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7 Best Law Firm Websites of January 2020

Working in the legal sector can bring to mind a lot of different information about different legal specialties, including entire industries devoted to just a few competencies in order to keep everything above-board and well-regulated. This is mostly due to the diverse nature of practicing law; lawyers and law firms come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s a wide swath of different practice areas.

The best law firm websites communicate their unique service abilities to their specific audiences most in-need. Such sites often use language common to that audience and describe their professional competencies within the specific legal contexts prospective clients are dealing with.

The firms on our list today help narrow audience expectations toward their particular practice areas without losing trust-building rapport, and each supports its service descriptions and staff members with engaging visual presentations and persuasive staff bios.

Introducing Today’s 7 Best Law Firm Websites

  1. Jameson Law Office

    The Jameson Law Office uses a website that puts all its details up front — literally! With a single-page website, she keeps her professional information in an easy to read place (always the homepage) and sequences her company’s more nuanced content via down-scrolling through distinct sections. She includes descriptive information about her professional origins, the company’s values regarding practicing law, and visitors can download her CV for a detailed work history.

  2. Disability and Retirement Consulting Center

    The site for the DRCC takes a highly professional-looking approach with a no-frills look and darker earth tones surrounded by plenty of white space to separate descriptive sections. Their logo stays at the top of the page for easy viewing, and their homepage’s central image describes precisely what their businesses is with a concise values paragraph just below to give readers a clearer idea about their specialties within the bigger disability and retirement industry. Their service description menu offers an easy-to-navigate grid with the four areas of expertise they offer all customers.

  3. The Law Office of David J. McWilliam

    From the get-go, the website for David J. McWilliam helps put readers in a practical mind-set by greeting them with short, descriptive text that introduces their legal specialties and a quick-loading contact form for getting in touch. The company’s own contact information is immediately accessible, and especially their phone number centered on the header bar. Legal teams communicate frequently with clients about complex topics, so emphasizing your professional availability is an important strategy toward recruiting new customers and keeping previous ones.

  4. Guardian Law

    Guardian Law’s more minimalist design brings elegance to a simple black and white palette with fantastic, hot-dog styled images of a lioness guarding their pack under the text “Protecting What You Hold Dear.” Navigating the overall site is simple with easily-seen labels for each sub-page and even an added chatbot for quick q-and-a turnarounds right from the site. Every page comes with clickable calls to action for its corresponding service topic, including scheduling appointments, booking a consultation, and more.

  5. Ogilvie

    Don’t be deceived by the website’s simple-seeming header and boxy design approach — Ogilvie’s snappy look has a lot of smaller moving pieces that make its apparent minimalist approach a little more complex and interactive. Every section on the homepage has small textual animations and fade-in effects while vertically scrolling through the content. Their company’s character is well-established with concise messaging about their core values and attention to customer satisfaction. Scrolling through the site’s homepage presents one of their copy-writing focuses: they almost exclusively use action-oriented language directed at customers to encourage exploring the site and their services.

  6. Janes Foster

    One of the first things you may notice on Jane Foster’s site is that there’s hardly any text beyond what’s absolutely necessary for service descriptions and menu navigation. Coupled with their primary calls to action as clickable buttons that link to their staff description page. They’re clearly a company that lives on positive word of mouth and more general reputation from clients working with their select staff members. This culminates to a bespoke presence online, where finding Jane Foster services might not be the first result when searching for West Palm Beach legal services, but via the right professional partners and previously satisfied customers, new business likely heads their way.

  7. Roemer & Harnik

    A business law firm in Palm Springs, Roemer & Harnik has a classically strong design and a professional-looking palette of dark blues and gold. Their homepage’s main image is of their sunny, physical location next to their powerful slogan: “We tip the scales in your favor.” Every lawyer on their staff page has a thorough professional description of their practice areas, and their regularly-updated blog focuses on legal news and ongoing research. Just under their header’s company logo, they sharply include their main focus areas within businesses law: Litigation, Real Estate, and Trusts and Estates.

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