different SB Slick slider modules in the Divi builder for each piece.

Here, you can see which modules line up with their respective parts on the front end.

Making the Carousel

Now, we need to add the slider part. On the page where you want the slider to go, add a SB Slick Loop Archive module.

Go into the module and configure the settings. Here’s a breakdown of each part:

  • Loop Layout: Select the title of the Divi Library layout you just created.
  • Post Type: Choose the post type being pulled in.
  • Posts Number: How many total posts you want to rotate through the slider.
  • Offset Number: Typically 0, only used to skip posts.
  • Include Taxonomy Only: If you are filtering by Category or Tag, this tells the slider which one. Example: product_tag.
  • Include Taxonomy Terms: This is where you put the slug of the category or tag.
  • Slides to Show: How many posts you want to show per slide.
  • Slides to Scroll: Typically the same as Slides to Show.

There are other settings you can adjust, but they are more self-explanatory.

Once you click Update, the Slider should appear and work fine! :)

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