20 most popular FREE WordPress themes for 2023

One of the best parts of WordPress is that it takes almost all of the guesswork out of designing a website. Thanks to the dozens of themes it offers, you can have a high-quality website at no extra cost. There are plenty of good free WordPress themes.

Here’s a look at 20 of the most popular and FREE WordPress themes for 2023.

  1. Twenty Twenty-Three

    Twenty Twenty-Three, without a doubt, the most popular theme on WordPress. Why? Well, it’s the default theme. However, it was selected as the default theme for a good reason. It’s sharp, simple, easy for beginners to understand, and incredibly simple to customize with its heavy usage of the Gutenberg block editor. This is a great theme with which to experiment.

    • Downloads: +1,000,000
  2. Astra

    Astra is one of the most downloaded free themes on WordPress. It fits with almost any need, including a basic website, blog, magazine, or e-commerce site. It also integrates with a variety of other platforms and works with numerous page builders. If you are looking for a basic theme that does it all, this is it.

    • Downloads: +1,000,000
  3. Hestia

    Hestia allows you to upload a big, bold photo to the top and content underneath it. Its default color scheme is simple and elegant, making it ideal for corporate or conference purposes. It is also fully integrated with a variety of page builders, like Elementor and Beaver Builder, making it perfect for more advanced coding.

    • Downloads: 226,622
  4. GeneratePress

    GeneratePress has more scaled-back options, but this is in order to ensure that the website is as quick and usable as possible. The entire page is only a mere 15KB in data. As a result, if you are someone who wants to make webpages as sharp and fast as possible, this theme is ideal for you.

    • Downloads: +400,000
  5. Storefront

    As the name implies, Storefront is for e-commerce and is perfect for any WooCommerce project. Its button layout is designed to be visually attractive and encourages customers to add items to their carts and ultimately make purchases. This theme also advertises itself as developer-friendly, meaning that any website developer will easily be able to make the project work for them.

    • Downloads: +200,000
  6. Sydney

    Sydney is designed to be perfect for business websites. It comes with easy mobile conversion and e-commerce integration. It features an easy “Call To Action” button, allowing users to easily start shopping on your website. Additional features can be easily accessed from a non-obtrusive menu.

    • Downloads: +200,000
  7. Neve

    One of Neve’s biggest benefits is its cleanliness and simplicity. It contains a no-frills design, with square and other geometric elements. Given its versatility, it is perfect for a variety of uses, including creative or e-commerce. Like many of the themes here, it comes with free or paid options, so you can try it out and buy it if you want its more advanced features.

    • Downloads: 163,768
  8. ColorMag

    ColorMag bills itself as a “Magazine Style” theme. It is meant for easy scrolling, information consumption, and click-throughs, and it is ideal for any type of news site or blog. It is built for compatibility with Elementor, one of the leading page-building plug-ins. There is also a pro version of the theme, so if you like its free features, you can easily upgrade.

    • Downloads: +100,000
  9. Shapely

    Shapely is the most popular free theme offered by developer Colorlib. It is a great and simple one-page theme that offers a variety of benefits like bright text, customer support, and an e-commerce option. For a one-page theme, this contains a variety of selections that also look extremely good.

    • Downloads: +100,000
  10. Hello Elementor

    Hello Elementor is a relatively basic theme that is better for lightweight websites. It has the standard features like picture integration, widget support, and the ability to add a variety of shapes, colors, and fonts. In that sense, it is perfect if you are just starting out your website or you have relatively simple needs.

    • Downloads: +900,000
  11. Responsive

    Responsive is very popular because it’s sharp and easy to use. It allows for easy integration of large block text, pictures, and background, and it makes it easy to add in additional widgets as users scroll. It also has the benefit of being relatively old (it’s been available for more than five years) while being frequently updated.

    • Downloads: +100,000
  12. Customizr

    Customizr bills itself as being one of the top themes to use with smartphones, and it’s understandable why this would be the case. The design is simple and blocky, making it easy to replicate and scroll when you are using a smart device. It is also great for simple websites and easy to use for a business.

    • Downloads: +80,000
  13. Vantage

    Vantage’s front page comes with a large, horizontal picture and overlaid text, making it a great attention grabber. The theme’s description notes that one of its best aspects is easy integration with plug-ins like Page Builder, thus making it a good theme for more advanced users. This makes it a great theme for small business owners who want to easily integrate good graphics and e-commerce options.

    • Downloads: +80,000
  14. OceanWP

    OceanWP advertises itself as perfect for travel websites, and it’s easy to see why. The drop-down menus are sharp and easy to access, and you have the ability to add a massive photo and anchor it to the rest of the website in the background. It also prominently features a “Click here to get started” button, which is perfect as a call to action. You can also add numerous widgets to the bottom of your site, making this theme a highly customizable one.

    • Downloads: 62,722
  15. Colibri WP

    Colibri WP is great for a variety of potential uses. It comes with numerous customizable options, including pre-made elements for headers, content blocks, and other drag-and-drop options. You can also add more advanced elements with ease, including a video background and slideshow.

    • Downloads: +50,000
  16. Illdy

    Illdy is also a one-page theme from Colorlib, but again, for one page, it offers a variety of options. Illdy is more advanced than Shapely and offers numerous drop-down menus, two buttons, and the ability to splash a photograph across the page. Like most one-page themes, it offers a variety of designs in terms of font and color selection.

    • Downloads: +20,000
  17. Newspaper X

    Newspaper X is a popular theme for a blog or regularly updated website. It is styled to allow for pictures and new blog entries to be highlighted, allowing you to chronologically and sharply update your website and ensure that the latest news is highlighted. There’s also a variety of sorting options, making it easy for your visitors to find the information that they are looking for.

  18. Mayland

    Mayland is ideal for photos, art, or showing off a series of visual elements. It allows for photographs or images to be uploaded and viewed as users scroll, with a variety of graphics being visible at one time, encouraging the user to move deeper and deeper into the page. In an Instagram age, this website is perfect for showing off visual elements.

  19. Barnsbury

    Barnsbury brags that it has an “earthy” design, one that emphasizes nature-like colors such as green and brown. It has a relatively modern look, with more elements becoming available as you scroll down the page. This also makes it very mobile-friendly.

  20. Dalston

    Dalston advertises itself as ideal for displaying an online portfolio, and with good reason. Like Mayland, it allows users to highlight illustrations and other graphics. It emphasizes horizontal designs rather than vertical ones. This makes it easier for users to intersperse other elements, like texts or buttons. It also comes with a tutorial that allows users to set up their pages.

When it comes to the top free WordPress themes in 2023, there’s good news. Developers have come up with a wide array of options, making it easy for you to find the ideal theme for your needs.

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