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9 Best Dental Practice Websites (October 2019)

The internet continues to change how businesses operate around the world, and dental care professionals are no exception. Almost every customer schedules their appointments online, which means they’re using a website service to find the best time slot. Especially for new customers, this interaction is probably the first engagement they’ve had with your dentistry services, which is the perfect time to make a strong first impression or even improve an existing one.

Let’s take a look at the ways nine successful dental websites use creative web design to attract and keep customers coming back.

  1. Cabrera Dental Associates

    The Cabrera Dental Associates in Houston like to keep their website positive and light, with pastel blues and whites in a scrapbook-esque presentation of different sections with joyful snapshots of grinning customers throughout. Their slogan, “Restore Your Smile,” sounds like a call to action itself, and the actual appointment booking and pricing buttons are just below, making the interactiveness that much more noticeable. Their enthusiastic customer testimonials automatically scroll just under their header images of happy people in order to keep like-things together. Their referral program is front and center, offering Starbucks gift cards and movie tickets for customers as rewards.

  2. Grand Street Dental

    One way to make your site stand out is to emulate a known visual style from another medium. Brooklyn’s own Grand Street Dental takes inspiration from abstract art, using simple shapes in mixes of colors and patterns to make their brand look and feel unique. Their slogan, “Dentistry Redesigned,” emphasizes this difference in words, easily transitioning readers to their concise mission statement about setting new dental practice standards with a focus on warmth, creativity, and an upbeat atmosphere. Essentially, their site’s appearance makes it look like they practice what they preach before you even read into the specifics.

  3. Dr. James Catt DMD, PC

    The Rogue Valley Dentist website focuses mostly on the expertise of the individual owner, Dr. James Catt, and his extensive history of service in the area to promote his business’s credibility. Two calls to action for making an appointment are observable right away, and the homepage banner image describes the personalized aspect of Dr. Catt’s care. This attention to the personal experience stays consistent with how many types of services are clearly offered and the corresponding awards Dr. Catt has received for almost every one. Since dentistry is often expensive, he also includes different financial options for customers to easily explore.

  4. Espili Dental

    The smile-focused head shots and bright blue and white palette give the Espili Dental site a snappy look. Each homepage slide advertises different services and specific pricing along with a call to action to make an appointment. Their business’s large main icon stands out on each page for recognition and their header bar’s option to switch the website to Spanish is seamless and shows how aware they are of which languages their customers speak based on their location in Houston, Texas. All in all, it’s a website that presents a highly professional-looking brand with a consistently positive and clean look.

  5. Valley Endodontics

    This design is one of the most visual, with very high resolution photos that feel full of life for each homepage slide. They’re great photos because customers and staff are always doing something together related to dentistry rather than simply looking into the camera. They’re a very large practice with a lot of specialties to offer, so they make sure to advertise their cutting edge services just below customer testimonials. The testimonials themselves are organized topically, with one posing an either/or question about obtaining implants or preserving natural teeth and two customers writing about their different experiences with the subject. Letting customers speak for themselves about Valley Endodontics shows the business’s quality of service and rapport.

  6. Peabody Danvers Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

    Peabody’s design takes messaging to a new level: their homepage welcome video shows customers talking about the quality of care they received and how employees are positive and hard at work. As oral and maxillofacial surgical specialists, their initial service descriptions help illustrate how their staff’s extra education on dental implants and general tooth orientation make them more qualified for advanced surgical needs that a dentist couldn’t normally do alone. The patient interview video at the bottom helps further the story of this business’s brand through customer interaction, which is really helpful when you have specialties a lot of people don’t know much about.

  7. Toothsmith Dental Surgery

    Based in Singapore, the site’s English text reads perfectly and immediately defines what Toothsmith focuses on: their cost breakdowns for customers. The inviting, bright colors and playful icons make them seem approachable, and their slogan emphasizes how much care they put into making as many affordable treatment options as possible. The have an entire homepage section advertising cost-savings packages with an additional focus on what they offer corporate customers, like purchasing dental coverage for their employees.

  8. Lake Pointe Dental Care

    The design for Lake Pointe is focused on one big thing: immersiveness. The homepage video takes up the whole screen and depicts happy customer-to-staff interactions that get down to business with direct, light professionalism. The cursive text and serene lakeside images present the physical serenity of the practice’s location as synonymous with how they want customers to feel: at peace in the hands of experienced professionals. The unmissable scheduling button and detailed services catalog make getting an appoint feel like a breeze.

  9. Laguna Family Dentistry

    If video for the last businesses emphasized immersiveness among nature, the Laguna Family Dentistry’s website leans on immersiveness for ideal professional demeanor. Slow zoom-ins of extremely clean and sun-lit dental equipment and close-ups of customers being reassured, one-on-one and in slow motion, about upcoming procedures shows part of what they mean by “family.” They’re gentle people and want their dental care to embody helping customers understand each part of their services. Compared to the main video, the rest of the site is more minimal, still providing clear and colorfully-rendered calls to action, but letting the biggest branding tool stand out the most.

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