Training videos

Follow the course steps below for your WordPress site.

Getting started

How to Login in
Add new user
Update your user password

WordPress basics

Navigating WordPress
Media Library
Updating plugins

Divi Builder overview

Divi Builder basics
Visual Builder demo

How to edit page elements

Editing text / content
Editing images
Editing buttons
Adding new elements to pages

Step 1

Getting started

How to login

How to add new users

How to update user passwords

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Step 2

WordPress basics

Navigating WordPress backend

Video coming soon!

Media Library overview

Video coming soon!

Updating plugins

First and foremost, It is important to keep your WordPress websites updated for security reasons.
No plugin comes with lifetime compatibility. Proper maintenance can help avoid conflicts.
Read more about our recommended plan — Monthly Updates by Freshy Support Team — here!

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Step 3

Divi Builder overview

What is Divi Builder?

The most popular WordPress theme and the ultimate WordPress page builder. Features include: drag & drop building, responsive editing, visual editing, and so much more!

Divi Builder basics

Video coming soon!

Visual Builder demo

Video coming soon!

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Step 4


Saving your edits

How to edit text

How to edit buttons

How to edit images

How to add new elements to a page and/or duplicate elements

How to add a new page

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Quick review

The above videos outline basic editing and management for your WordPress site.

Each site built by Freshy is unique to its owner. If you need specialized guides for functionality or have questions on adding new content do not hesitate to reach out.

We’re happy to help!