Sticky Footer Plugin Instructions

The ‘Sticky Footer’ Plugin is a great tool for adding a “div always on top” fixed to the bottom of the page for a website’s custom footer.

You can find the Plugin here: wordpress.org/plugins/simple-sticky-footer.

The steps for properly configuring the Plugin are as follows:

  1. Install Plugin.
  2. Create a new page. We suggest to add as title “Sticky Footer.”
  3. Go to the configuration page APPEARANCE > SIMPLE STICKY FOOTER.
  4. Select the page which will be shown on your website.
  5. (optional) Define a width, in most cases the width of your page.
  6. (optional) Define an animation effect.
  7. (optional) Define a delay. Sometimes you want to show the sticky footer after 10-15 seconds. Now you can do this.
  8. (optional) Define additional CSS rules like: rounded borders, gradient background, shadows, etc. Do not use { }, just enter the CSS properties e.g., background:gray;border-top:1px;

And there you have it — happy developing :)

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