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Introducing: The Freshy Knowledge Base

No one likes going it alone. Picture this: You’re attempting to make an update or looking to enhance your website. Then you realize you don’t know where to start. Did you really think we were gonna let you go through this alone?

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Creating a memorable customer experience since day 1

Freshy has helped get your website on its feet — now what?

Support with us is like a baton race — the handover needs to be seamless and we’re here to do just that. You can count on us to guide, assist and advise. As you grow, learn and adapt to your business’ needs, we do too!

On the Freshy Knowledge Base, you can expect to see how-to articles to help complete edits from start to finish with ease — such as basic changes, like adding more content, or updating a photo with easy to follow steps — and pictures too!

Up-to-date Terms and Process summaries are available to review year-round on the KB as well — keeping you in the know — plus much much more!

Updated monthly, our Knowledge Base provides all the essentials for your websites’ current and future needs in one convenient place.

Here’s a basic summary of everything the FS KB offers:

  • Getting Started

    Find out how to login, update user info & get started using your site.

  • Basic Guides

    How-to guides for your website’s builder (Divi*), editing text, images, videos & more!

  • Training Videos

    Step-by-step live-action instructions to help you succeed in all your editing endeavors.

  • SEO

    Understand Search Engine Optimization & Google Analytics better.

  • eCommerce

    Get the help you need for your PayPal, Stripe or WooCommerce functionality.

  • Review

    Find more info about support & our Website Term summaries.

All of this goodness is only helpful if it shortens the time it takes you to complete your goal. For the information you need now, a month from now, and beyond — we’ve got you covered!

There’s nothing worse than knowing information is available, but struggling to find exactly where you saw it last.

With searchable categories, you’re seconds away from finding the answer you need on our KB. Type in an action, term or phrase to find articles referencing frequently asked questions, guides and summaries.

The FS Knowledge base also offers quick access to get in touch with the FS Support Team via email, as well as the option to use our chat service (located in the bottom corner while viewing any article). We respond quickly and are always happy to help!

Your views and feedback help us keep the Knowledge Base ‘fresh’ and informative.

So reach out to us — let us know exactly what you need!

Freshy built your #beautifulwebsite — and we plan on keeping it beautiful for years to come. Visit today!

*Divi: Interface builder that allows for easy editing and layout creation.

“Hey, I don’t have Divi — my site doesn’t look like any of these guides.” Reach out to us about updating your site and/or instructions for the same guides, made just for you and your website’s builder!

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