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8 Best Dental Practice Websites of February 2020

A great website design can change your business from just barely making it to creating a history of success for yourself and staff members. The best dental websites highlight the life-changing comforts that proper dental care and a comforting bedside manner can bring to all customers.

Great dental site designs often bring in new customers via inviting, cheerful imagery of grinning patients and a mission statement that makes qualified staff members feel like real people who want the best care for their customers. They highlight all the positive outcomes of receiving practiced care from the people most-devoted: dentists and their coworkers who don’t want to sacrifice comfort for sophisticated and dependable techniques.

Top 8 Dental Practice Websites

  1. Ohio Dental Clinic

    Based in Columbus, Ohio, the Ohio Dental Clinic’s high-tech treatment options go a long way to providing customer satisfaction and well-being in a packed urban area. The company website offers inspiring photography of their cheery staff and smiling customers, highlighting the positive role their professional expertise has on the very reasons customers visit them.The site’s gentle color palette helps keep visitors at ease, and the streaming video features their physical office space to show advanced dental equipment, the comforting reception area, and the pro bono services they provide financially disadvantaged customers in the area.

  2. Green Bay Family Dental

    Green Bay’s site has excellent navigation from their header bar and easily-read contact information near the top of the page. Their gorgeous images of nature and happy customers and staff keep visitors engaged with the positive tone of their business. Scrolling down, the general structure of the site includes all pricing information on the homepage and free consultation availability via an eye-catching signup field to subscribe to their newsletter or make an appointment. Their guarantee of board-certified staff members emphasize the professional trust they want to encourage customers to feel.

  3. Suburban TMJ Center

    Suburban TMJ’s unique navigation bar design helps it stand out as one of the best dental website designs on our list. Scrolling through shows how all the navigation choices are represented with a memorable icon. On first look, it’s easy to choose where to click to set up an appointment, educate yourself about a particular doctor, or find their nearest office.

    Beyond navigation, the site’s icons and compelling imagery highlight their smile galleries, specialty services, and emergency dental service options. Their homepage’s main images of peacefully-sleeping customers does especially good work to show how their TMJ treatment specialty brings genuine relief.

  4. Atlanta Dental Spa

    With three locations across the Atlanta area, Atlanta Dental Spa’s choice to design its homepage for easy targeting about which location their customers are visiting is smart for a variety of reasons: Firstly, it consolidates the homepage so that visitors aren’t overwhelmed with where to focus their attention. And, secondly, it inspires visitors to click on options almost instantaneously, which is the internet equivalent of getting people to commit to a particular service. Once a customer’s location is selected, the Atlanta Dental site design offers clear pricing information straight from the homepage. Their patients are greeted with calls to action toward calling or texting directly, which is a great way to suggest a sense of in-person customer care lost on many businesses in 2020.

  5. Smile and Co.

    Based in Folsom, CA, Smile and Co.’s high-res head shots of hardworking staff and relaxed customers greeting each other warmly does wonders for the business’s image online. The homepage video helps advertise their specific services without even naming them via textual information. The company’s central icon makes each page pop with a unified brand, and, despite the heavier streaming content, every page loads quickly across mobile and desktop devices alike (due to great video compression!). As a whole, the site depicts a very professional business that not only cares about its customers but expresses that care in familiar, humanizing gestures via all their media presentation choices.

  6. Tend

    Based in New York City, Tend’s stunning design offers a fantastic navigation menu and a general layout that visitors can instinctively click through without feeling lost. With over 2,500 practicing and certified dentists, the big apple is a difficult place to stand out professionally, but Tend manages this with extreme close-ups in their homepage video of customers using their teeth for all sorts of everyday purposes, including brushing, chewing bubblegum, and expressing their positive emotions. Their more minimalist styles sets the tone for a fun, easy-going trip to the dentist and their calls to action offer important options for scheduling an appointment and concise, punchy descriptions of their most popular services.

  7. Studio Dental

    The design for Studio Dental starts right in the name: their highly visual site provides engaging video loops, high-res images of staff and patients celebrating a job well done, and plenty of calls to action to help new visitors navigate their service options. Most importantly, the mobile nature of their business sets them apart from all competition; they have one brick-and-mortar location and five distinct mobile locations within California’s bay area. Despite the spare copy-writing throughout, the site feels vibrant and youthful, which hearkens back to their newer, mobile business model and suggests a novel ambitiousness that very few in their industry share.

  8. New York General Dentistry

    New York General is not only based in New York City, but in its most expensive and highly congested area: downtown Manhattan. Standing out in the city is a clear problem for any business, but their site offers everything a customer needs right from the homepage, including contact information, an appointment scheduler, and interlinks to distinct service pages that describe their professional options in greater detail. Their enticing color palette helps persuade visitors to take shot at their business, not only for their professionalism, but the sense of joy they bring to their work each day.

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