5 Things You Didn’t Know WordPress Gravity Forms Do

If you have a website created by FreshySites, you probably have the plugin Gravity Forms installed on your site. It is our preferred method to handle contact forms, request a quote forms, and any other forms you may need. What you may not know is how robust this WordPress plugin is and how many other things you can do with it.

  1. Accepting Online Payments or Donations

    You typically don’t need a full blown eCommerce platform like WooCommerce to collect payment from your customer. At the minimum, you need an account with a payment processor like Stripe or PayPal, and then we build out the form with your chosen form fields and add a credit card section. Once the form is submitted you can email your customer a receipt.

    Other things you can sell are tickets for events, or even shippable products that require a flat rate shipping rate.

  2. Conditional Logic

    Conditional Logic is referring to when you are filling out a form and, depending on what you choose, other fields may appear or disappear. For example, if you are asked “How did you hear about us?” and you choose the answer “Other”, a new field appears underneath asking for you to type the details.

    This can have many applications. Another example is if you own a local shop that performs deliveries, but choose to only deliver within certain zip codes. You would want a form where customers need to enter their zip code and if they are not within your delivery area, you have a message appear like this:

    There are over 42,000 zip codes in the USA, so it wouldn’t be ideal to create a conditional logic that looks like “If Zip Code entered is 13057, then show this message”. Instead you’d take your list of approved zip codes and create the logic, “If Zip Code entered is not 13119, then show this message”.

  3. Email Marketing

    If you are familiar with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, then you know they provide you with sign up forms that you can place anywhere so people can subscribe to your mailing list. Gravity Forms provides integration with these platforms so you can customize your form to look exactly how you want, without using Mailchimp or Constant Contact’s forms at all. This is ideal since all your forms will live in the same place and they can all have the same look and feel. Otherwise, the Mailchimp/Constant Contact form will be styled differently. Plus, if you ever need to troubleshoot, you know where to look for the form since it will be with all of your other website forms.

  4. Integration with WooCommerce

    Depending on what you’re selling, you may need to collect more information from the customer while they are on the product page. For example, if you are a shop that creates wedding programs and you need to know what colors, cardstock, and wording the customer would like, you can use Gravity Forms to create this type of form and add it to the product page, like so:

  5. Gravity Perks

    Gravity Forms is a very popular WordPress plugin that other developers have created add-ons for. Gravity Wiz is one of those developers and they have created a large library of over 30 add-ons, or Gravity Perks, to choose from.

    The perk, GP Nested Forms, is particularly useful. This is typically used for forms that need the user to be able to thoroughly provide details and information, without limiting them to the amount of entries they can add. If you just give them a large text box to enter their info in, there is a chance they will not provide all the info you ask for.  But, with Nested Forms, you can make the form fields required.

    An example of this is a registration form where a team of people want to sign up for an event, but don’t want to submit a new form for each member.
    Or if it’s a medical form and the customer needs to list out their family medical history, their own medical emergencies or surgeries, etc. this would be the method to go about collecting that information.


There are way more features than what we’ve included above. Gravity Forms has their own set of add-ons too, such as integrations with Zoho, FreshBooks, Dropbox, Zapier, and more.

Feel free to reach out to our FreshySites team if you have a question on what Gravity Forms is capable of!

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